Uplet for your
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Olga Weis

It is a well-known fact by now that people are much better at perceiving and responding to images rather than a plain text. This largely explains the enormous popularity of Instagram, the number of its users has been growing exponentially ever since this social networking website was launched and there seems no end
to it.

It is obvious that Instagram provides one an opportunity to reach out to a really wide audience and there is a lot of potential for your business there. A lot of businesses are already making most of this opportunity. The general rule for attracting more followers and expanding your reach is to upload high quality pretty images, add a clear description to each of them and respond regularly to the comments received. Seems to be easy, right? However Instagram also has certain limitations that might hinder the promotion of your business – you can only upload Instagram photo from a mobile device, one at a time.

Perhaps online stores suffer from these limitations most. It is likely you have hundreds of different kinds of goods in your store and you might have invited a professional photographer to take pictures of each of them with his DSLR. Now all of them are lying on your Mac’s hard drive and you are wondering if you really have to transfer all of them on your mobile and then spend hours sharing them one by one? Is there a way to upload photos to Instagram from computer?


There is an Instagram uploader that enables you to counteract these limitations – Uplet by Eltima Software. This software allows you to upload photos and videos to Instagram directly from your Mac, and you can share as many of them as you want in a single click.

It is possible you already use this Instagram uploader for Mac to share your stories with friends and followers – of your summer holidays, a weekend spent on the seashore, a night out or friends’ get-together. You can also use the application for promoting your business. In this article we will describe how.


Uplet allows owners of online stores upload pictures of their entire collection in a click and add description to each of them using hashtags and emoticons. Since you post to Instagram from computer, you can use its full-fledged hardware keyboard to enter their description. No struggling with on-screen keyboard anymore – type fast and do not waste your time on correcting annoying typos.

A new supply of goodies in your store collection? Uploading to Instagram from Mac makes things so easy – share pictures within minutes, post daily ads and promotion offers, news and announcements. No need to transfer pictures first to your mobile phone and then upload them one-by-one – no precious time is wasted anymore.

Commercial License benefits

Uplet commercial license allows using the application for the purposes of your business. It will certainly be of great help for maintenance and development of your Instagram account and eventually success of your online store.


Apart from allowing you to Instagram upload from Mac any number of pictures, Uplet offers the following functionality:

  • Retain the original quality and resolution of pictures being uploaded;
  • Add unique comments to each of your picture with the help of hashtags and emoticons;
  • Crop your pictures to the standard Instagram frame or leave the original dimensions;
  • This app knows how to share multiple videos on Instagram in one click.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 13.1Mb free space
Version 1.5.214 (13th Dec, 2018) Release notes
Category: BusinessApplication