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Try best app for increase OneDrive security

How to increase OneDrive security

Ivan Korol Jul 4, 2022

OneDrive is a cloud storage and synchronization service by Microsoft. It lets you store and access files from anywhere. But how secure is OneDrive? This article covers Microsoft OneDrive security and provides best practices on how to safeguard your files and data.

How Secure Is OneDrive?

Data security is important for both individual users and organizations. This is one of the key parameters to consider when choosing a cloud storage. Many people and businesses choose OneDrive since it is easy to use yet powerful service.

As for OneDrive encryption and data security, OneDrive offers AES 256-bit encryption, “personal vault”, two-step verification, and provides several essential security features, including “Virus scanning on download for known threats” and “Suspicious activity monitoring”.

You can also enhance the security of your shared files by protecting them with the password. However, even these features cannot guarantee 100% protection of your data.

To make additional security, it is recommended to use third-party services.

Ways to protect your data

1. Use a strong password.

One of the simplest forms of protection is creating a strong and unique password. For that purpose, it is recommended to use password generators. Also, make sure your user credentials are securely stored.

2. Add your Microsoft account security info.

Security information is a phone number and an alternate email address. If someone tries to log into your account or you forget a password, a security code will be sent to the alternate email address or phone number you provided. This way, Microsoft will be able to verify your identity.

3. Activate encryption on your mobile devices.

OneDrive mobile app users can enable encryption on their iOS or Android devices so that files are protected even if, for some reason, someone gains access to a phone.

4. Use two-factor verification.

This is an additional layer of security for your OneDrive account. With two-step verification enabled on your account, you will be required to provide an extra security code in addition to your username and password.

5. Subscribe to Microsoft 365.

With a Microsoft 365 subscription, you get advanced security of OneDrive and other MS services. It includes protection against malware and cybercrime, tools to keep your sensitive information private and secure, and ways to restore files from malicious attacks.

6. Download the file encryption app.

If you want to add an extra layer of protection and encrypt OneDrive files, you can use third-party apps like CloudMounter.

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There is special software that allows you to additionally encrypt your files within OneDrive and other cloud services. CloudMounter is one of the best solutions available for those who want to keep files totally protected. With this tool, you can easily encrypt OneDrive on Mac, as well as Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP/SFTP/WebDAV servers and more.

You can try almost all Microsoft services for free.

CloudMounter is a great cloud manager that lets mount cloud storage accounts as drives and manage online files right from Finder or Windows Explorer.

Here’s how to connect OneDrive via CloudMounter:

Download and launch CloudMounter
The connection dialog window will appear, select the OneDrive icon from the list
Enter your OneDrive account credentials
Click "Mount"
Once done, you’ll see your OneDrive in Finder/Windows Explorer along with your computer's hard drive
To start working with files stored in the cloud, go to OneDrive in Finder/Windows Explorer and click it

Is OneDrive Encrypted?

What about OneDrive security encryption? When you upload a file to OneDrive it gets encrypted, whether you share it, transfer it elsewhere, or just store it in a folder. These files are called data in transit and data at rest.

For data at rest, Microsoft uses a unique AES 256 key. An AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256 key has 256 bits and goes through 14 rounds to protect data. These unique AES 256 keys are encrypted with a set of master keys stored in Azure Key Vault. When data transits between datacenters or to the service from clients, Microsoft protects it using TLS (Transport Layer Security).

To keep your data protected, OneDrive uses BitLocker Drive Encryption. What’s more, OneDrive offers per-file encryption, meaning each stored file is encrypted with a unique encryption key. Depending on size, files are divided into separate fragments, each of them is then encrypted with its own key. Further, the encrypted content is randomly distributed among multiple blob containers.

How OneDrive protects your data

To administer OneDrive, Microsoft engineers use the PowerShell console, which requires two-step authentication to access. Workflows run daily to respond quickly to any issues. Engineers do not have constant access to the service, it is requested and provided for a limited time.

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Microsoft uses modern technologies and systems, that reduces the chance of data breaches and helps to fix any OneDrive security issues as soon as they are detected.

Microsoft cloud products include the following protocols:

1. Access control systems.

Engineers are granted access to the service only when an event occurs requiring access. Access provides minimum privileges: the engineer gets only set of actions required to administer the specific request.

There is a separation between elevation roles, each role allows certain actions. For example, the “Customer Access Data” role is separated from other roles and is reviewed more thoroughly before access is approved. This approach greatly reduces the chance that an engineer will inappropriately gain access to customer data.

2. Security monitoring systems.

OneDrive has real-time security monitoring systems. These systems provide additional security and send alerts for any attempt to access customer data or transfer data from Microsoft services.

Security monitoring systems include records of elevation requests made and actions taken for a request, as well as maintain automatic resolution that helps to actively identify and mitigate threats in response to detected issues. There are also dedicated teams that are responsible for taking issues that cannot be resolved automatically. Besides, OneDrive conducts regular exercises to test attacks against live environments.

3. Personnel and processes.

There are processes and groups that inform organizations about the confidentiality and how incidents are managed, and carry out these processes during a breach.

Data security is of great importance, and cloud storage should ensure this. Overall, OneDrive is a decent cloud solution. The company invests in systems and processes and uses modern security technologies to protect data.

In addition, you can reduce OneDrive security risks by using two-step verification or add extra security to your files with CloudMounter. Using this trusted software, you can be sure that your data is protected and no one can access it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When it comes to Microsoft OneDrive security, OneDrive uses AES 256-bit encryption, modern technologies and systems, and offers two-step verification as well. But still it cannot be said that your files are completely protected.
To protect your account from being hacked, you can subscribe to Microsoft 365 and get advanced protection from cybercrimes and viruses. Additionally, you will be able to restore your files to the previous state within 30 days after the attack.
It depends on what you choose in the privacy settings. There are several sharing options and access levels: Anyone, People from, Users with existing access, Certain people. Other users can see your files if you have given them prior access.
OneDrive and Office 365 support a zero-standing access. Microsoft engineers do not have access to the service unless it is requested and granted in response to a specific incident that requires elevation of access.
Requirements: macOS 10.12+ , 13.1Mb of free space
Version 3.11.698 (16 Dec, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication