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Play MKA files on Mac
Play MKA files on Mac

Surely you know what an MKA format is. But let's put some info here for those who don't. MKA is a new thing for the audio files these days. It is a Matroska format for storing audio data.

If you get to download an MKA file from the web or receive it from someone else, you'll need a specific multimedia player to access its contents. It is not a common file type, so not many players are fit to play it for you. It seems popular players like VLC, QuickTime, iTunes cannot play MKA files at all. That can be annoying, but to take away the frustration you'll just need a good MKA player Mac app.

Elmedia Player offers good support for MKA files and gets good reviews.

How to Play MKA Files on Mac with
Elmedia Player

Free MKA player for Mac
Free MKA player for Mac

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Elmedia Player will easily become your top free MKA player for Mac and will work great on the latest macOS Sierra. Follow the easy steps to play MKA files on Mac easily and smoothly.

  1. Download MKA Player Mac

    Download free Elmedia Player from this page and install the application on your computer. Install Elmedia Player
    Install Elmedia Player
  2. Play MKA files

    Just add the MKA audio file to the player in any convenient manner:
    • ★ Drag it on the open app window or on its icon in Dock.
    • ★ Right-click your MKA file in Finder and use the "Open With" menu option - choose Elmedia.
    • ★ Go for "File" option in Elmedia Player's Main menu. Open MKA audio file with Elmedia Player
      Open MKA audio file with Elmedia Player
  3. Enjoy all your tracks and movies

First off free Elmedia supports multiple other file formats, including uncommon ones. Also you have the possibility to not just play MKA files on your Mac, but with Elmedia Player PRO you get to download MKA files from the web and save them on the hard drive.

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Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 36.64MB free space
Version 6.9(1118) (11th Nov, 2017) Release notes
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