How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac? Why Save Your Favorite Videos from YouTube?

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The vast majority of Mac users consider YouTube the biggest video streaming platform out there. And not just that, but they also use YouTube to listen to their favorite songs and stay in touch with their favorite artists. However, always depending on an Internet connection isn’t the most pleasant thing. Things get worse when you live in a remote area where the internet isn’t stable So, users that want to be able to watch their favorite YouTube videos when they’re offline need a reliable solution to save those videos on their Mac and play them whenever they want. To save you the time of researching various apps or methods to save your favorite YouTube videos, we’re ve put together a list of awesome solutions that you can turn to. So, if you’re in need of an app that answers the “How to Download YouTube videos Mac” question, check out the exhaustive article we prepared.

Save Videos Using a YouTube Video Downloader

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There are multiple options for software that helps you download YouTube videos for Mac. However, after series of tests and research, our experts identified Airy as the best solution for all users that want to rapidly and securely save videos from YouTube. It comes with a straightforward interface, plenty of features like downloading in batch, download playlists and even entire channels. Also, it can download videos from YouTube and include the subtitles as well. In other words, it’s an all-in-one YouTube video downloader.

how do I download youtube videos to my mac for free

How to download video from YouTube using Airy

1. Install Airy after Downloading it in your Mac. Visit to download the installer pack.


2. Open YouTube and go to the video you wish to download. Go to YouTube and use the search bar to locate the video you want to save on your Mac.


3. Copy the URL of the YouTube Video. In your browser, select the URL from YouTube and hit ⌘ Command+C or right-click - copy.


4. Paste the ULR in Airy. Open Airy and insert the YouTube URL in its interface. ⌘ Command+V is the key combo to paste the URL.


5. Choose settings and download. Choose MP4 from the available formats and also choose the quality for the final video before hitting the download button. Also, choose the download pathway and your file will be ready there.


Elmedia Player PRO - Media Player

Elmedia Player PRO is a player indeed, but there are so many other roles it can play! PRO version can download online videos and extract soundtrack from video including those videos hosted on YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Yahoo, and more. It can do stuff similar to iTunes like create, manage and delete playlists. Elmedia Player can play pretty much any file type out there.

how to download youtube videos mac

Download YouTube videos with Elmedia Player PRO, including YouTube playlists and channels. If a video has subtitles they will be saved along with the videos in .srt format. Follow these steps to download YouTube videos with Elmedia Player PRO:

  1. Download Elmedia and register PRO version with activation code that you can get to email after purchasing the license.
  2. Switch to the browser mode in the main menu.
  3. Enter the link for YouTube video and press Enter.
  4. See the list of files available for download at that link and choose the file. Click Download.
  5. You can choose the preferred video format (MP4, 3GP, WebM, FLV, etc.).
  6. To extract MP3 sound from the video, switch to the Audio tab and choose the audio format.
  7. By default files are saved to Downloads folder. You can adjust this in Preferences.

How to Download YouTube Videos from YouTube using Folx PRO - Download Manager

Folx is a free download manager for Mac OS with the true Mac appearance. It is a combination of two apps in one: a download manager and a torrent client. Free Folx is a rather full app, however it is always a good idea to upgrade it to PRO version with lots of wonderful handy features. To download videos from YouTube with Folx perform these steps:

  • Download Folx to your computer and register PRO version with a code, that you receive in your inbox after buying the license.
  • Paste a YouTube link to the Folx window and hit Enter.

  • Adjust the download settings:

    1. Assign tags (for example, YouTube). You can assign as many as you want.
    2. Set the download location.
    3. Select the video format you want to save your video as. If you only need the sound, select audio.
    4. You can set a custom description for the video.
  • Click OK to finalize the task.
how to download youtube videos on mac without software

Paid Converters to Download YouTube Videos Online

This solution is pretty expensive (about $49.95 for Ultimate), but according to developer this converter can download videos from more than 100 websites like YouTube and Facebook, and also it can save streaming videos from Netflix and alike. It can also rip DVDs and offers video editing tools.

How to download from YouTube with AVC:

  1. Install the app to your Applications folder.
  2. Open the program and click "Online Video" option.
  3. Click "Add" button to see an Input URL window.
  4. Paste a YouTube link in the field and click "OK".
  5. Once the program is done processing the link, click Start.

how to download youtube videos to mac

Download YouTube Video Online

You want to be able to download all your favorite YouTube videos without having to install an additional app? That’s also possible through the various websites offering this service 100% online. Keep in mind that some of these websites may not be what they appear and there’s a risk of running into malware or damage your computer when using them. We recommend KeepVid to all users that want to download YouTube video to their Mac. Just visit and you’ve already made the first step towards downloading YouTube content without limitations or complications.

