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Try the best movies downloader for macOS

How to download movies: the complete tutorial in 2021

If you want to know how to download movies to watch offline, this is the article you’ve been looking for! We’ve got you covered in this guide to the best ways to download movies on your devices.

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Having an easy way to download movies to Mac is basically a necessity nowadays. Nothing is more frustrating than streaming a movie and having it freeze constantly because of Internet issues or a torrenting problem. Fortunately, there are various ways to download movies on Mac and other devices, from dedicated media downloader app to online services.

Download movies to Mac using VideoDuke

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Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 26.83MB of free space. Version 1.16.296. (16 Mar, 2021). 4.5 Reviews(89)
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For those who want an easy-to-use movie downloader for MacBook Pro look no further than VideoDuke. This handy app has a user-friendly interface and is designed to make video download for Mac simple, so you can save your movies with a few clicks.

You can download movies to Mac for free launching VideoDuke in the demo mode.

Best of all, with VideoDuke you can save movies in any resolution (144p to 8k) and format (3GP, MP4, M4V) for optimal playback on any device.

VideoDuke has an intuitive design that makes it easy for anyone to use. To save you favorite movies with the app, you pretty much just have to install it on your Mac, find the movie you want to download, copy, paste, and that’s it! These are the step-by-step instructions for how to download movies on a Mac using VideoDuke:

Install the VideoDuke app on your computer
Once it’s installed, find the movie you want to download from your preferred website like YouTube, 123Movies, Dailymotion, etc.
Open the movie, hit play and copy the URL or link to the movie
Then navigate to VideoDuke and paste the URL in the input box in the interface
Choose the resolution and format you want for your movie download
VideoDuke then preps the movie for downloading and saves it to the ‘Videos’ tab
Under the videos tab, select download, and VideoDuke will save the full movie to your downloads tab or whatever destination folder you select in settings.
Open the movie with your favorite media player and enjoy!

Using VideoDuke makes saving movies offline quick and painless. It works in the background, so you can keep using your Mac while your movies download, and you can even browse for movies from within the app.

VideoDuke is currently one of the best apps out there for saving movies to Mac. It’s easy to use, secure, and fast — what more could you ask for? However, if that’s not enough and you want to compare other options, we’ve put together a guide to the best movie downloaders for Mac.

Download free movies for Mac online

If you are want to know how to download movies for free on Mac, there are websites that offer on-demand content that anyone can access and save. Below we will go through some of the websites that host free movies to watch and download as you wish without paying a dime!

The Internet Archive

One of the oldest and most well-know free movies download websites around is The Internet Archive. You can download movies for Mac for free legally from this website to your Mac in a range of formats depending on what type of video formats your media player is compatible with. While you have a limited selection on The Internet Archive, it is a great standby to save and watch movies offline.

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Another option to download movies online is with MoviesFoundOnline, a downloader that collects movies that are free to download from around the Internet and organizes them by genre in one site. You can browse by category to find the movie that suits your mood and then download it to your Mac to watch whenever you want.

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Pluto TV

Pluto TV may not be a well-known website yet, but it divides movies available to download in many channels to navigate to the type of content you want to watch. They have a deal with MGM and Warner Bros, so if you want to download movies for free online this is a good website to check out since they have a lot of films from those production companies.

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Last but not least, Retrovision is another movie downloader website that lets you search their movies using filters to find exactly the genre you prefer. Retrovision movies are not always available in high resolution, but what they lack in quality, they make up for in usability! The site is one of the most user-friendly in the list when it comes to narrowing down your choices to suit your tastes!

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Free movies download for Mac using torrents

If you’re familiar with uTorrent movies download sites, that’s another option for watching movies on mac offline. While you may not want to uTorrent download movies since they shelved their app version and now only browser-based torrent client option, there are now better alternatives that have been developed to fill the void.

Download movies on Mac with uTorrent.

Folx is a torrent client made for Macs and is one of the best options out there to replace uTorrent. It is especially great for downloading movies to Mac. With Folx, you can download any torrent file no matter what video format it is in. To use Folx, you simply install the app on your Mac, use the search bar to find the movie torrent files you want to download, select the torrent file you want, hit download, and that’s it!

Download movies on Mac with Folx.

You’ll have the movie downloaded in seconds to watch on your Mac as you please. Folx offers a free version and the PRO version, which offers great features like a built-in torrent browser in the app.

How to download movies from on-demand services

If you pay for an on-demand streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube Premium, or Hulu, you may want to know how to download movies to Mac from these platforms. Each streaming service is unique and the options for downloading depends—some are mobile-only while others only let you watch within the app. Here’s an overview of each!


Netflix has somewhere over 195 million users worldwide, and yet, there is no app yet for Mac computers. The Netflix app for iOS, Android, and Windows allows users to download movies and shows to watch offline. While not every title is available for download, Netflix will tell you which ones are. However, Mac users who want to how to download Netflix movies have a few hacks to work around this obstacle.

Here are several ways to download Netflix movies on Mac:

The first hack if you want to know how to download movies on Netflix is by installing Windows OS on Mac. Once you install Windows software on Mac, you can access the Microsoft Store and download the Netflix app. Then you can download movies!

