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YouTube has established the platform for aspiring and already famous artists to share their creations with the larger auditorium from all over the planet Earth. Even though primarily YouTube is a video service, many people use it to listen to the music. One can listen to YouTube music for hours, however Internet connection losses happen or there is sometimes just too much of online ads. To avoid issues with Internet connection and to listen to YouTube music even when offline on your Mac, you can use Elmedia Player app.

Listen YouTube on Mac

The best way to listen to YouTube on Mac

Saving music from YouTube and listening to it even when offline is a very convenient solution. Elmedia Player PRO will be of great help in this task. This app easily downloads music from YouTube. This is how you do it:

  1. Download and install Elmedia Player on your Mac.
  2. Open the app and upgrade it to PRO version.
  3. Switch to browser mode in the app. You can do so in Window → Browser in the main menu.

  4. Elmedia browser mode
  5. Paste the YouTube link in player and press Enter.
  6. Out of suggested formats choose the audio format.
  7. By default Elmedia Player PRO saves downloaded files in Downloads folder. You can customize the download location in app's Preferences menu.

In case you don't worry about watching and listening content online, but the ads seem kind of frustrating, there is another cool option in Elmedia, called Open Online Video that is accessible from File menu. It plays online videos and music on YouTube but doesn't show the ads included with it.

  1. So select File and choose Open Online Video.

  2. Elmedia open YouTube link
  3. Paste a YouTube link, with an optional resolution selection:

  4. Elmedia choose resolution type
  5. Click Open to start watching the video or listening to the music.

Another app that allows you to listen to YouTube offline on Mac is Airy YouTube downloader. Airy can download videos, channels and playlists in either video or audio formats. So here is what you do to listen to YouTube music on your Mac:

  1. Download Airy and install it. You'll be able to download two videos or audio files for free, and in case you want an unlimited downloading, upgrade Airy to a licensed version.
  2. Paste the link to your video, channel or playlist into Airy.

  3. Airy Youtube video downloader
  4. If you want to download music files, select MP3 format from the list in Airy and give the app some reasonable time if you are downloading a lot of files at once.
  5. Click the Download button.

For those who like online services better, we can offer to try the service. It can download YouTube music so that you can listen to it offline. This service cannot download multiple tracks at a time, you'll need to paste links for each YouTube video separately and download it before you can go to the next one.

And if you are still in search for great music channel on YouTube we have five great YouTube music channels to recommend.

Jess Glynne

British singer Jess Glynne was nominated for 2016 BRIT Award for British Breakthrough Act for her recent album I Cry When I Laugh. Beautiful voice and meaningful lyrics provide a one of a kind experience.

Fhinq Music

Fhinq Music – a highly acclaimed music channel has over 90,000 subscribers. It was established in 2011 for aspiring artists and producers and is now popular internationally.

The Sound You Need

A great source of energetic music with powerful remixes by talented DJs.

Soca Music

This channel acquaints us with the Caribbean culture through the sounds and rhythms developed from a subculture in Trinidad and Tobago back in the seventies.

Craig David

Craig David’s melodic and soft voice brings back some pleasant memories for his R&B days fans. Enjoy his romantic compositions on this channel.

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