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Multiple Instagram accounts: how to manage and what are they for

May 21, 2020

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For a long time, the owners of several or multiple Instagram accounts experienced great inconvenience: managing their pages on one device was very problematic, you had to constantly leave one profile and go to another, or keep them open on different phones. But at the beginning of 2016, the developers of the world's most popular mobile application pleased their users - they introduced the ability to quickly switch between Instagram accounts, as in other social networks (for example, on the same Twitter). Now you can enter all your multiple Instagram accounts at once, and then, as necessary, watch a certain tape or post to one of your Instagram accounts.

At first, it may seem that this function is not very necessary, but there are a lot of people who manage multiple Instagram accounts not only for their personal photo album but also for their online stores or work accounts.

Multiple accounts on Instagram

Why do you need a second account on Instagram

To begin with, why is it necessary to have another profile, and can you have multiple Instagram accounts? Definitely, yes, and by the way, Instagram allows you to create up to five accounts per user. And there are even those who lack this figure. So, this is necessary in cases where one person has several directions in life. It can be both a hobby and work issues. Let’s list them in order.

  • The main page. Here, as a rule, photographs are published from the category of "what I see, is what I post." In order to show everyone the daily moments of their life.
  • The blog. It is created for the purpose of publishing thoughts, thematic stories, or interesting events and observations on an ongoing basis. Travel bloggers, Instamams, fitness bloggers, and nutrition blogs are especially popular.
  • Job. It can be both services and goods, as in the online store. The main goal of this profile is marketing. Therefore, as a rule, it is designed as a Business page, and content is maintained according to all marketing rules, attracting as many subscribers and followers of their products as possible.

We have listed the main three types. However, further, even within the framework of one store multiple Instagram accounts can be created for different directions. Of course, you can not bother and keep one account, where daily selfies will be laid out mixed with interesting thematic stories and the sale of some product. But, such a tape will not have an attractive appearance. In addition, in today's competition, it will be very difficult to achieve the desired goal and attract more subscribers, and even more the target audience. That is why for each direction, whether it’s a hobby or sales, it is recommended to create a separate additional profile. To lead it in its unique and attractive style.

Additional accounts are also created for a variety of marketing strategies. For example, you can make a landing page of 12 photos for any product or service. Or, for holding marathons and competitions, temporary pages are created, after which they are made in closed groups and already at the end of all events, such profiles are most often deleted. So, in fact, each user can have several accounting pages in working use at the same time. However, in order for all of them to be maintained in an attractive form, it is necessary to devote a decent part of the time to fill it with quality content. And here is another reason why you need to create additional profiles - to hire a freelancer, and then he already filled it with the right content and attracted the target audience to increase sales. At the same time, your personal page remains completely under your control. So the answer to the question “How to have multiple Instagram accounts?” you will find below in the article.

How to create a second Instagram account

The very first question that arises for a person who decides to have a separate, working account, or in other words Instagram multiple accounts is the following: how to make 2 accounts on Instagram on one phone? Everyone knows how to register one profile in this social network, and how to create a second Instagram account is not entirely clear. In order to add a second account, the registration algorithm will have to be, how to add a second account on Instagram?

Add Instagram account
  1. Like any action, in order to add a second account to Instagram, you will need to log in first, after that, go to your profile, and using the iOS gear or three tags an Android, go to the settings section. It contains, all the main settings of your account, including a new function, add second or more accounts.
  2. After you have opened the parameters section, scroll to the very end, there will be “active fields”, “clear the search history”, the line we need “add an account”, and the last field, “exit”.
  3. We are interested in adding a second account, so tap the corresponding field. If you are the lucky owner of a second profile, then just enter your password and username of your second account. No problems should arise, as we usually enter the data of the second account, username, and password, after which we press the enter button. When all the actions are completed, you will be taken to the page of the account you are logged into.
  4. In case you do not have a second profile, then click on the link "create a new account” and follow the wizard.

The users of the Instagram social network got the opportunity to create multiple Instagram accounts and attach them to the main one. But it is important to know that there is a limit on the number of accounts attached. The social network allows you to add no more than five profiles. Administrators closely monitor the number of accounts created and quickly notice a violation.

The essential condition for use is constant use. If the user actively uses all accounts, in the future he/she can create more than five accounts. However, it is possible that administrators will require confirmation of the use of profiles, for example, using a phone number.

Users can also disable one or more profiles, if necessary. To do this, go to the settings, which will list all connected accounts. Next to each of them will be the column "End Session", through which it is possible to disable one of the accounts or all at once.

How to switch between Instagram accounts

You can operate two accounts on Instagram simultaneously from the same mobile phone. Once you have added an additional Instagram account, you can easily switch between them by following these steps:

How to switch between Instagram accounts on a phone

  1. At the bottom of the screen, open your profile.
  2. In the upper left corner, touch your nickname (username) to bring up the user switching panel. A list of connected accounts appears where the active account is checked with a checkmark.
  3. Select the account you need from the list. To switch between Instagram accounts, just touch the necessary account and you will go to your other profile.
Switch Instagram accounts

How to switch between Instagram accounts on a computer

Unfortunately, the browser version of Instagram does not provide you with such an opportunity, although you can access your profiles at the same time only from different browsers. An in case you want to switch to another account in the same browser, you must exit the first.

How to upload to Instagram from Mac

It’s obvious, that to facilitate your working routine, you might be wondering whether there is a special photo uploader to Instagram from Mac, as not all photos are stored or made by the phone. Uplet is a perfect Instagram uploader for Mac and no wonder that Mac owners love to use it because just with a couple of clicks the app allows uploading to Instagram from Mac computer directly. Rather a handy tool for those who take pictures using devices other than mobile phones and who edit pictures using image-editing tools installed on their desktop or laptop. By the way, if you doubt whether with Uplet you can upload to Instagram from Mac to you multiple accounts, we are happy to inform you that this feature is also supported by the app. In addition, Uplet also allows posting multiple images, uploading photos in high resolution, uploading videos, editing photos (crop, aspect ratio, etc.), and has support for smileys and hashtags. Simply download the app and upload to multiple Instagram accounts from Mac and enjoy other benefits it has to offer.

Multiple Instagram accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

Notifications and updates are individual for each of the used Instagram multiple accounts.
Notification and privacy settings are also individual for each account in the application.
Switching between accounts is done in the upper left corner by a tap on the page name on Instagram.
The active one is marked with a tick In the drop-down list that appears.
Many users of the Instagram social network dreamed of adding such a feature for a long time. The ability to use several profiles simultaneously, switching between them with a single click, opens up new opportunities for the vast majority of users of the social network Instagram. The second account will allow users to monitor work affairs because most users use Instagram not only as an entertainment platform but also as a business assistant. And for some, Instagram has generally turned into the main way to earn money.
You can be logged in at most 5 accounts at a time.

Uplet for Mac

Fully compatible with MacOS 10.9 and later. Requires 21.74MB free space, latest version 1.7.384. Released 17 May, 2020.

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