The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

Olga Weis

Anyone out there does not know what a hashtag is? No one? Right, such a person is unlikely to exist these days. Of course, we all know that hashtags are those words preceded by “#”, the pound sign or the number sign as they call it in Britain, and they are extensively used on all social networking web sites. But even those who have been in social media for a while might not fully understand how to use them.

Instagram hashtag

Hashtags are basically searchable links, so when you click a hashtag, the website will display all posts that have the same tag. Hashtags first were introduced on Twitter, and in no time hashtagging took over all other social media sites. So if you want to get more Instagram followers, make sure to add right Instagram hashtags. What do you need to know here?

First, your hashtag should not contain spaces. It is completely forbidden, even if your hashtag is comprised of several words. To separate words you can use capital letters, e.g. #SunnyDay is fine, while #Sunny Day will break your link. Instead of searching for a “sunny day” posts, the platform will display “sunny” posts.

Second, for the same reason never use any symbols such as punctuation marks, apostrophes and other special characters.

Third, you are free to create your own hashtags, no limitations here. However if you want to expand your audience and increase the exposure of your account, it might be a better idea to use popular hashtags people are actually following.

What are the most popular hashtags on Instagram?

  • On the top of our list is… #love, of course! Who would doubt it?
  • The next is #instagood – this hashtag has been popular “ever since”.
  • The third is #me. At first it might seem strange, but it’s not about the egocentric world, it’s about people who like checking out pictures of some random – but real! – people.
  • #tbt, which stands for “throw back Thursday”, some do not abbreviate it and use #throwbackthursday instead. This hashtag is for images from the past – although for some these might be childhood pics, while for others it is a last year’s New eve party.
  • #cute – this goes with everything #babies, #animals, #girls, etc.

The hashtags and their order keep changing all the time, but make sure to pick up those, which describe your images well and stick to them when you post Instagram photos online. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the number of your followers will grow, your posts become easily searchable.

Another thing you should pay attention to is Instagram uploader, i.e. the software you use to upload pictures on Instagram. Uplet is the application that allows you to, first, Instagram upload from Mac, second, post multiple pictures at once. This saves you lots of time and retains the original quality of pictures. Once you upload pictures on Instagram, you can edit them one-by-one and add different hashtags to describe each of them. Make sure to give it a try and you’ll see that the right Instagram uploader app can make all the difference.

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