If you have an iPhone, you can download the Netflix app for iOS, and then download movies to your phone. Then you just need to use AirPlay to watch the movie saved to your phone on your Mac.

Another workaround is to install a screen capture software and record the movie to save it offline. Warning—this method would be considered piracy and it requires you to have the entire movie play undisturbed to record it, which is time-consuming.

It was a brief tutorial on how to download movies from Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video

In addition to getting free and fast shipping, Amazon Prime subscribers have access to original content as well as movies and shows that are exclusive to the platform. And if you are wondering can you download Amazon Prime movies, the answer is yes!

The download feature is only available on mobile, but as with Netflix, you can use AirPlay to watch on Mac. To know how to download Amazon Prime movies you can use the filter “Free to Me” to find downloadable movies.

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Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a newcomer to the streaming scene, but it is trying to pack a punch with a solid line up of movies and shows exclusive to its platform. As with the other on-demand streaming services, you can download Disney Plus movies with their mobile app on iPhone or Android devices. If you have an iPhone, you can then use AirPlay to watch movie on Mac.

It was a brief tutorial on how to download movies from Disney Plus.

YouTube Premium

If you got tired of ads on YouTube, you probably found the upgrade to YouTube Premium to be totally worthwhile. As a bonus, the upgrade allows users to download YouTube movies to watch offline! You can find a ton of movies to save, but the caveat, as always, is that you can only save to mobile. You can download movies to your iPhone and use AirPlay to watch movies Mac.

It was a brief tutorial on how to download movies from YouTube Premium.


Hulu is another one of the major players in streaming platforms with popular shows and movies, including original content exclusive to the brand. As with the other subscription-based streaming services mentioned, Hulu does offer downloads but only for its mobile app. If you want to watch movies Mac from Hulu, you need to save them to your iPhone and connect to AirPlay to watch on your computer.

It was a brief tutorial on how to download movies from Hulu.

How to download movies on Windows using iTunes for PC

You can also download movies on Windows using iTunes for PC to watch when you want. To learn how to download movies on laptop or computer that runs on Windows, you need to install iTunes first.

In the iTunes app open Movies tab and click on Store to browse movies that you can purchase and download. You can check the prices for movies and then hit Buy to save it to your iTunes library. Once you buy the movie, it will be in your Movies tab in the library for you to watch when you want.

It was a brief tutorial on how to download movies on PC using iTunes.

Where to download movies on mobile devices

If you use on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and more, you can download movies to mobile devices using the platform’s app. In fact, most services only allow mobile downloads, so if your main priority is to have movies downloaded to your iPhone, Android or other mobile device, you’re in luck!

iOS (Apple TV+)

To download movies on iPhone, you need to download the streaming service iOS app (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu). Once you install the app, you can search the Downloads tab or “Free to Watch” filter to search the movies that are available to download—most services make it clear what movies can be saved offline. Then you simply hit download, and it will save to your downloads within the app.

Download movies on iOS devices using Apple TV+.

Android (Google Play)

Android users can download movies using Google Play. Simply browse the movies available to buy in the app and get the ones you want. Once you purchase a movie, you will find it saved in your library, which you can access in the menu (three horizontal lines). In the library you can will find any movies you’ve bought and can hit the arrow icon to download them to your phone.

Download movies on Android devices using Google Play.

Final thoughts on how to download movies

Now you can see there are many ways to download movies to watch offline on Mac or other devices. You could use a built-in download feature through a streaming service, find free content for downloading on the Internet, use a torrenting software, or use an app like VideoDuke that is dedicated to movie and video downloads for Mac.

Having tested these options, we think VideoDuke is the best solution for Mac users who want to download movies to watch whenever. With VideoDuke you simply install the app, find the movie you want to save, copy the link, paste it into the interface, and hit download. It can’t get much easier!


To download movies free to watch offline on MacBook, you need to find an app or website that will allow you to download the video file of the movie. Then you either use the in-app download feature if it is built into the streaming platform, or you have to find the URL of the page that hosts the movie to copy and paste into a dedicated media downloader for Mac like VideoDuke.

VideoDuke is more than just a video downloader, it enables compose your own media library with audio, clips, download TV shows to Mac. VideoDuke's functionality also lets to save an image on Mac and is good to perform Mac music download. When it comes to HTML5 download for Mac and download flash videos Mac, VideoDuke supports any format and downloads videos easily.

To download and watch movies on Mac from 123movies, you need to use a video downloader software that will find the file source in the code of the page and allow you to save it offline. VideoDuke is an app that can do this, so that all you need to do is copy the URL of the 123movies video you want to save, copy, and paste, and hit download!
Currently you can’t download Netflix movies on a Mac, but you can download them on iPhone, Android, Windows devices, and on a Windows PC with the Netflix app. Only certain Netflix movies and shows are available for download, but you can see which ones you can save offline through the app.
Amazon Prime does not make it possible to download movies on Mac or Windows computers, but if you use an iPhone, Android, or Windows device, you can save movies and shows offline in the Amazon Prime app and use AirPlay to watch on Mac. The only drawback is that these movies are only saved in 720p resolution.
Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 26.83MB of free space
Version 1.16.296 (16 Mar, 2021) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac