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Best applications for Mac 2018

Commander One is a great alternative for Android File Transfer for Mac. It is a dual-panel file manager with lots of handful abilities.

CloudMounter is a single client for the most popular cloud storage providers. In allows to access your remote files directly from Mac Finder, as well as encrypt Dropbox files, protect data on Google Drive and OneDrive, and keep your information safe on other remote servers and cloud storage accounts.

PhotoBulk is a handy utility for bulk photo watermarking, image resizing, renaming and converting to different formats.

Uplet app is a must-have tool for every Instagram user. It allows to post to Instagram from Mac in a single click, and not just one, but any number of photos.

USB Network Gate will help you share USB devices over Ethernet effortlessly in a couple of clicks. If you were looking for a way to connect complex USB appliances to a virtual machine or access security dongles from several Macs, then do not miss this comprehensive list of best USB over Ethernet utilities.

Virtual Serial Port Driver creates pairs of virtual COM ports. Virtual COM port pairs look and work like real hardware ones, fully emulating serial port connections.

Serial Port Tester is a professional system utility to monitor, log and analyze COM port activity in a system.