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Outlook Email Client for Mac OS X

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Since the introduction of email, it has grown to become a tremendous part of our lives as a global community. The email does more than just receive emails, nowadays the email does a lot more. It serves as a one-stop for things like the collection of receipts, newsletters, tickets, and much more. The email is also a great organizer for our communication with friends, colleagues and business associates.

Having all these important information organized in one place calls for a great email manager that will organize and simply surfing through them for specific information.

One application with such capability that immediately springs to mind is Outlook for Mac. This is an incredible email client for Mac OS X with Microsoft’s Suite of online services (OneDrive, Office Online, and Skype) compatibility. This is the best email client for Mac because right from inside Outlook you can edit Microsoft Word documents or even start a Skype conversation. Outlook Mac file attachments also allows sharing of large attachments with OneDrive. Although power-user features are not present in Outlook mail Mac but it is a great fit for office. Gmail has most power features absent in Mac email Outlook.

With Just Outlook app Mac OS X, it isn’t good enough for effective usage and management of your email box. This is because you will waste a lot of time surfing through your inbox trying to locate what is more important to you. Good news is that iMail app can help you do just that. The automatic features of iMail app surf through your email bringing to you materials you need in less time. This makes your workflow more efficient and free flowing.


Imail app is the best email organizer with an incredible level of precision and accuracy. It doesn’t just organize emails, iMail app makes life a lot easier. It brings your email to you in three unique view modes that allow you to effectively choose what mode you prefer at any given time. You can view your emails in following modes:

  1. People View: here iMail organizes email exchange between you and another person;
  2. Conversation View: iMail coordinates your email conversation with more than one person. It keeps the thread so you can view what everybody is saying;
  3. Attachment View: what this view does is that it searches and manages all attachments coming into your inbox.
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