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List of top Instagram DM apps for Mac

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Dec 11, 2019

If you ask any Instagram user the question “How to DM on Instagram?” they will give you an answer within a couple of seconds. However, if your question is “How to DM on Instagram on computer?”, well, it can perplex most of them. As it was stated many times by the company’s representatives, that Instagram is primarily an application for mobile devices, so sending and checking Instagram direct message from your computer is impossible. However, nowadays if the user has a strong need to use Instagram on the computer, the task is quite feasible, as there are a lot of apps offering the feature of Instagram direct message on laptop as well as on a computer.

But we all know that from the very beginning, Instagram was a very narrow social network in terms of functionality and had the most minimal possibilities. In fact, in the first version of the application, apart from publishing and commenting on the photo, doing something else was impossible. As time goes by and the number of users began to increase, the demand of the audience began to grow as well. One of the basic requirements was the introduction of DM on Instagram so that you could write and share photos not with all of your subscribers but only with one or more of them, as a result, appeared so-called Instagram Direct.

Instagram DM apps for Mac

What is Direct on Instagram? This is a private mode that allows you to share this or that photo or video with not all subscribers or friends, but only with a certain "narrow circle". By publishing a photo in Instagram Direct, you choose who will see it. Later, the developers of Instagram implemented personal messages, but Direct remains one of the interesting functions for private communication on Instagram. It is rather convenient, each time you choose your "narrow circle" for each photo anew. Wondering how? For example, when you often go to parties in different companies and share photos only with participants of each of them, or if you exchange sketches of your design projects with different co-authors. Through the Instagram, it's easier to do this than through e-mail.

However, with the increasing number of users entering the social network through the computer, the creators had no other way out, as to gradually transfer the functionality of the Instagram from the mobile to the web version. But, unfortunately, the developers do not desire to implement a full-fledged web version allowing sending Instagram DM on Mac or PC. Still, everything can change rather quickly and so far the workaround is to install Instagram DM app on your Mac and have fun.

The list of 7 Instagram direct message apps


Allows you to upload any number of photos directly into your Instagram account from the Mac in just one click. The simplest and minimum action for publishing. It allows you to upload photos taken by any device (even if you do not have an iPhone at hand).

How to DM on Instagram
You can add comments to tell subscribers all the details, as well as share photos in the original resolution and quality. It is also possible to upload video in any format - the utility itself converts it into the desired format before downloading. The feature of Instagram DM online will be available in the nearest updates of the app.
Be the first to know when DM will be added


This Instagram direct message on Mac client allows you to read and reply to messages from the users of Instagrams received to your Direct in a couple of seconds. The program has a simple interface, that only has a positive effect on the convenience of working with it. If messages contain media content or emoticons, they are also displayed.

All received messages are automatically marked as “Read”. In addition, IG:dm offers automatic upload of newly received messages, as well as notification of a new message in the form of a circle opposite the corresponding conversation, ability to send emoticons from a huge emoji-collection, as well as citing any message, etc.

Flume for Mac

With the help of Flume, you can not only view new photos right in the desktop application but choose the way of their display, namely as a continuous tape or as a grid. Of course, all photos can be uploaded directly from your Mac, commented, shared and liked.
Flume for Mac
In addition, Flume displays your Instagram subscriptions in a floating window and allows you to search for new interesting profiles. Thanks to this DM Instagram app you can seamlessly send messages through Instagram Direct.


While working with Instalex, you will save time by uploading photos to Instagram through your favorite browser and managing multiple accounts from one app. Select the target audience on the Instagram network, schedule assignments for subscriptions, comments, and likes of the content of the selected profiles.
With this Instagram direct message on Mac, you will be able to automatically send the innumerous number of messages to your followers.


The service offers a convenient feature for auto-sorting subscribers called Auto Follow. Selection is carried out according to several criteria, depending on filters the user have installed for this. Also, you can set daily limits for likes and replies or use the publication timer.
With the help of this Instagram DM online app, you can communicate with your followers and create your own newsletter and generate a certain audience from your subscribers for it.


Instazood is a service that provides you with the Instagram-bot functionality for active channel promotion in a social network. Track the likes, leave comments, unsubscribe from old subscribers, publish new photos and videos according to schedule.
Besides that, it is a great Instagram direct message app thanks to which you can always stay connected with your followers. The app is fully automated and can work without your participation.

Direct Message for Instagram

Unlike the mentioned above apps, this direct message Instagram on Mac client is rather minimalistic but at the same time a powerful solution for sending and receiving messages to Instagram from your Mac.
Direct Message for Instagram

Seamlessly send and save all the messages, photos and videos. Thanks to the icon in the Menubar you can get the easy access to the app. What can be better?
Now, knowing how to DM on Instagram on Mac the whole process doesn't look so scary as it seemed. Find the app that would fully satisfy your requirements and send Instagram DM on Mac with an ease.

Uplet for Mac

Fully compatible with MacOS 10.9 and later. Requires 21.74MB of free space, latest version 1.7.384. Released 17 May, 2020.

4.5 rank based on 58+ users, Reviews (24)