  1. Find the YouTube video you want to download. Open YouTube and use the search function to locate the video you wish to save on your Mac. You don’t even have to be logged in to your YouTube account unless the video is age-restricted.
  2. Grab the URL. In the YouTube tab, click on the URL and copy the entire address using the ⌘ Command+C key combination.
  3. Open the KeepVid website. You can use the same website tab if you want to.
  4. Paste the URL. Using the ⌘ Command+V key combination, paste the YouTube URL in the search box of KeepVid.
  5. Click the Download button. Once you pasted the URL, click the download button and you will be given some quality and format options.
  6. Select a format and download. Choose the format you want for the file, as well as the quality, and click the Download button once more to start your download.
KeepVid takes the link you want to download from and offers you to download the video hosted there in various video and audio formats. You can set the start and end time for the video. Such video hosting websites as YouTube and Vimeo are supported.


For those videos you just need the sound from, use It is a great video to audio conversion service. Just follow the steps below:

  • Paste the link.
  • Choose the file format for conversion (audio or video, MP3 is the default setting), and set the volume control if needed.
  • Click "Convert It" button.
  • Conversion takes a while, you'll need to wait. This service has a bookmarklet that you can place on the toolbar and click it when you want to convert some video.
how to download youtube video on iPhone

How to Download YouTube Videos with Browser Integrations

Download YouTube Video in Chrome

If you don’t want to install a software to download YouTube videos on your computer, there are several solutions out there that can handle this task for you and work as an extension for the Chrome browser. It may not be the most straightforward method to download videos, however, it’s the best answer to “How to download YouTube videos on Mac without software?” If you’re using Safari, you’ll need to switch to Chrome for this download method to work. Also, even if you’re using Chrome to begin with, the browser doesn’t accept extensions that aren’t available on Chrome Web Store. This means you will need to apply another workaround to get the job done.

  1. Install Crosspilot. This Chrome extension will allow you to add other extensions with sources other than the Chrome Web Store. Use this link to easily add it to Chrome.
  2. Visit Addoncrop. This is a website with extensions for Chrome that you are going to use to find the Chrome extension to download videos.
  3. Download the extension. YouTube Video Downloader is the name of the extension you will need.
  4. Once you locate the extension, click on “Install via Crosspilot” and give it some time to finish the install process.
  5. Check if the extension was added. Go to YouTube and choose a video to test if the Chrome extension works.
  6. Select the quality you want for the video and start the download. Once the extension localizes the YouTube video, you will see a pop-up window where you will select the resolution and hit download.


If you know your Safari browser very well you are aware that there are not so many ways to save a YouTube video by means of this app. But downloading YouTube videos on Mac with Safari is possible. To save YouTube videos on Mac in Safari open a YouTube video. While watching it, press Command-Option-A to call Safari Activity window. Also enable the develop menu. Here are the steps:

  • Check Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  • Invoke the resources tab of the web inspector.
  • Look for a resource of the video. If you can't find it, try reloading the page.
  • To open the resource double-click it.
  • Focus the location bar and press option-enter at once to save the video.

NOTE! This method is only valid for Safari 7.0.1 on OS X Mavericks. If you have the latest version of this browser, this method is not going to work.


How to Download YouTube Videos in Firefox

Even if it’s not as popular as it once was, before Chrome became the go-to browser, Firefox still has plenty of fans out there. So, we needed to present a solution for Firefox users to download their favorite Youtube videos. So, if you ever found yourself asking how do I download YouTube videos to my Mac for free, here are the steps you should follow.

  1. Get the proper Add-on. Access and look for the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader add-on. Just hit the Download button and the extension will be added to Firefox.
  2. Locate the YouTube Video. As soon as the add-on is added to Firefox, go to YouTube and you will see a download button appearing when you watch the video.
  3. Download the file. Hit the Download button that appears on the page and you will be able to choose the format for your file before starting the download.
how to download youtube videos on android

Download Videos from YouTube to iPhone

We’ve seen multiple ways of how to download YouTube videos to Mac, however, what if you want to get the videos directly to your iPhone? Sure, one solution would be to download it on your Mac and then sync it via iTunes to make it available on iPhone. However, if you want a solution that enables you to save the videos directly on your mobile device, we’re afraid your only option is YouTube Premium. And even though you will need to pay a monthly subscription for this service, you will get unlimited downloads and streaming of your favorite YouTube videos and audio. And if you’re not convinced you want to spend a monthly amount for such a service, YouTube Premium comes with a full month of free trial. Here’s how to download YouTube video on iPhone.

  1. Get YouTube Premium. To enjoy the service you first need to sign up for Youtube Premium. To do so, open YouTube on your iPhone and click on your profile icon to access the account. In case you’re using YouTube without an account, you will need to create one to enjoy YouTube premium. Once you got the account up an running, access it and tap “Get YouTube Premium”, then select “Try it Free”.
  2. Download Youtube Music. Go to the App Store and download Youtube Premium for a full experience.
  3. Locate the video you want. Open the app and search for the video you want to download. Once you find it, locate the three dots next to its title and tap on “Download”. This will save the video on your iPhone directly.
  4. IMPORTANT INFO: If the trial period expires and you choose not to continue the subscription, everything you downloaded will no longer be available.

