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Olga Weis

Having loads of data scattered all around – across various devices and cloud storage accounts – is normal nowadays, we can’t help but accept the fact. Does it make it any less frustrating though? Take your photos, for example. Some of your pictures would be stored on your phone, some on cloud storage account A – this is where you wanted to keep all your pictures, some on cloud B – this is where your kind friend decided to share big files, while a good portion of it is lies in a photo editor on your laptop. Same with your documents – spreadsheets, reports, essays, etc. If you ever tried to transfer files, upload files, send files, share documents to have them all in one place, you have probably figured out by now that it is difficult to even have a single point of access to your shared files. However here is some good news for you – with a decent piece of software not only it is feasible, it is simple and easy.

Commander One mobile manager

The name of such “decent piece of software“ is Commander One. This file management solution developed by Eltima Software, apart from being a great alternative to Finder, offers a great functionality to those who struggle to transfer big files, upload big files, send files online, share folder.

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First, it enables connecting various devices to your Mac so you can access their contents. Connect iPhone to Mac via USB cable and you can see its files and folders as if they were on your machine – get photos off iPhone in a matter of click. It works the same way for mobile phones and gadgets running Android OS. Making computing devices of different operating systems to talk to each other has always been a problem and if transfer large files from iPhone to Mac is typically not an issue, the situation is different for Android devices. The technology companies understandably want you to stick to their OS so you buy the entire range of only their products. However with Commander One things like Android file transfer, Android data transfer, Android file share is not a problem at all.

Another great thing about Commander One is that it can mount your online storage services on Mac. This means you can access their contents as if they were disks on your machine. Take popular OneDrive as an example – you can mount on your Mac any number of the accounts you created there and work with their contents as if they were directly on your Mac’s hard drive. Same with WebDAV, Dropbox, GoogleDrive and Amazon S3. With the latter you can choose to link a specific bucket, not all of them. It is possible to move files across your storage accounts, e.g. from Dropbox to Google Drive or OneDrive and the other around.

Commander One cloud connections

The contents of your online file storage does not get copied to your Mac’s hard drive unless you choose to open files, so you have all the precious disk space for other large files of yours.

Thus all you need to do to have a single point of access to all your data is to download and install Commander One.

This file manager has a lot to offer:

  • Dual-pane classic interface – drag-and-drop files and folders across the panes;
  • Compress and archive data in various formats;
  • Preview files including those of hex and binary formats;
  • Discover and connect to other network computers and devices;
  • Gain control over your Mac with root access privileges;
  • Make most of advanced Search features;
  • Navigate to recent and frequently visited locations with History & Favorites;
  • View and manage processes running on your computer;
  • Set up hotkeys and customize the looks of Commander One.

Hesitating still? Give it a try – Commander One might be the right solution for file upload, file transfer, Android transfer and share online needs.

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Commander One
Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 13.1Mb free space
Version 1.7.4(2445) (21st Sep, 2017) Release notes
Category: System Utilities