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With the number of media players available today on the market PotPlayer still stands out. The application supports a very wide range of media formats and offers plenty of configurable options. Despite its advanced functionality that allows you to do pretty much everything you might want to do while playing back a video or audio, the app does not slow down your PC’s performance and its UI is fairly easy-to-use. No wonder PotPlayer is favored so much by experts and users.
With all the buzz around PotPlayer, there is a bit of disappointment awaiting Mac users - PotPlayer is Windows only. Hey, but no need to worry much, Eltima Software inspired by the popularity of this application developed a great PotPlayer alternative for Mac – Elmedia. This PotPlayer for Mac offers even more advantages such as downloading videos from the Internet. Let us have a closer look at them.

Playlists Support

The best way to organize media content on Mac is to group videos into playlists, you can add and remove content from the playlists whenever you need to. With this PotPlayer for Mac OS X you can populate playlists with audio and video stored on the local drives or from the Internet; save playlists on your PC or export them to some online storage service, e.g. Dropbox.

Enhanced Playback

Elmedia’s video tuner and graphic equalizer will elevate your viewing experience. The former allows adjusting video parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc., while the latter helps you shape your audio, choosing from ten preset frequencies. If there are external audio tracks for a video, Elmedia will load them for you.

Subtitles Editing

One of the main advantages PotPlayer offers is subtitle support. Being PotPlayer for Mac, Elmedia not only loads subtitles files for videos – both automatically and manually, it also enables editing them. You can set up encoding, choose font, size, color, including border color. The app also allows syncing subtitles with audio and video tracks by adjusting a parameter called ‘audio delay’.

Universal Player

List of formats supported by Eltima is impressive, making it a true Daum PotPlayer for Mac. DivX, WMV, FLV, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3 – you name it and be sure that Eltima can handle it.

Elmedia Player PRO features

Functionality offered by free can be complemented by additional paid features. Elmedia Player PRO is available at $19.95 and its extra benefits include downloading online videos, RTMP streams, animations, extracting soundtracks from videos, converting Flash EXE files into SWF format, etc.

YouTube videos download PRO

With YouTube’s popularity increasing day by day, there is a growing demand for download functionality. Elmedia enables you to do just that – save your favorite YouTube videos on your local disk in a format and resolution of your choice. You can also extract soundtracks from videos in MP3 format.

Flash animations download PRO

When downloading online videos PRO version of Elmedia displays external resources used for correct playback of animation. You can preview them and select what content you would like to save.

Customizable audio settings NEWPRO

PRO version of this PotPlayer Mac OS X gives you a unique surround sound experience with headphones. You will hear as if the sound is going beyond them and moves, from front to back, from one side to another and the other way round. Another setting - virtual speakers for headphones – make your audio similar to what you hear from loudspeakers with shadowing effect.

Capturing still frames PRO

PRO version of this PotPlayer Mac alternative enables you to grab still shots from a video. You can have so much fun while doing it. Turning an entire video into a photoalbum is not a problem with Elmedia, set an interval at which stills are to be taken and enjoy flipping through the pictures.

Projector EXE files into SWF conversion PRO

Daum PotPlayer alternative Mac enables converting Projector EXE files into SWF in a matter of clicks. This might be handy if you lost your SWF file, instead of recreating your project completely from scratch, recover your original SWF with Elmedia.

Output devices selectionNEWPRO

Elmedia enables you to select an output device for audio, e.g. speakers, headphones, etc.; set a number of audio channels – two, four, eight. For DVDs encoded in AC-3 (Dolby Digital) or DTS (Digital Theater System) Elmedia can relay the audio without decoding.

There is another handy option that will certainly be appreciated by those who use several monitors for their work – the app can be displayed in full screen mode on a monitor you specify.
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  • Requirements: OS X 10.7+
  • Version: 7.10(2005) (7th Apr, 2020)
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