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Capture Audio from YouTube - Best Solutions

The two primary ways to capture music from YouTube are as follows: you can use an audio capturing program, or a music converter. We will present you with solutions for both of them, and note their advantages. Whichever you choose, music files will be far more flexible than a YouTube video, allowing you to view them offline and away from your PC. Read on to find out more.

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Capture Audio from YT with Airy

1. Capture YouTube Audio as a Direct Download

This method is quick, and it gets you high-quality audio without interruptions or any need to trim it. Conversion for songs and playlists is easy with MP3 converters. And if you’re wondering how to record YouTube video, it’s the same procedure - and most of the same apps can be used as well.

Capture Audio from YouTube with Airy

Airy will capture sound from YouTube with minimal effort, producing MP3 files in a fraction of the time it would take you to record them. You don’t need to start the capturing software and let it run - just use a YouTube URL. It has plenty of useful functions, both for video and audio: playlists, subtitles, pausing and quality selection. Light and flexible, it’s the best YouTube capturing app.
Best way to capture audio from YouTube

How To Capture Audio from YouTube in Airy

1. Download Airy. Once installed, you will have two trial downloads to try it out.


2. Navigate to a YouTube video in your browser. Copy the link and paste it in Airy.

How to capture audio from Youtube

3. Choose MP3 from the drop-down format selection list.

Get audio from YouTube with Airy
4. Click Download. That’s it! As soon as it finishes, enjoy your MP3 file.

Capture Music from YouTube with ClipGrab

This is a free, open-source way to capture YouTube audio. ClipGrab works with several different sites, not just YouTube - expect it to grab audio from Vimeo and Facebook, too. When it comes to audio, you can choose between MP3 and OGG - both are widespread and useful formats. ClipGrab can keep track of your clipboard and will immediately offer you to download any YouTube URL you copy.

Capture sound from YouTube

How to Use ClipGrab to Capture Audio from YouTube

  1. Browse until you find a YouTube video. Copy the web address.
  2. Paste it in ClipGrab’s "Downloads" tab.
  3. Select "MP3" as your format.
  4. Click "Grab this clip!"

A Command-Line App - youtube-dl

Advanced Windows users can utilize two powerful apps to download large volumes of audio or video files from YouTube, name and number them. However, keep in mind: you’ll need to use the console and read the manual (it can be googled). Youtube-dl.exe can be acquired from, whereas ffmpeg.exe is located on Place them in the same directory, and youtube-dl will automatically use ffmpeg when you need to convert or merge audio and video.

Grab audio from Youtube

How to Use youtube-dl to Get YouTube Audio?

  1. Download youtube-dl.exe and ffmpeg.exe from official sources. Place them in the same directory.
  2. Copy the YouTube address you want to download.
  3. Open CMD.exe and navigate to your youtube-dl directory by using "DIR" and "CD folder_name" commands. You can use Tab to autocomplete directory names.
  4. Execute: youtube-dl -f 140 --audio-format "mp3" your_youtube_address
    Note: in order for the "audio-format" option to work, ffmpeg.exe must be in the same directory as youtube-dl!
  5. The download should begin.

2. Online Audio Capture from YouTube

Many websites can help you capture MP4, M4A, OGG, or AVI. These methods can also help you capture YouTube video. In regards to audio, they are fast, but slower compared to desktop solutions. They excel when you only need a single audio file downloaded. The reason is that an online website does not need to be installed, unlike an app.

A simple site where you don’t even have to set any options. Paste your URL in and press "Convert". Soon enough, you’ll have your MP3, as long as it’s not a stream, not age-restricted and less than 2 hours long. One of the many websites which can help you capture audio without recording it. It can’t handle playlists, but you can quickly capture videos one-by-one - especially since audio is quicker to download than video.

Online solution to capture audio from YT

Only one option to choose - MP3 or MP4. Can you figure it out? doesn’t just offer audio capturing - it can also send the recorded YouTube MP3 file to your Dropbox. Once again, it does not support playlists, but the functionality is good and reliable enough for it to not matter. A great option if you’re in a hurry, or don’t want to install anything on your Mac or PC.

Get audio from YouTube online

3. Audio Capturing with QuickTime

This is your last resort when trying to capture YouTube audio - record it from your system audio source. It’s much slower than the previous methods (since you’re actually capturing in real time, instead of downloading files). Nonetheless, it’s useful when recording live streams, radio fragments, etc. - things that a downloader can’t handle.

How to Capture Audio with QuickTime

1. Install Loopback Audio on your Mac. It’s a free extension.

Capture audio with Loopback

2. Open the video you want to record and pause it.

3. Go to System Preferences - Sound. In the Output tab, choose Loopback Audio as the sound output device.

capture music from youtube

4. In QuickTime, select "File - New Screen Recording".

5. In the drop-down list next to the Record button, select "Loopback Audio".

6. Select which part of the screen to record (choose a small fragment to save hard drive space).

how to capture youtube audio

7. Press "Record" and start the video.

If you want to stop recording:

  1. On your Menu Bar, there is a "Stop Recording" button (a black square). Push it.
  2. In your System Preferences, switch the Sound Output back to Internal Speakers.
  3. You can now listen to your recording in QuickTime.
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