How to uninstall apps on Mac at the click of a button

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So how to uninstall programs on Mac? You may think that you know everything. However, there is not just one way to uninstall apps on Mac and if you have moved to Mac, you already know that uninstalling programs on Mac differs from uninstalling programs on Windows. This is due to the fact that Mac OS X does not have a system registry. If you want to uninstall programs on Mac you need to simply transfer them to the Recycle Bin, but sometimes quite a few program files remain on Mac OS X and gradually clutter up your Mac machine. There are various ways how to uninstall apps on Mac and in this article, we will give you full information about all the possible ways.

Quick summary

  1. The quickest way how to delete apps on Mac
  2. How to uninstall a program on Mac in Launchpad
  3. How to uninstall on Mac using the Finder
  4. How to delete apps on Mac that won’t delete
  5. How to delete apps on Mac via Uninstaller

The quickest way how to delete apps on Mac

To completely remove apps from Mac, in most cases it is enough just to activate the function "Move to Trash" from the context menu.

If the software is installed on the desktop:

  • right click the icon;
  • select “Move to Trash” from the context menu;
  • The quickest way how to delete apps on Mac
  • empty Trash.
  • Empty trash

    How to uninstall a program on Mac in Launchpad

    If you want to know how to uninstall software on Mac that you have previously installed from App Store, then you need to delete programs via Launchpad. In order to make a complete apps removal, you can click on the desired one with the mouse cursor and drag it to the trash. That’s it. Easy and extremely fast.
    How to uninstall a program on Mac in Launchpad
    Another way to remove the program in Launchpad is to click and hold the application icon that you want to delete (in general, you can press and hold any application). Icons will start to shake, above those applications that are available for removal will appear a cross. Click on the cross and confirm the deletion. After that, you can clean the Recycle bin.
    Uninstalling apps on Mac in Launchpad

    How to uninstall on Mac using the Finder

    Finder is a system utility for searching for files and configuring your OS X, which works in a constant mode. It is impossible to close Finder because it is responsible for displaying the entire interface of the computer. Also, with its help, you can uninstall programs on Mac.

    Follow the instructions below to know how it works:

    1. Find the Finder icon on the computer toolbar and click it.
    2. The control window will open in the left part of which you need to click the "Applications " field. The whole list of all installed applications will be displayed in the Finder.
    3. Now, select the app you want to delete from the computer, and right-click it. In the context menu that appears, click "Move to Trash".

      Please note that, the program is deleted only if its name disappears from the list in the Finder. However, it will not add free space to your hard drive as the files are still in the Recycle Bin. Return to the desktop and right click the Trash. In the list of options, click "Empty Trash". Thus, the application will be completely removed from the OS. If the program creates temporary files, you simply need to reboot the computer to remove them.
    How to uninstall on Mac using the Finder

    However, it should be noted that this is the most "dirty" way to remove programs, because it leaves behind many unnecessary files.

    How to delete apps on Mac that won’t delete

    Deleting built-in programs. There are many pre-installed programs on each macOS. Some of them you use regularly, and some of them you do not open at all. To free space in the PC's memory and remove the standard software, follow the instructions:

    1. Open the command line (Terminal).
    2. In the opened window enter the following command cd / Applications and press Enter.
    3. The next command is to directly delete the OS X program, for example:
      sudo rm -rf
      sudo rm -rf
      sudo rm -rf Photo \
      sudo rm -rf QuickTime \

    I think the logic is clear. Enter the desired program name yourself; To execute the command, press Enter again. If you need to enter a password, the characters will not be displayed when you type (but the password is still entered). During the deletion, you will not receive any confirmation of deletion, the program will simply be deleted from the computer.

    How to delete apps on Mac via Uninstaller

    So far, everything seems to be simple. However, some programs, which are often used, cannot be deleted in the above-described way, as a rule, these are solid programs installed from third-party sites with the help of the "Installer". After installing such software to the system, there is also a special Uninstaller there - a utility that correctly removes a specific program from your PC. How to deal with such programs? Follow the instructions to find and run the uninstaller:

    1. Go to Finder and open the "Applications" section.
    2. Left-click the name of the software.
    3. In the opened list of files that are related to the software, click the icon with the name Uninstall.
    4. Run the uninstaller.
    5. Follow all instructions in the window that appears to complete uninstalling the software.
    How to delete apps on Mac via Uninstaller

    However, some of them can be removed by standard methods and require additional actions to finally clean up the Mac of the remaining files. Or simply send the program to the trash. So, you may ask yourself a question “How do I uninstall a program on Mac correctly?” The right way will be typing in the Google search "How to completely uninstall application Mac OS" where you specify the name of an application. All serious applications that require specific steps to remove them have the official instructions on the sites of their developers, which it is advisable to follow.

    Just, for example, CloudMounter by Eltima Software, that allows you to mount cloud storages as your local drives has the detailed steps on how to uninstall a program on Mac as well as Commander One (dual panel file manager for mac OS) has a guide if you wish to uninstall the app. As you see, these two solutions presented by one company have a different method of apps removal. Fortunately, nowadays, a lot of apps presented on the market can be deleted by simply dragging their icon to the Trash, Uplet and PhotoBulk are of no exception as well. However, it is highly recommended to read more about how to uninstall apps on Mac on their official site.

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