Choose The Best Solution To Download Videos On Mac

Olga Weis

Choose the best Mac video downloader

Ever wondered how to download videos on Mac? We usually think of downloading media content from popular video hosting websites like YouTube. However occasionally we might need to figure out how to download streaming video on Mac, and not all video downloaders are capable of handling this task.

We highly recommend using Elmedia Player PRO for downloading any videos from the web. Downloading process is very simple. Just activate PRO version, enter the URL in the browser mode, select the file you want to download from the list of available files and click Download.

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We thoroughly studied what users looking for a solution to download videos on Mac have to say. Here is a list of requirements put forward by them to an online video downloader for Mac.


  • The ideal solution is a free video downloader for Mac. Obviously – people are happier if they get a job done without having to pay a penny for it.

Download Speed

  • The faster the better. People want to spend as little time as possible on your video download on Mac.


  • Clean intuitive UI. Nobody wants to waste time trying to figure out where a URL is to be pasted or what button to click to get a result.

Quality Selection

  • Option to choose a video quality. Some might want to download a video only in HD format, while others are happy with minimal resolution.

Format Selection

  • Option to choose a format. Quite often people download web videos on Mac to play them back on another device, so they need to do it in a format that is supported by the device.

Audio Extraction

  • Option to extract audio files from a video. In some cases you are more interested in a soundtrack rather than in a video. It is important to be able to choose an audio format, e.g. MP3, and download only the audio track, not the entire video.

Playlists Support

  • Option to download an entire playlist, not just a separate video clip. In big demand by those who use YouTube service.

Ads Display

  • Ads are no-no. This mostly has to do with online solutions that offer you to download online videos on Mac for free. However they are so overloaded with ad banners, pop-up windows and other annoying advertising tricks that you do not feel like visiting their page ever again. Third party apps also have ads, and although they position themselves as being free, each and every time you launch such an app, it will insist on you buying or installing one or another thing.

Technical Support

  • Efficient support. Users might have questions on how to use one or another feature and would like to receive a professional response to it as quickly as possible.


  • If we are talking about third party apps, developers typically keep track of the updates and try to make sure your software is up-to-date. Although this is not always the case, some free app developers do not bother about updating their apps in timely manner.

Updates Support

  • Online video hosting services are known for changing algorithms of video uploading on their sites. To be able to use an app on a daily basis, developers should keep an eye on changes in the video hosting websites policies and update their software accordingly.

Downloaded Content Playback

  • It is always convenient to download video on Mac and be able to play it back right away, no matter what format it is in.

Resume Capability

  • Ability to resume a broken download. You wait for a long time for a download to be complete, then your Internet connection gets interrupted and you have to restart the download all over again – this could be really frustrating.

Streaming Video Download

  • Streaming video downloader for Mac is highly demanded. is a compressed content transmitted over the Internet and displayed to the viewer in real time.

The table below compares three main types of online video downloader for Mac. We borrowed the criteria from the above list. For the purpose of comparison we took a third party app, online service and a browser add-on. For the latter we took as an example a Chrome add-on, but please note that there are many more browsers and many more add-on for each of them.

Comparison: Elmedia Player PRO, Clip Converter and GetThemAll Video Downloader.

# Criteria Elmedia Player PRO Clip Converter GetThemAll Video Downloader
1 Pricing
2 Download speed
3 Usability
4 Quality selection
5 Format selection
6 Audio extraction
7 Playlists support
8 Ads display
9 Technical support
10 Maintenance
11 Updates support
12 Downloaded content playback
13 Resume capability
14 Streaming video download

So please have a look at the comparison table and make the right choice.

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