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Watch YouTube Video Offline for the Best Experience

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Viewing YouTube offline often involves downloading MP4 clips. How to download YouTube videos on Mac? Users will gravitate towards the best apps that convert online streams to video formats.

Downloads are just one way to watch YouTube offline, but they are definitely prevalent. A good downloader is often the key. Still, there are other possibilities and other factors at play that could be useful to know. We will go through the steps of offline YouTube viewing, sharing insights along the way.

Can You Download YouTube Videos to Watch Offline?

All YouTube downloaders do the following: they accept YouTube URLs as input, they find and download the MP4/WebM/M4A files, and convert them if needed. Generally, it’s the most efficient way to watch YouTube video offline. The main differences lie in implementation: downloaders compete through interfaces, performance and features.

A great example of a desktop downloader would be Airy. It is found both on Mac and on Windows, and its smooth experience is unmatched on either platform. It can queue up a large amount of downloads, including playlists. Flawless browser integration, quality options and download management - these components tie it all together, endowing Airy with professional quality.

Watch YouTube Video Offline with Airy

How to watch youtube videos offline with Airy:

1. Install and launch Airy.

2. Go to YouTube in your browser.

download youtube videos to watch offline

3. Copy a video address.

watch Youtube offline

4. Paste it in Airy.

watch youtube offline
5. Choose a format and click 'Download'.

Alternative Download Methods

Other ways to download can be found in browsers: online services and plugins have their pros and cons. For example, browser add-ons include Video DownloadHelper and Addoncrop. They are located on add-on stores and similar sites. Whereas conversion services are easily found on Google - things like

Their main upside is quick installation. The downsides? Web downloaders are slow, and pugin-based downloaders may be loaded with ads or spyware.

Finally, if you’ve got patience, you could try youtube-dl, a popular console app.

Keeping Parts of a Long Stream

No matter which downloader you choose, none can download a running YouTube stream. This becomes a problem for extra-large streams, since YouTube only allows videos up to 12 hours in length. For this type of video, footage older than 12 hours will gradually get removed. You can see this happen on various radio channels that run 24/7.

In this case, you’ll have to resort to screen recorders. Both Windows and Mac have built-in recording capabilities. For instance, you can open the Xbox Toolbar (Win+G) in Windows 10, and start a recording right there. As for Mac, QuickTime Player has its own function, accessible via File > New Screen Recording.

If the aforementioned solutions don’t satisfy you, you could try using a third-party app like OBS Studio. A hint for OBS in particular: add a "Display Capture" as your video source.

Managing YouTube Offline Storage

Here are some numbers for context. A 480p 30-minute video will take up to 170 megabytes. A 60 FPS HD clip of the same length will gravitate towards 850 MB. Thus, 1 TB - average laptop hard drive capacity - can contain about 585 hours of HD clips. A typical smartphone only has 64 GB of internal memory - about 16 times less. It will cap out at 185 hours of low-res videos. How can this be improved?

If you need another terabyte (or two) of high-quality footage, you’ll certainly see merit in external hard drives. HDs are a much cheaper way to store data when compared to SD cards and flash drives.

Maximizing your micro-SD size is obvious advice for mobile viewers. But there’s a great mobile technology that often goes unnoticed: OTG. With the right cable, you can connect USB flash drives and hard drives straight to your phone, and access them from the file manager.

This info can come in handy:

Sometimes, you only need a small part of a downloaded MP4 file. Look out for apps that can both download and cut YouTube videos. The quality of the application will make a huge difference - manually cutting clips can get tedious.

If you like building playlists, a speedy utility will help you on every step of the way. YouTube downloader buttons - whether PC tools or web extensions - will prove valuable. Doing everything in one click is the motto of these apps.


Got more questions on how to watch YouTube video offline? This is a complex subject, so we’ve got more answers that may not have been covered in the article.
Mac users can employ various apps to download YouTube videos to watch offline. Airy is a good choice - convenient, flexible and robust. Not to mention, it’s got a unique approach to browser integration. Airy confidently competes with the best desktop and web solutions. It does its job, and it’s a joy to use.
You’ll be surprised, but YouTube Premium is one of the worst ways you can do this. Its main downside stems from the fact that you don’t download the video as a file. Thus, you can’t copy or move it anywhere. Additionally, this feature is mobile only. If you want to watch YouTube offline on a Mac or a PC, we suggest Airy.
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