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Twitter saw the light of day back in 2006 and up to date it enjoys over 320 million active visitors every month and there are more than 500 million tweets sent every day.

Besides being able to send text tweets, Twitter also allows users to also share links, images and videos. In a tweet, you can add any type of video from various sources such as Flickr, YouTube or Vine. The aim is to keep everything as short as possible since that’s the characteristic of this social media platform.

Using a video on Twitter gives you the ability to share more than words can deliver and those moments can be representative for your friends and family. That’s exactly the reason why you may want to hold on to these videos and save Twitter video on Mac to be able to watch everything offline as well. So, if you have ever wondered how to download videos from Twitter on Mac, this article will answer all your questions.

Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 24.19MB free space. Version 1.3.241. (9th Apr, 2019). 4.5 Rank based on 9+ users, Reviews(8)
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Our first suggestion for a reliable Twitter video downloader Mac is VideoDuke. Using this software you will able able to download videos, bookmark the important websites and extract JPG from video. It gets the first position on the list due to the fact that it does not only offer fast video download from Twitter, you can use it on over 100 websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Vimeo.

Twitter video downloader mac

If you want to download Twitter video to MP4 Mac is a very facile and straightforward task when using VideoDuke. You just install the software on your Mac, then login to your Twitter account on the same device and paste the link for the video you wish to download.

You should be aware that, due to the fact Twitter uploads some of its videos in segments, VideDuke might not be able to download any video files posted on Twitter. We can guarantee that all videos that are uploaded on Twitter in video formats can be downloaded using VideoDuke and you also have 2 free downloads so that you can test VideoDuke and make sure it meets your requirements.

Another great solution for those that were curious on how to download Twitter videos on Mac comes from the Elmedia Player PRO. A versatile video downloader, you can use the Elmedia Player PRO on many different video content websites. Also, thanks to its awesome features like the built-in browser that makes it easier to surf the websites and identify exactly those videos that you wish to download, you spend less time downloading your favorite videos. It also doubles as a video player through the Open URL feature that allows you to watch any YouTube video without being disturbed by ads. Once you save Twitter video on Mac using Elmedia Player you will be able to play that video on any resolution or format thanks to the player’s free version.

Mac and Windows users are able to use the Gihosoft TubeGet and download Twitter video to MP4 Mac. It does not only work with Twitter, video downloads from YouTube and Facebook are also offered by this complex software. You can even convert entire playlists from YouTube to MP3 tracks and it has a neat media backup feature in case you lose your device or it sustains serious damage. Besides be ing a reliable Twitter video downloader Mac, the Gihosoft TubeGet also gives you the possibility to restore media from previous backups.

Users that are still wondering how to save a video from Twitter on Mac have a long list of solutions available. After displaying three of the most popular software to download videos from any website, we are continuing the list with Video Grabber. With just a few clicks you will be able to save Twitter videos and, of course, choose the prefered format out of a very generous list. Using Video Grabber you can take your pick from formats like MP4, 3GP, FLV, WEBM, WMV and many more. When it comes to resolutions, the choices are just as diverse. You can download videos in Full HD resolution or at lower quality if you are worried about storage space. Another awesome feature offered by Video Grabber is the screen record function that makes it easy for you to save what’s on your screen if you are preparing a tutorial or anything similar.

If you ultimate goal is to download perfect quality videos from Twitter and thousands of other websites, then you should take a good look at what iTube HD Video Downloader has to offer. Not only that you can save any Twitter video offline, it also has a private feature so that you download in complete privacy. Just like the Video Grabber, it also has a screen record feature and it will go as far as downloading media from DropBox, Google Drive, Onedrive and many more. It can also double as a MP3 downloader of all your favorite tracks from YouTube at the highest possible quality.

6. Online video downloaders to download Twitter videos

If you’re not thrilled by the idea of installing a Twitter video downloader Mac, you also have the option of using online services that do not require download or registration. Just like the downloaded software, these websites provide exceptional conversion and downloading capabilities. Keep reading to discover the three best free online Twitter downloaders out there.

If you want to save Twitter video on Mac but do not want to lose time downloading and installing any software, you can get the job done by using the Twitter Video downloader website. Not only that it will save videos from Twitter, it is also capable of downloading integrated GIFs from tweets. All you need to save videos and GIFS from Twitter is the URL of the specific tweet you want to get. Just paste the link on the website and the website will decode the URL and give you the URL for the embedded video. Then you can get the Twitter video straight from the CDN and save it to your computer.

Another online service that provides top-quality Twitter video download comes from It will generate a direct link to any video on Twitter and from there it enables you to save the videos on your computer to watch online or share with your friends. Powered by a very fast and reliable servers, guarantees the best download speeds online and a reliable service with no downtime.

If you want to download Twitter videos with no restrictions and simply by accessing a website, is the place to go. You can get any type of video of Twitter, no matter if it’s posted by you or other users and all you need to do is get the URL of the tweet with that certain video. Paste the URL on the website and you will be able to download Full HD videos on your computer or mobile device. Being a versatile Twitter video downloader Mac, gives you the option to also use it from iOS devices.

Reasons why you should be using Twitter?

Despite its many benefits, Twitter does not enjoy the same popularity of Facebook or Instagram and that’s not exactly fair because it has a multitude of benefits and even advantages over other social media platforms. First of all, you combine social networking with online news through short text messages or media, called tweets. Many users like to think of Twitter as a microblog where various people share their thoughts through these character-limited messages hoping they are relevant to other readers. If you need more proof that joining Twitter is a great idea, we listed a few of the reasons for you.

Breaking News

More than just a social media platform, Twitter is considered to also be a reliable source for breaking news. Due to the simplicity of the platform and the character limit on the tweets, people tend to condense the message so that only the really valuable information gets out. This makes it an excellent channel for news delivery and thanks to the high number of users and the speed of retweets, you can make sure the news reaches everyone even faster than traditional tabloids or new outlets.

Many Sources of Inspiration

Due to its speed, character limit and the fact that it is very personal, Twitter has enjoyed a lot of popularity. Even more than that, Twitter is used by various public persons to interact with their fans and get valuable feedback regarding their initiatives. Big stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry and, of course, Donald Trump are active Twitter users. Through everyday communication on the social network platform they keep a connection with their fans and followers which is very important in terms of communication and, of course, advertising.

Customer Service

Thanks to its speed, Twitter is one of the best ways to get in touch with a certain company if you want to solve an issue or just ask a question. In times when conventional customer support channels may fail to deliver a fast response, Twitter is a great shortcut if you want to get a fast answer to your inquiry.

Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 24.19MB free space
Version 1.3.241 (9th Apr, 2019) Release notes
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