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Download and Cut YouTube Videos on Different Platforms

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May 28, 2021

When you need an MP4 video fragment downloaded from YouTube, the first step is to get the video itself. How to download YouTube videos on Mac? Many prominent apps cover this niche and provide a great downloading experience.

In this article, we will briefly touch on several pieces of software that can cut YouTube videos and download them. Most of these will provide the two functions separately; however, in rare cases, they are fulfilled in one package. Stick around until the end!

YouTube Downloaders: Airy

Before you can cut a YouTube video with desktop tools, you'd need to download it. Airy YouTube downloader offers a wide choice of quality options, so you can turn the quality up or down, depending on what your PC and video editor can handle. It downloads subtitle files alongside videos and can add entire playlists to the queue as well. Finally, integrate it with your browser to spend less time downloading and more time cutting.
Best YouTube Downloader

How to Download a YouTube Video with Airy

1. Copy a YouTube address.

2. Paste it into the text field.

How to download from Youtube on Mac

3. Choose the output format.

Best way to download a Youtube video on Mac

4. Press 'Download'.

How to download from youtube on Mac or PC
5. Wait for it to finish.


Generally, YouTube downloaders aren’t hard to find, whether on Windows or on Mac. ClipGrab is a free, open-source option that offers a sufficient set of features. Choose the format and the resolution that you need, and this app takes care of the rest.

download and cut Youtube videos

Video Cutters: Shareware

We’ll presume that you already have the clip downloaded. Since you intend to cut and download YouTube video, the next step would be to get a video editor. We’ll give special attention to Mac, since solutions for it aren’t that numerous, and most will also be available on Windows.

cut Youtube videos

You’ll mostly find shareware video editors, like VSDC. This is how you can use VSDC to clip your videos:

  • Install and open VSDC
  • Choose "Import Content" and browse to your video.
  • Confirm that you want to "change project settings according to the imported file".
  • Select the spots on the timeline where you’d like to cut the clip. Use the "Split into parts" tool (a razorblade icon in the top left).
  • Delete the unnecessary parts and drag the remaining fragment to the start of the timeline.
  • Choose to "Export project" and keep the settings.

Other tools are mostly similar to this. Select a chunk, cut it out, remove the rest and render.

Online Services to cut videos online

These are much simpler to use than any desktop app. This comes at the expense of flexibility, rendering speed and other limitations.

Examples include and Their interfaces are streamlined and self-explanatory, and there aren’t any serious snags that you’d find in a desktop application. That being said, you do have to upload the video to the web, only to redownload the trimmed version. Not very efficient.

Trim YouTube Video

Kdenlive and Similar Open Editors

Kdenlive is a FOSS solution, but it’s available only for Windows. Some prefer open source software because it usually doesn’t contain any paywalls or ads. But Kdenlive in particular seems to have a more convenient interface than the aforementioned VSDC. To cut a downloaded video in Kdenlive…

  1. Get a standalone .zip of Kdenlive. Unzip and launch kdenlive.exe.
  2. Drag your video to the Project Bin.
  3. When it asks to switch to a new video profile, accept.
  4. Drag the clip from the Project Bin to the timeline.
  5. Make your cuts with the "Razor" tool (an icon of scissors).
  6. Delete the unneeded footage and drag the remnants to the beginning of the timeline.
  7. Render the video.

Shotcut is available for Mac. It’s FOSS, just like Kdenlive, and has a similar interface. We’ve had issues running it, but it’s worth a try if you don’t like shareware applications.

Console Applications

If you’re willing to put in a couple hours, you can learn to use youtube-dl and ffmpeg console applications, which are completely free and work universally on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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