How to Download Whole YouTube Playlists on Mac

There are plenty of possible reasons to download YouTube playlists on Mac. Because you want to rewatch Christmas videos over and over without blowing through your data plan. Or because watching playlists your loved one neatly organized for you makes you happy and you are not going to have Internet connection for some time. So here arises the question of how to download YouTube playlist on Mac.

Here we gathered all handy information for you on YouTube playlist downloader for Mac. You can try each method and decide which one works best for you. All of them are working good, but as with everything there are pros and cons.

Skip ahead for how to download YouTube playlist on Mac with:

  • Airy - a smart app for Mac
  • Elmedia Player
  • 4K Video Downloader on Mac
  • Online service
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Method 1: Airy

Airy is a lifesaver when you need YouTube playlist downloader Mac app. Not only is it simple as ABC, but also super effective and enjoyable.

Step 1 Download Airy from this page and install it on your computer. Launch Airy.


Step 2 Copy a link to the video or playlist you’d like to download and paste it in the entry field in Airy. Adding a playlist might take a little longer, since Airy needs to extract all download links.


Note: To download videos marked as ‘age restricted’ you need to login to YouTube first. To do it via Airy, in the main menu select Airy → Log into YouTube option.

Step 3 Choose the format to save files to.

See what format works for you best - if you are planning to playback a video on a mobile device, a low resolution will do. For a larger screen choose a higher resolution, to appreciate an HD video you need a decent desktop.


Note: For playlists download choose the best quality possible for each playlist item.

Step 4 Click Download.


Step 5 Videos are saved to Downloads folder of your Mac. You can browse to Downloads by clicking the magnifying glass icon in Airy once it finished downloading. There is an option to set any folder as the destination for all downloads as well as for specific files.


A helpful tip: Sometimes you don't actually need the video, but would love to save its soundtrack. In this case just add the URL to the video in Airy and select MP3 from formats list, click ‘Download’. This will extract an audio track from the video, get you the album art and song titles. Other audio formats are supported too, check them out.

Method 2. Elmedia Player

Here is a quick guide to downloading YouTube playlists with Elmedia Player PRO:

Just follow these comprehensive steps:

Step 1 First, of course, you need to get the app on your Mac - download and install it. Launch the app and upgrade to PRO version, for that you need to buy a license - once you make a purchase, enter the activation code received and you are good to go.

Elmedia Player

Step 2 In the main menu choose Window → Browser, this will switch you to browser mode.

Step 3 Navigate to YouTube web-site.:

YouTube video downloader Mac

Step 4 In ‘Library’ section to the left choose a playlist to download. Parsing it might require a bit of time.

Step 5 Choose the download format and click Download all.

Elmedia Player

The default destination for saving playlists is Downloads folder. You can change it in Preferences in General tab.

How to locate a playlist on YouTube

  1. Log into YouTube via web-browser.
  2. The ‘Library’ section to the left displays playlists you have created (This screenshot shows you Charlie Puth and Award Shows playlists.)
  3. Airy
  4. Click to choose a playlist (Here we will select Charlie Puth playlist), all playlist items will be displayed to the right in the chronological order, i.e. the order in which you added them.
  5. Next to the first video on top you will see the name of your playlists and other details, just beneath them there is ‘Play All’ button. Click it to start playing back all videos.
  6. Airy
  7. You can change the order in which the videos are played back, e.g. to skip a video, hit ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the video, return to the previous one by clicking ‘Previous’ button.

All playlist items are displayed to the right of the video being currently played back, choose the one you need by clicking it.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 20.09MB size
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