How to get more likes on Instagram

Olga Weis

Anyone out there who has not heard of Instagram yet? There might be but few and extinct. That’s why the best way to share the brightest moments of your life with your friends and the rest of the world nowadays is to upload pictures to Instagram. Busy counting ‘likes’ afterwards? Sure, we are all into ‘Instagram likes’ – the more, the better. If you ever wondered whether there is a way to get more likes on Instagram and get more Instagram followers, we’ve got some good news for you. There is – all you need is Uplet, Instagram uploader for Mac that does wonders when it comes to increasing the popularity of your account. Read on, and we shall tell you more about it.

More likes on Instagrams

Some tips for Instagram users

  • First thing is quality, we beg you to share only your best pictures – by ‘best’ we mean not only the composition, colors and other photographer’s tricks but also the quality of the images. Uplet enables uploading to Instagram from Mac getting your around the “mobile only” limitation of Instagram. Now there is no need to get pictures on your phone first and then upload them on Instagram. This helps you retain the original quality and resolution of the images.

  • Make sure to add an interesting description to your pictures and reply to all the comments received. This Instagram uploader enables using hashtags and emojis while doing it. Your photostream becomes more informative and, hence, gets you more Instagram followers, more views and more likes!

  • Tips for best fotos
  • Upload from Mac to Instagram only unique pictures – people always appreciate new unusual stuff and it will certainly get multiple likes on Instagram.

  • Be active, be curious, be generous with ‘likes’ to pictures posted by others – your friends, followers and random users. This increases your chances of being noticed and getting a reward in the form of ‘likes’.

  • And last, but not the least – quantity matters too. The more pictures you upload, the more the chances you get free Instagram likes. Easy, isn’t it? This Instagram uploader Mac users favor for a good reason – not only it allows to upload photos on Instagram from Mac, it also eliminates the ‘one at a time’ limitation – post any number of images in a click and save your time and effort.
Upload fotos to Instagram

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, get this Instagram photo uploader first, install it on your machine, post to Instagram from computer all your beautiful images or videos for the world to see and appreciate while you are counting your ‘likes’.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 16.15MB size
Version 1.5.214 (13th Dec, 2018) Release notes
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