Top KeepVid Alternatives for Mac

KeepVid was a popular online service that allowed you to download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other similar websites. Even though KeepVid was a number one choice for downloading videos, sometimes it just didn’t work out. For example it could be unresponsive sometimes for a couple of hours, sometimes for a couple of days. It was frustrating and made users wondering how to download those videos in a timely manner.

But that was in the past. Now it even worse - KeepVid is not available for downloading video content anymore. What to do? Mac KeepVid alternative is a great solution for someone who is tired of relying solely on KeepVid. It is not an easy task to find a KeepVid alternative on Mac as there is a lot of nonsense ads on the web. Here you can find the top Mac KeepVid alternative apps that have been thoroughly researched and studied.

1. Top KeepVid Alternative - Software solution

The reliable number one app is Elmedia Player PRO that is not just a player, even though it is an awesome player! It can easily download online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Facebook, Dailymotion and other video hosting websites. This app will impress you with how much more stable it is than KeepVid. It is ad-free and safe to use.

It’s also compatible with macOS Sierra.

Keep in mind that with Elmedia Player PRO you also get to:

  • Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.
  • Make screenshots of movie moments.
  • Download videos from any other website.
  • Convert Flash Projectors to SWF.
  • Enjoy flexible audio settings.
  • Stream videos and music via AirPlay.

In case you prefer YouTube downloading and don't need anything else, then have a look at Airy app. This one is a very basic YouTube downloader. The nice thing is it can also extract MP3 from YouTube videos. It can download the complete YouTube playlists and channels.

How to get YouTube videos with Airy:

  1. Open the app after you downloaded it.
  2. Select the YouTube video to download. Paste the YouTube link in Airy and choose the needed format from the list. Click Download button.
  3. Wait for a couple of moments for video to download. Note that free Airy allows first 2 downloads, then if you want more, you'll need to purchase a license.

2. Top KeepVid Alternative - Browser Extensions

Some browsers offer extensions to help you get the online videos to your hard drive. Let's have a look at the extensions offered for the most popular web browsers.

YouTube5 is a downloader for the Safari. It can replace the default YouTube player and will improve the video experience by implementing some useful features, including volume control, the ability to change resolutions, and more.

Download the videos by simply clicking on the desired resolution shown in the player.

YouTube Video Downloader is an extension for Chrome browser.

To download a YouTube video look for the "Download" button under the video whenever you are on the web page with that video. Click the "Download" button and you'll see all available formats to download in, then choose the format you need and save the video. Very easy! This extension can convert a YouTube video to MP3sound, but only supports video clips that are shorter than 20 minutes.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 19.63MB size
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