Reminders EXPERT

Sync your Reminders with its analogs on other devices on Mac using SyncMate Expert. There are thee sync directions: from Mac to device, from device to Mac and bidirectional.

Smart settings

SyncMate Expert is powered by a number of sync options for Reminders sync. Sync all Reminders without a category to selected folder, all Reminders in one calendar with a remote side, or selected calendar only.

Sync everything

You can pick an app while syncing with other Mac, just as it Reminders will be synced too. You are free to remove Reminders on connected device right from your Mac.

Devices compatible with Reminders sync

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Also Available: Looking for Windows Mobile sync, Windows PC sync, Nokia S40 sync and many other devices, then you should check the previous SyncMate version.

SyncMate 4

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