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How to Record YouTube Videos on Mac

Videos from YouTube can be recorded for offline access. YouTube records can be watched while offline and stored as backups. This article features several ways in which this can be done. Note that some recording methods are much faster than others. Airy in particular is one of the quickest. If you want to specifically record audio from YouTube, we also have a solution.

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How to record YouTube video on Mac

The Best Choice to Record a Video on YouTube: Airy

The best YouTube recording software should be mighty, yet time-saving - and that’s exactly what Airy is. It provides a wide range of functionalities, from different file formats, quality options, to playlist & batch downloads. At the same time, it’s so easy to operate. Just a couple of clicks will let you record from YouTube, Mac-approved. Airy also downloads subtitles automatically, pauses & resumes download tasks, and integrates with your browser. This makes for a seamless experience that delivers high-quality videos without limitations.
How to record YouTube video on Mac

How to Record a YouTube Video with Airy

1. Download Airy and install it on your Mac. With the trial version, you can get two downloads, while enabling the full version will grant you unlimited access.

how to record a youtube video on mac

2. Go to the YouTube video, playlist or channel that you wish to download. Copy the URL from the video’s address bar, then paste it into Airy.

record youtube video mac

3. Choose your preferred format and quality option from the drop-down list provided. If you’ve lined up multiple downloads, they will take longer to process.

how to record youtube videos on mac

4. Click on the Download button. That’s all!

2. Clip Converter to record video from YouTube for free

ClipGrab is a freely available open source app which can also be used to record YouTube video on Mac. It doesn’t have a large file format selection, but it gets the job done. It works with a number of other sites apart from YouTube, too. It’s simple to use and fast, however, no browser integration is available. Luckily, it can automatically detect URLs you have copied to your clipboard.

how to record youtube video on Mac

How to Record a YouTube Video on Mac

  1. Download ClipGrab and install the application.
  2. Open it and go to the Downloads tab at the top.
  3. Copy the address of your desired YouTube video. To do so, open the video in your web browser and copy its URL by clicking on the address bar and pressing ⌘ Command+C.
  4. Paste the copied URL into ClipGrab. In order to do so, go back to ClipGrab, click on the text field, and press ⌘ Command+V.
  5. From the ‘Format’ menu, select MPEG4 or whichever video format you prefer. Pick a Quality as well.
Record video from YouTube

6. Click on ‘Grab this clip’. This will download the YouTube video to your Mac’s default Downloads folder.

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YouTube Video Recorder - MacX Video Converter

The MacX Video Converter app is an all-in-one solution which offers a video downloader, converter, editor, screen recorder, etc., so it can help you record YouTube video on Mac. It’s fairly simple to use and supports various output formats, resolutions, encoding/decoding, and video compression as well. The free version has a 5-minute limitation and fewer available features.

record from youtube mac

Record YouTube Video in several ways with MacX

1. Download the MacX Video Converter on your laptop.

2. Click on the ‘YouTube’ icon, then on the ‘Paste & Analyze’ button. This will detect any YouTube videos currently streaming.

how to record youtube videos on mac

3. Select your desired output video format, resolution, and size.

how to record a youtube video

4. Click on the ‘Browse’ button to choose a destination folder for your downloaded videos.

5. Press ‘Download Now’ to begin the download.

record a video on youtube

Native Solution to Record Videos

QuickTime Player is Apple’s native solution when it comes to playing videos, viewing images, listening to sound, etc. with high quality. With one of its functions, you can also record video on Mac. It’s a convenient solution since it’s readily available, but it’s not the simplest one to use. So to learn how to record a YouTube video with QuickTime, see the instructions below.

How to Record YouTube Video on Mac with QuickTime

  1. Open the video that you wish to record on YouTube, but don’t play it yet.
  2. Launch the QuickTime app on your Mac by clicking on the gray-and-blue "Q" icon.
  3. Click on the File menu at the top-left corner, in the menu bar.
  4. Click on ‘New Screen Recording’. This will open the Screen Recording window or toolbar.
  5. Choose ‘Internal Microphone’ by clicking on the little arrow (to the right of the red circle at the center). This ensures that the app captures the video's sound. If such a menu is not visible, then click on ‘Options’.
  6. Then, click on the red circle. You will be asked to select an area of the screen to record.
  7. Drag the selection to select the video, so that you don’t capture the entire screen.
  8. Click Record. Then, start playing your video. Make sure your sound is turned on.
  9. When you’re done recording, click on ‘Stop Recording’ (a black circle with a white square inside at the top of the screen). QuickTime will stop recording and show your completed recording. It will be saved to your Movies folder.

To trim the beginning and/or end of the file, click on ‘Edit’ and pick ‘Trim’. Drag the yellow trimming bar to indicate which part of the video you’d like to keep. Click ‘Trim’ to apply the changes.


We hope this article provided you with all the info you need on how to record a YouTube video on Mac, but if you have further queries, below you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions.

If your phone runs Android 10, there is a built-in screen recorder. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to view your Quick Settings.
  2. Tap the Screen Recorder icon. Give it permission to record your screen.
  3. Begin your recording. When finished, swipe down and tap ‘Stop’. The saved videos are available in your phone gallery under Movies.

With Samsung devices, you can also record audio from the speaker and microphone. You can even include video from your front-facing camera into your screen recording. To do so, go to Settings > Advanced features > Screenshots and screen recorder > Screen recorder settings. Here, you can adjust different settings, for example the source of the sound you record and what resolution you use for your recording (up to 1080p).

If certain content is copyrighted, it is illegal to record it, unless you have obtained express permission to do so. If the material is not copyrighted, you are permitted to either download or record the audio and video from media uploaded to YouTube.
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