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Popular Finder alternative for Mac users who demand more

Commander One is meant to replace Finder by offering functionality the latter is missing. Thanks to the dual-panel interface of this popular Mac Finder alternative, you will be able to view the list of files and information about the file in different panels on one panel, making it easier for you to organize your files.
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Yoo-hoo! Commander One runs natively on Mac computers with Apple silicon: M1 and M2 series!
Commander One

Mac Finder alternative

Commander One main window
Commander One is a free Finder alternative with an impressive set of features missing in a regular Finder. Reveal enhanced functionality and have the best possible control over your files both local and online.
Free file manager for Mac
Commander One offers a list of features that allow you to deal with files in a more efficient and easy way. Besides having a dual-pane interface, the app makes file management a piece of cake for both savvy users and newbies.
Hidden files on demand
Reveal and hide all your hidden files with the help of a toolbar button
Adjustable Fonts & Colors
Adjust the look and feel of this mac OS Finder alternative according to your taste
Brief mode
Convenient management of your multiple files and folders
History and Favorites
Have seamless access to the desired directories or already opened folders with this Mac Finder replacement
essentials in one place
Hotkeys assignment
Assign your own hotkeys to perform various actions while using this alternative to Finder on Mac
Unlimited number of tabs
Two panes with unlimited tabs, each with a folder directory and independent settings
Convenient items selection
Smart item selection allowing to choose only those files you need to work with
Queuing file operations
This Mac Finder replacement adds all operations to the queue and executes them one after another
free set of useful tools
ZIP Support
Archive, extract files, open and edit ZIP archives by adding and removing files to them as if they were regular folders
Built-in file viewer
Quick acquaintance with the contents of the file. Select the file, press F3 and look at the contents. You can also switch the display mode
List of Computers in local network
With the help of this Finder Mac alternative, you can detect and list all computers over network
Access To Root Directory
This Mac Finder alternative gives full access to the root directory of the Mac

Connection manager

Commander One FTP connection screenshot
This Macintosh Finder alternative has gathered all popular cloud computing services and remote servers in one place and guarantees the fastest and convenient way to manage online files.
Сommander One features an inbuilt FTP client that facilitates the transfer of files between your Mac and remote servers. It supports FTP, FTPS, and SFTP protocols and the ability to save all settings and passwords in the Keychain.
Amazon S3 client
Professional file management on Amazon S3 cloud storage and S3-compatible storage is possible via this dual-pane file manager for Mac. You can map the whole S3 account or a single bucket. Manage conveniently files stored online with this OSX Finder replacement.
WebDAV client
Сontrol files on your remote server. With the help of Commander One, you can view, create, delete files stored on WebDAV, transfer files to your Mac, and vice versa, mount the server as a regular drive and benefit from all features of Commander One.
Commander One makes it possible to work with Dropbox accounts directly from its interface. There is no need to install Dropbox on your Mac, simply mount it as a drive to your computer and get efficient online file management. Dropbox Business is also supported.
Google Drive
With the help of this Finder replacement, you can connect as many Google Drive accounts as needed to your Mac and deal with all your sheets and docs as well as the "Shared with me" section right from Commander One’s interface.
An efficient dual-panel file manager that makes it possible to mount OneDrive accounts to your Mac and work with the online files without copying any content to your computer. Upload, download, cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, create a new folder, etc right from Commander One
OpenStack Swift NEW
Easy access to OpenStack Object Storage is guaranteed via Commander One. Mount multiple cloud accounts and have convenient file management. Synchronization with a computer is not required. Enjoy work with online files.
Box cloud NEW
This Mac Finder alternative offers more opportunities for Box file sharing. Convenient control over your online files is possible right from the file manager’s interface. Download, upload, move files among multiple Box file storages with ease.
Backblaze B2 NEW
Have a seamless integration of Backblaze B2 cloud storage to your Mac via Commander One. Man any number of B2 accounts to your computer as regular drives for easy and fast work with the files stored online. No copying of your online data to Mac is required.

One place for different devices

Commander One mount mobile devices
This Mac Finder replacement allows you to get full control over your files both on iOS or Android devices and even a photo/video camera.
If you have an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple-based devices, you can seamlessly mount them to your computer via USB and access and exchange files between them and your Mac. Try this leading file manager for iDevices.
With the help of a simple USB cable connection, you can get instant access to your photo or video camera. Deal with your videos/photos right from your Mac screen with no need to transfer files back and forth.
File Transfer For Android
The procedure of file transfer is fast and easy, so you wouldn’t need any tutorials to transfer your desired files to and from an Android device. Сopy any files from your Mac to Android device and vice versa. A USB cable connection is required.

Built-in Archiver for Mac

Commander One is an impressive archiму utility for Mac with a wide range of supported formats. Here you can find r ZIP, RAR, TBZ, TGZ, 7z files. The only limitation as of now is compressing files in RAR format, however, developers promise to get it fixed in the near future.

Compress and extract files, preview them without extracting, work with an archived folder as if it were a regular one.

Process Manager

Have the most convenient file management with Commander One, as all the running processes are displayed in order on the screen of your Mac with the ability to obtain information about each of them if needed.

This OS X Finder alternative supports quitting running processes (all of them or just one) with a single click.
*                        *
*   >Terminal emulator   *
*                        *
Commander One makes it possible to execute terminal commands right from its interface.
/Advanced <ctrl+o>
Commander One offers its users a Terminal emulator with full-screen mode with no need to switch between different apps.

Personalized Themes

Commander One blue theme
The app supports various ready-made themes to personalize your file manager and tune it the way you like for a unique appearance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Finder is a built-in file manager on Mac computers.
As the functionality of Finder is rather limited when searching for a good OS X Finder alternative you should compare the set of features offered by the app and choose the one that fully satisfies your needs.
Commander One is the perfect Mac Finder replacement as it has combined a set of impressive features missing in Finder and guarantees fast and convenient file management.
Commander One has both a free and a paid version – PRO Pack. For a reasonable fee of $29.99 PRO Pack offers a set of useful features that will replace the functionality of some other programs.

Commander One

This dual panel file manager for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.12 and later. Requires 61.08MB of free space, latest version 3.4.2(3592). Released 14 Jul, 2022.

4.7 rank based on 889+ users, Reviews (524)
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