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YouTube Background Music

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Jun 24, 2021

Choosing background music for your YouTube videos isn't easy. Other than timing and music choice, you also have to be mindful of copyright. Violating the rules of YouTube can lead to video deletion or even a channel-wide copyright strike. This is why you can't just download YouTube music and use it. We have several suggestions on how to find music that can be downloaded and used freely in the background of your YouTube videos.

Royalty-Free Background Music YouTube

YouTube’s copyright system is fairly complicated and this article is meant to make it easier to understand. We are going to go over YouTube’s Terms of Service restrictions and provide you with all the needed tools to find free background music for YouTube videos.

background music for youtube videos

#1 What happens when you use copyrighted music?

YouTube has a database that contains all copyrighted music out there called Content ID. There’s also an algorithm that will compare the music in your uploaded video against their copyright database. If the algorithm detects duplicates it will notify the copyright owner. Afterward, the copyright owner gets to decide what action they want to take against you.

To simplify the abovementioned process, the moment you upload a video that contains copyrighted material you agree to give up rights to your video.

All major video upload platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, or Instagram uphold very strict policies that are meant to aid them in abiding by copyright laws. Most YouTube content creators believe that YouTube does not allow copyrighted music. However, that is not the case for all instances. There are methods of using copyrighted music that won’t end up with your YouTube channel getting banned or YouTube removing the content. If you want to avoid account deletion you will have to make compromises.

YouTube can take the following actions against you if you are found to be using copyrighted music:

  • They can mute the video
  • They can make your video unavailable
  • They can demonetize your video resulting in zero possible revenue

If you want to grow your channel sustainably and earn real money from the content you produce you need to avoid copyrighted content at all costs.

Measures YouTube Takes Against Copyright Infringement

If your background music for YouTube is copyrighted then YouTube will notify the copyright owner. The copyright owner lets YouTube know what they want to be done against you. Their options include but are not limited to:

  • They can monetize your content. If this option is enabled the copyright owner will have the option to run ads on your content and keep all the financial gain. You won’t be able to monetize the content yourself.
  • They can mute the portions of the video where their copyrighted content was used. The video will still be hosted by YouTube but viewers cannot hear the audio.
  • They will have access to your video statistics. They can see how many times the video has been viewed and other relevant data. You won’t have access to these YouTube metrics.
  • They can also remove your video. If this option is chosen then nobody will be able to view your video. YouTube could also take other actions against you like temporarily muting your account or even deletion.

It’s clearly visible that if you use copyrighted music you are forfeiting all means of monetization and you lose access to YouTube statistics. This is the reason why all successful content creators aren’t using copyrighted background music for YouTube.

Non-Copyrighted Background Music for YouTube

Copyrighted YouTube music background play can be successfully replaced by one of the following types of content that won’t demonetize your videos:

  • Royalty free music
  • Creative Commons
  • Songs available in the public domain
  • Music from YouTube creator

If you want to hold the rights to your content and enhance your content at the same time we suggest you take a look at our non-copyrighted music collection. In our YouTube music library you can browse by artist,mood, or genre making it easy to pick the right track that can enhance your content.

What Is Royalty Free Background Music YouTube?

Royalty free content refers to songs that can be used without having to pay royalties when you use them as background music for YouTube videos free. You pay for them once and the rights will last a lifetime.

Don’t be confused by the word “free”, royalty free songs still have a price tag linked to them. If you want to legally utilize royalty free tracks, you have to purchase them. If you are on the market for YouTube background music, intro or outro music, it’s in your best interest to start a subscription with a royalty free music platform. That would be the most financially wise decision if you need a wide array of royalty free tracks for your online content.

Where Can I Find Good Background Music for YouTube videos?

Finding the best platforms that provide royalty free music isn’t an easy task so we searched the internet far and wide so that your content can sound as professional as possible in the future.

1. Epidemic Sound

find background music for YouTube videos

Licensing: Royalty Free

Where can I find background music for YouTube videos? We stumble upon this question frequently and as far as we are concerned the answer is Epidemic Sound. The best feature they have is their intuitive search function that will allow you to easily find the best suited YouTube background music free of royalties. Music licensing is a tricky task but Epidemic does all the work for you by bundling the legal rights so that all you will need is their one license. The license can be used across all of their platforms so you’ll save yourself the headache.

Pricing: Subscription at $12 per month / Individual song licensing at $0.99

2. AudioJungle

best youtube background music

Licensing: Royalty Free

If you are a YouTube content creator you probably have your own website. And if you have your own website the odds that you used ThemeForest are huge. AudioJungle and ThemeForest are both operating under the Envato Market. The same way users can sell their website designs they can also sell their tracks on AudioJungle. The global community is humongous with more than half a million tracks readily available. You can find anything from j-pop to death metal. Industrial sounds or domestic sounds are also available on the platform if you want to spice up your YouTube content.

Pricing: As low as $1 per track

3. AudioBlocks

Download YouTube video background music

Licensing: Royalty Free

When we are looking for YouTube video background music our first instinct is to head over to AudioBlocks. If you start a subscription with AudioBlocks you will be presented with over a hundred thousand tracks to choose from. They also have sound effects, various loops, and even photos included in the subscription price. Their search function comes with an option to select the length of the track with the use of a slide bar. This is an invaluable tool when you are searching for a specific track length to match your existing YouTube content.

Pricing: 9$ Monthly Subscription / $65 Unlimited All Access per month / $99 per year with Unlimited downloads

4. Bensound

YouTube background music platform

Licensing: Royalty-Free

Bensound is an artist based website that is the creating on Benjamin Tissot. There’s hundreds of amazing tracks that you can choose from cinematic to jazz and rock. You’ve probably already heard some of Ben’s tracks as they have gained widespread adoption in corporate videos and documentaries. His creations are best suited for business-style videos and navigating the website to find the perfect tracks is a breeze.

Pricing: Standard Yearly Subscription $139 / Extended Yearly Subscription $390

5. Jamendo

youtube video background music service

Licensing: Royalty-Free

Jamendo is another popular YouTube background music platform that is dedicated to empowering their artist base. They already have more than 600,000 royalty-free songs available from over 40,000 independent artists. They have an innovative search function that will recommend a track based on what you describe that you would like to use it for. What music do YouTubers use in the background? They will suggest a list of songs that will match that type of query. Need a track for your Facebook video? They have that as well.

Pricing: $49 Standard licensing

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 23.29MB size
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