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TV shows are equal rivals to the movies these days. Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory and the Walking Dead are the most watched ones. And even though all shows are accessible online now, there are moments when you need to download TV series on Mac and watch them even without Internet connection. The best part is it is very easy to do with the right app.

Those of you, who want to watch favorite online shows being offline - take a look at VideoDuke, an app that allows downloading any online videos on your Mac within several clicks.

1. VideoDuke: the best app for downloading
TV shows

It’s time to answer all those that ask themselves how to download TV shows on Mac. VideoDuke is the solution to all your problems when it comes to downloading TV shows on a Mac. We like to back up our affirmations with facts so here is why:

  1. It allows video downloads from over 100 top video streaming websites including the most popular ones such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Flickr.
  2. It delivers the possibility of downloading videos from social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  3. It comes with two download modes - simple and advanced. Simple gives you fast and seamless download functions while Advanced offers you the option to also download other resources from the website you are visiting.
  4. You can use VideoDuke to extract MP3 files from YouTube videos and also download the entire videos with their subtitles.
  5. VideoDuke offers the option of bookmarking your favorite websites so that you can easily get back and download the content you liked.
  6. You can integrate VideoDuke with any browser and that will add a download button on the most popular websites listed above.

2. How to download TV shows from
Youtube on Mac?

You are watching a great TV show on YouTube and you wish you like to save it on your Mac for offline viewing? Download TV shows on Mac using VideoDuke and you will never need another software. Here is how to use VideoDuke to download all your favorite episodes on Mac:

  1. Download the VideoDuke installation pack and install it on your Mac.
  2. Open the app and click on YouTube on the main screen.
  3. Look for the TV show you wish to download without leaving the VideoDuke interface.
  4. After you located the TV show for download, VideoDuke will start preparing it for download. Clicking on the ‘Video’ tab will open the list of available videos, choose the format and start downloading.

Conversores YouTube a MP4

The steps described until now will guide you through downloading TV shows from YouTube directly through VideoDuke’s interface. However, if you already have the URL for the TV show you want to download, you can simply paste it in the search bar and hit Enter. The download will be prepared automatically by the app and all you have to do is choose the resolution before downloading.

In both situations, your TV show will be downloaded into the default folder for VideoDuke downloads ( Downloads -> VideoDuke). If you wish to change that, you can do so by accessing the VideoDuke preference and then Save downloaded files to.

If the video you are downloading includes subtitles or captions, VideoDuke will also grab the subtitles along with the video. VideoDuke goes as far as allowing you to download entire playlists and YouTube channels. All you have to do is select the desired quality and then start downloading.

3. Downloading TV shows from
Dailymotion on Mac

Dailymotion is a very popular media streaming service and there are a lot of users wondering how to download TV series on Mac from Dailymotion. In case you haven’t already guessed it, the answer comes from VideoDuke once again. Here’s how you can download your favorite shows:

  1. Download the software and install it on your Mac OS X.
  2. Launch VideoDuke and on the main screen select Dailymotion.
  3. Start looking for the TV show you wish to download. You will see that VideoDuke transorms into a browser so that you can search directly in its interface.
  4. After you picked the TV show you want to download, the software will start the preparation for download. Click on the ‘Video’ tab to see the downloads that are possible and make sure to first choose the resolution before finally pressing download.

These steps cover the situation in which you do not have the video URL and you need to look for it. However, if you already have the link for the TV show you wish to download, you can directly paste it in VideoDuke and your download will be prepared immediately.

In both cases, the TV shows you download will be automatically saved in the default folder ( Downloads -> VideoDuke). If you wish to download to a different location, you can change the destination of the video by accessing the preferences -> Save downloaded files to

4. An easy way to get Vimeo TV shows on Mac

Besides YouTube and Dailymotion, VideoDuke can be used to get TV shows from Vimeo as well. Here are the familiar steps you should follow to download TV series on Mac from Vimeo using VideoDuke:

  1. Download and install the VideoDuke software on your personal Mac.
  2. Open the application and select ‘Vimeo’ from the first screen you see.
  3. While in the app, you will be able to navigate through Vimeo to locate the video you wish to download.
  4. After you find it, VideoDuke will start preparing the download and if you go to the ‘Video’ tab you will see the download button. Do not press ‘ Download ‘ before you choose the desired format and resolution.

These steps apply for the situation in which you need to get the video you wish to download. In case you thought ahead and already got the URL, you can directly paste it in VideoDulke to start the download. You will still need to choose the resolution first, however, you save a lot of time.

In both situations, the selected video will be saved in the default Downloads folder of VideoDuke, namely Downloads ->VideoDuke. For changing the folder and downloading the videos to a different one, access the preferences menu and click on Save downloaded files to.

5. How to download TV shows from
any other site?

Just in case your favourite TV show is not found on any of the websites presented above, there is no reason to be worried. You can still use VideoDuke to get everything on your Mac:

  1. The first step is to install VideoDuke on your Mac after downloading it.
  2. Open the desired website in your browser and copy the URL.
  3. Insert the URL into the search field of VideoDuke and your show will be prepared for download.
  4. Choose the format and prefered resolution and click download to start the process.
  5. Your TV show will be saved in the following location: Downloads ->VideoDuke. If you want to save it somewhere else, you can modify the address in the preferences menu by clicking on Save downloaded files to.

6. Top 5 websites to watch TV shows


One of the best-rated online video streaming platforms on the Internet, 123movies offers a huge collection of movies and TV shows for users all around the world to enjoy. There’s literally something for everyone on 123movies and even if you’re not sure what you are looking for, there are plenty of suggestions carefully categorized so that you get the best of the genre you are interested in. Speaking of genres, 123movies offers you everything from film noir to the latest blockbusters, comedies, thrillers, sci-fi and even anime. Navigating the website is seamless and the connection speed is also very good as you won’t have to worry about buffering or stuff like that.


When it comes to online videos, there’s nothing to compare with the mind-blowing database offered by YouTube. There are millions of content creators posting new videos every day and you can also find movies and TV shows there. In terms of diversity, there’s nothing like YouTube and that’s a good reason why they are the biggest video hosting platform out there. Sure, compared to 123movies, there’s the aspect of in-video ads that can be disturbing at times, however, there are various browser extensions to take care of that if needed. Despite YouTube constant updating their policy and rules, they still are an awesome destination for everyone looking for diverse, high-quality videos.


Dailymotion was designed as a platform to aggregate news videos and other events all across the globe. And while it includes partners such as VICE, Bloomberg or BBC News, the platform evolved to an all-round video hosting website where users can find a wide range of content. You can use Dailymotion without registering an account, however, doing so is also possible and it gives you some advantages. The amount of ads displayed is kept to a minimum since they have other means of funding the project as well. Also, if you’re a sports video fan, Dailymotion is known for hosting important highlights of various football competitions around the world.


If you're mainly focused on finding the best website to watch TV shows, Yidio should definitely be on your list. This website combines the power of all the popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HBO or Hulu and puts them together under one account. In other words, if you’re watching multiple TV shows at different networks, you won’t have to constantly switch from Netflix to Stars or from Amazon to Hulu. Through Yidio you get all those in one place for a much smoother viewing experience. If you’re all about efficiency and doing things the easy way, you’ll love Yidio from the first moment you land on their homepage.


Just like 123movies, SolarMovie is an exceptional source for all kinds of movies, TV shows, documentaries and other media. The website is simple, elegant and efficient, allowing you to easily navigate it and find the titles you’re interested in. Their library is constantly updated so you can count on SolarMovie to always host the newest titles without neglecting the all-time classics as well. You won’t need an account to watch movies on SolarMovie and you don’t need to worry about ads too much as they won’t ever bother you.

On My Block - Netflix

On My block is created by Lauren Iungerich, known for Awkward, and the screenwriting is ensured by Jeremy Haft and Eddie Gonzalez - the same guys that worked on All Eyez on Me. If these three names sound familiar, you already know what to expect from this teen-powered series that is filled with lots of laughs and shenanigans. Interestingly enough, the series also manages to explore the crime thriller and social satire genres, often rapidly switching from one to another. It’s definitely worth checking out and you will definitely appreciate the various dimensions explored by this show.

Netflix movie On My Block

Chernobyl - HBO

An outstanding take on the horror real life story of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. Director Johan Rencks and writer Craig Mazin did an amazing job depicting the 1986 disaster as a long-deferred political autopsy and exposing the fearful, incompetent and delusional ways of handling things in the Soviet era. The series does not focus so much on what lead to the explosion but rather on how the situation was dramatically worsened by how the communists handled the situation. Perfectly combining black comedy, horror and political satire genres, Chernobyl is absolutely amazing and it sparked a lot of controversy so that means it’s achieving its goal.

watch Chernobyl HBO

Catastrophe - Amazon

Already reaching its fourth season, which is also the infal one, Catastrophe is riddled with romantic comedy perfectly created by Sharon Hogan and Rob Delaney. The story follows the main protagonists and their circle coming to terms with compromise, age and life in general. Highly appreciated for its realness, Catastrophe will take you on a four-season journey that will leave you crave for more.

Catastrophe best Amazon film

Better Things - FX

The story of Better Things is about a divorced mother of three and actress in the various challenges she faces. With an excellent storytelling style, with expanding and in-focus individual moments,and an awesome team of writers, Better Things will put a spell on you even if you’re not a single mom. Oh, and did we mention that Louis C.K. is one of the writers for the show? That’s right, another reason why you should check Better Things out right away!

watch Better Things on Mac

Barry - HBO

If the first season of Barry was more of a drama-comedy about the hitman that was trying to change his life and go for an acting career, in the second one things take an unexpected turn. Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s still a show about a hitman considering his acting career options, however, it goes to extreme lengths in addressing the matter of whether it is possible for anyone to lead what we call an honest life. Of course, the dark humour and sheer madness of some scenes - like the one with the Chechen gangster that is a lot more concerned about the quality of table he wants to sort cocaine on rather than the quality of the actual cocaine he plans on selling - complete the picture of a very captivating show from HBO.

watch TV show Barry HBO
You’re now all geared up with the best app to download TV shows as well as the most popular streaming websites where you can find the most recent series. Even more than that, we’ve provided some of the best TV shows airing right now. So, pop a bag of corn and get comfy while watching your favorite series.
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