Downloader for Mac

Folx GO is an Internet Download manager for Mac that enables you to download from web – fast & efficient. The app features a neat UI with Retina displays support and offers a unique system of storing and managing downloaded content that allows files preview.

Smart Tags

With Folx GO you can assign tags to downloaded files. Click a tag in the Tags panel to display content marked with a particular tag. All your content is sorted, and searching for what you need takes very little time.

Folx GO Special

Folx GO offers you a number of handy features such as splitting content for downloading into threads – this dramatically reduces the download time. The app allows you to resume interrupted downloads right from where you left off. Mini-controller provides a compact view of Folx GO. File Manager makes browsing through downloaded content easy, while the Downloads can be filtered by – all, active, paused, scheduled and completed.

Browser Integration

Folx GO can be integrated into Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. The browser plugin enables you to download all, download selected and download with Folx GO. The latter allows you to download content of only one selected link. You can tell Folx GO whether to catch all downloads from web or specify the type of files you want Folx GO to download.

Folx GO Main Features

Fast Downloading

Folx GO can split downloads in up to 20 threads, thus significantly increasing the download speed.

Speed control

To allocate Internet traffic in the best possible way, you can choose to either regulate download speed manually or allow Folx GO to do it for you – automatically.

Scheduling of downloads

Folx allows using Internet traffic in an optimum way by scheduling specific download speed for certain dates and time.

iTunes integration

All downloaded media files can be automatically added to iTunes playlists, to the playlists named as the tags assigned to the downloaded content.

Folx GO Main Features:

Splitting downloads in up to 20 threads.
Scheduling download tasks.
iTunes integration.
Speed control.
Save all your passwords for FTP and HTTP websites.
Auto resuming of downloads.
Split the downloads in 2 threads.
Automatic catching of downloads.
Spotlight integration.
Plugin for catching downloads in web browsers.
File Manager for downloaded content.
Integration with Quick Look.
Mini controller for compact view of Folx.
Add-ons with special Folx context menu in all browsers.
Filtering by type, tag, date.
Retina displays support.
Multiple ways to add download tasks to Folx.