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Mount cloud drive on Mac OS X

CloudMounter is a friendly system app for mounting multiple cloud storages and web servers on your Mac. As a result you can work with them as with local drives. It is a great Mac FTP client as well as WebDAV client. Easily connect to Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox in your Finder.
Finder Integration
Using OneDrive on Mac is easy!
Work with online files as with local ones.

Easy Cloud Access

CloudMounter brings your cloud accounts closer to you without overweighing your hard drive. Map OneDrive as a network drive, mount Dropbox and Google Drive accounts without having to save any online files to your computer.

Dropbox as a network drive

CloudMounter is a Dropbox client too. You can mount Dropbox accounts as drives without installing the folders on your machine and copying the content to your local drive.

With CloudMounter you can upload to Dropbox just as if you were moving the files to another local folder in Finder.

Map Google drive as network drive

Mount drive and manage your online sheets and documents as local files. Easy to move around when you have them all in Finder. CloudMounter lets you mount as many Google Drive accounts on your computer as needed.

And what's great about it all you don't need to save your Google docs and sheets on your computer.

OneDrive app for Mac

Use CloudMounter as a OneDrive client and set up your Microsoft OneDrive accounts as local drives. This way you can work with them as fast and easy as with any local folder. And your hard drive doesn't use any space for it as there is no need to transfer any files to local computer.

Mount WebDAV, OpenStack Swift and mount Amazon S3 account

CloudMounter lets you work with WebDAV and Amazon S3 files effortlessly. Also mounts OpenStack storage as local disk. Works with any amount of files just as if they were saved on your hard drive.

Mac Amazon S3 file manager

Enjoy a totally new level of working with the data stored in Amazon S3 cloud. Just as a disk it can be mounted on your Mac therefore letting you access your files through Finder.

If you don't want or can't mount the whole cloud, you can choose what buckets you want to map from Amazon cloud to Mac.

CloudMounter works with all AWS regions, including EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Seoul).

WebDAV client for Mac

WebDAV server can be a disk on your Mac! Thanks to CloudMounter you can map it and get the complete control over remote content on the server - create new, view, upload, and more.

CloudMounter involves multiple connections for file transfer, browsing through and removal of remote folders.

OpenStack Swift storage on your Mac

OpenStack cloud can be mounted as a removable disk on your Mac! Imagine all your online data accessible from a Finder window, like any other folder on your hard drive, and not occupying any drive space of your computer.

CloudMounter lets you manage your OpenStack Swift storage like if it has been a local one.

FTP client for Mac OS X

Map FTP as network drive and mount SFTP on Mac and work with your online files just as if they were saved on your hard drive - all with CloudMounter. It safely maintains all your server settings and passwords are kept in Keychain.

FTP software for Mac

With CloudMounter it is easy to connect to the web servers via standard or secure FTP protocols, mount FTP as a drive in Finder, and treat your online files as local ones, no difference in viewing, deleting, creating. Uploading to and downloading files from your remote server are made very convenient with CloudMounter.

CloudMounter lets you view the full file structure of a website or a file server.

SFTP Client

CloudMounter offers the support for SSH File Transfer Protocol. Mount SFTP as a local drive and get your online files in Finder on your computer.

Instantly upload to, download files from a remote server with CloudMounter. Use the drag-and-drop options to move files.


This all-in-one cloud manager for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 38.9MB free space, latest version 3.5.584 released 19th Sep, 2019

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