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Emailing is a very big part of our human activities since the invention of the internet. An average person receives things like newsletters, train or plane tickets, receipts via email. We correspond with the people important to us nowadays mostly using email.

Having all these important information in one place requires the help of a reliable email manager. That is an application that can search, organize, and catalog all the materials arriving at your email box so it will be easy for you to access when needed.

iCloud for Mac rushes to mind when such help is necessary and this is because of the powerful features that come with it. iCloud email client is free for every owner of an Apple device, it also comes with a 5GB free storage space. You obtain this storage space by signing up for an Apple ID. This iCloud file attachments Mac is very easy to use, for instance, you can swipe an email to either delete or move it to a folder. You can send a video or an image attachment with just a few clicks. The Mail Drop feature makes it so easy and convenient to send a large attachment of emails.

The only disadvantage of using just iCloud mail client for Mac OS X is that the process is not automated. You have to manually surf through your inbox to locate the information you want. However, this problem is taken care of by a powerful tool called iMail .


Imail has an automated system of sorting out your email. All the time-consuming activities taking place in your iCloud mail Mac is handled perfectly by iMail. In doing so iMail saves you a lot of valuable time thereby increasing your productivity. iMail has full compatibility with iCloud mail app and integrates easily.

  1. People View: here iMail organizes email exchange between you and another person;
  2. Conversation View: iMail coordinates your email conversation with more than one person. It keeps the thread so you can view what everybody is saying;
  3. Attachment View: what this view does is that it searches and manages all attachments coming into your inbox.
Elmedia Player for Apple TV
Requirements: OS X 10.8+ , 24Bytes free space
Version 1.0.1 (2nd Mar, 2017)
Category: MultimediaApplication
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