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What is YouTube Music?

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Jun 24, 2021

The YouTube Music service was announced in 2018, making it a newcomer on the music streaming market. Google provides YouTube Music, and it focuses exclusively on everything related to music. Official songs, entire albums, personalized playlists, various remixes, and live performances can all be found in the YouTube music library.

The YouTube Music service comes at no additional cost if you are willing to listen to adverts between songs. If you want to have an ad-free experience, you can opt for the YouTube Music Premium service. The paid subscription also allows for background listening on mobile devices, meaning that you can close the app, and the music will keep playing. Another neat feature is the option to download songs and play them when you don’t have an internet connection available.

If you do not want to pay for the YouTube Music subscription but still want to download YouTube music, you can read all about it in our exhaustive tutorial.

YouTube Music - How Does it Work?

Just like any other music streaming platform, YouTube emphasizes providing listeners with the best possible music match via their discovery feature. YouTube Music claims that they will make music “easier to explore”. Their claims are backup by an impressive collection of music that includes official songs, famous remixes, the best live performances, international covers, and of course amazing YouTube music videos.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music free works both as an in-app service as well as in all web browsers. The home screen is ever-changing to provide you with better music recommendations. YouTube will suggest music based on your listening habits and it also keeps in mind your location. Their recommendations are usually spot on and will help you encounter quality music that you might enjoy.

YouTube Music App

The homepage has three different tabs - Home, Explore, and Library. Home is the tab that will allow you to find new releases and is neatly divided by music genre.

YouTube Music will allow you to select if you can see the music video or simply listen to the song. You can also switch between music video and music tracks even after you pressed Play.

The Like and Dislike features are even more instrumental to a great listening experience than in traditional YouTube. This is because Google’s algorithm will use the information to fine-tune the future music recommendations you’ll receive. You can undo this by removing the Dislike or changing it to a Like if your music taste changes over the years.

Is Google Play Music Still Around?

Unfortunately, Google Play shut down in September 2020, the old service has been retired and they are actively suggesting existing users switch over to YouTube Music. This is a clear indication that Google has chosen to cease its music purchasing model and prioritize streaming instead. Given that people have purchased music through the Play service Google had to offer a method that would secure the previous purchases. All purchases made in Google Play have been imported directly into YouTube Music.

Google Play Music service has been shut down and will no longer exist. Existing users can use YouTube Music as an alternative. Is YouTube Music better than Google Play? Let’s just say that YouTube Music offers everything that Google Play used to offer and much more and the YouTube music review has been mostly positive.

Is YouTube Music better than Google Play

YouTube Music Cost and Plans

Is there a free version of YouTube music? Yes, just like other famous music streaming services YouTube Music can be used for free if you don’t mind constant ads. The free version of YouTube Music for mobile devices won’t allow you to keep playing music when the app is in the background. Both the above restrictions can be easily removed if you subscribe to YouTube Music. Doing so will provide an uninterrupted music listening experience and the possibility to listen to your favorite tracks when offline.

There are three different subscription plans that you can select depending on your status and needs. If you are wondering how much is YouTube Music subscriptions costs are as follows:

  • For Students - $4.99 monthly
  • Standard version: $9.99 monthly
  • Family Pack: $14.99 monthly

New users have access to some very generous trial options. You can receive free trial months depending on their ongoing promotions. There’s also the option to test the service for two weeks without any risks involved and without having to make a purchase and you won’t have to worry about finding out how to cancel YouTube music. The more you use the service without a subscription the more trial offers you will be receiving.

Is the YouTube Music App Easy to Use?

The new Music YouTube app is highly intuitive, with a simple layout, and any new user will have no issues finding their favorite music. The home screen will offer tailored suggestions that are similar to your existing personal artist choices. The algorithm starts working from your first visit onwards and you will find similar artists, entire playlists, and videos instantly.

What is so special about YouTube Music? It has a considerable advantage over any other streaming service. Given that YouTube has a humongous video and music selection, you will find music and live performances that you couldn’t find anywhere else. And most of the time you will also be able to see the music videos.

YouTube Music is highly customizable and you can tweak the video and sound quality. You can choose from low, normal, and high on both mobile devices and for Wi-Fi streaming. There’s also an option to use lower-quality video settings when you are using your mobile device. HD videos can be disabled when you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi network, and they will re-enable once connected to Wi-Fi.

For the Family Pack, there’s an option to restricted music and videos that have been flagged as explicit. When your kids aren’t using YouTube Music you can always toggle off the feature. This option relies on both your previously flagged content as well as the content flagged as inappropriate by the YouTube community.

We are constantly asked how to download music from YouTube to computer? The YouTube Music Premium packs will allow you to download music to be able to listen to it while offline. Individual tracks, full playlists, or entire albums can be downloaded on your device. This feature comes in handy when you are traveling and don’t have a stable internet connection. Another useful option is to disallow streaming unless you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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