Best free email client for Mac computers

Can we imagine our lives without email now? Without always keeping in touch and staying in the know of everything happening around? Email communication is such a big part of everyday life, and the right email client matters no less.

Let's have a look at an OSX mail app that can be easily your best help and best email app for Mac - iMail.

iMail client for Mac

iMail is a comprehensive and precise mail app that strives to organize your communication up to perfection. This best email client for Mac has three modes to view your email messages depending on your habits. The modes are:

  1. People View: emails are organized by communication between you and other person;
  2. Conversation View: your emails are organized in conversation thread between you and other people;
  3. Attachment View: manage, search, and delete mail attachments.

When you need to find some phrase or attachment searching within People, Conversation and Attachment modes is very convenient and efficient.


If you are in a rush iMail understands! You can do quick replies for sending off super fast responses. And it only involves hitting "Send" button. And once you can sit down and write a full email go to "Compose" mode and spill it all out!


iMail is a perfect mail client for Mac OS X working with the most of email providers :

  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo
  3. Hotmail/Outlook/Live
  4. Me/Mac/iCloud
  5. AOL
  6. and many more!
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