Save Videos from YouTube on Android

If you have a Mac but use an Android phone, you already know how difficult it can be to transfer files from one device to the other. Luckily for you, there’s a way to save YouTube videos directly on your Android phone without having to pay for anything. All you need to do is get the YouTube video URL and you’re good to go. Follow these steps to find out how to download Youtube videos on Android.

  1. Locate the video and Share it. Using the Android Youtube app, locate the video you want to download and then click the “Share” button to open the list of sharing options. From here, tap on Copy Link and this will instantly copy the URL in the phone’s clipboard.
  2. Use SavefromNet. Go to your browser and open It’s better not to copy this web address if you previously copied the YouTube URL since you will be forced to go back to step one.
  3. Paste the URL from YouTube. Once on SavefromNet, you need to paste the URL by tapping and holding your finger in the search box until the “Paste” option becomes available.
  4. Download and Convert. SavefromNet comes with a Convert option that allows you to modify the format of the file you are downloading. Once you choose the file format, hit “Download” and you are good to go!


For all of those that want to download YouTube videos online on Android, Videoder represents one of the best solutions available right now. Equipped with a great-looking User Interface that can also be customizable to better fit your needs, this app is extremely easy to use and it allows you to choose from a wide range of video formats before saving the file on your device. You can download Videoder directly from the official website and add it to your phone so that you can always save all the awesome YouTube videos you like. There are no in-app purchases that come with the app, however, you should expect some ads to appear. You also have the option to remove them by buying the Videoder Premium plugin. In terms of speed and conversion quality, there is absolutely no difference between the standard version or the Premium plugin, so it’s up to you.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android with Videoder

  • After installing the app on your phone, open YouTube in the app
  • Locate the video you wish to download
  • Tap the download button and then tap again on the generated download link that is presented. Here, you can choose the format of the file before the download beings
  • You can also share the video from YouTube to Videoder and you will get the download link as well

Important Things to Know When Downloading Videos from YouTube - Warnings, disclaimers, and tips

Even though downloading videos from YouTube is a safe operation as long as you are downloading them for personal use, it’s still better to be aware of these tips and disclaimers before you engage in such an action. Some of these points may seem as common sense to most of our readers, however, it doesn’t hurt to have them listed.

  • Always double-check the trustworthiness of a download website. Some of them might come with unwanted ads, malware, or fake download links.
  • Any intention of making a profit through distributing videos or music from YouTube is against the law.
  • In some territories, even if you download music and videos from YouTube for personal use it may be illegal. It certainly goes against Google’s terms of use, however, only if it’s illegal in your jurisdiction you have a real reason to worry about.
  • Try to steer clear of unknown software or websites that promise exceptional YouTube downloads. Better look for the ones that are recommended by trusted publications, such as the ones in this article, or check Reddit / friend’s recommendations if you’re not sure.
  • Despite using the powerful apps we presented above, some videos are simply not downloadable. Some videos that are listed as private are not accessible no matter what app you use.
  • The video quality of the video you save on your computer can differ from what’s available on YouTube. Because the platform uses real-time digital processing for its videos, the final quality of the video you save may be lower than what you get on YouTube.

Download MP3 from YouTube Instead of Video

In case you want to limit your downloads to just the audio from a YouTube video, there are several ways to do so. More than one of the apps or online solutions described above will give you the possibility to choose between video and audio, however, if you want to use one dedicated for this function, we recommend YTMP3 Video Converter. It’s a quick and convenient website where you just have to paste the URL of a Youtube video to save it as an MP3 on your computer. It supports converting YouTube content the other way around as well and you can even send the converted file to your Dropbox account for easy sharing.


Even when using an antivirus and all the security systems in the world, it’s almost impossible to spot malware on a website. That’s why the best way to choose YouTube downloaders is to go with trusted sources or ask friends and acquaintances that used a software already. A real-time scanner is a good idea as well, however, some take time to spot the malware and you still can get infected.
First of all you will need to download it on Mac. Then you can either sync them via iTunes or copy and paste them the classic way by connecting the iPod to your Mac / Windows computer.
Indeed, any video you download on your Mac or iPhone can then be played even without an internet connection. No matter where you are, you will always be able to enjoy your downloaded YouTube videos.
In case of an iPad, you will have to repeat the steps we described above for downloading YouTube videos on an iPhone. However, if you’re using an Android tablet, you have the complete steps on how to download videos directly on your mobile device. Check the How to Download YouTube Videos on Android section and you will find everything you need.