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Buy Instagram followers: pros and cons

Dec 12, 2019

If you are on Instagram, you must have received comments or messages saying they can help you “get Instagram followers”. Or perhaps an unknown person starts following you and you get all excited, “Who that might be? Your secret crush? A long lost friend? That cute new colleague of yours?” Then you go to their page to discover it is someone who wants you to “pay for Instagram followers”.

Instagram followers

You must have ignored such things a number of times. Till one day you happen to see how many people follow a competing business or another person in your field, or someone whose pictures, in your opinion, are just so lame compared to yours. This does not seem to be fair at all and you start wondering if there is a quick way to fix it? To buy Instagram followers, may be? After all, that’s what a lot of people seem to be doing. You buy followers on Instagram, and your page will look so much better. Once others see how popular you already are, they won’t hesitate to join the army of your followers, and it does not cost much anyways.

It is easy to fall into such thinking traps, but give it some deliberation before you actually go ahead and buy Instagram followers and likes. What is more important to you – the quantity or the quality? Do you want a large number of cheap Instagram followers or genuine popularity and engagement?

You might argue that there is a possibility of quantity turning into quality, so let us have a closer look at the techniques used when you purchase Instagram followers.

Methods to get more Instagram followers

Methods to get Instagram followers:

  • Aggressive following.

    This is how it works – you follow a large number of users every day and wait till they follow you back, then you unfollow them. This method is not too bad actually, considering this might bring you real followers who might develop genuine interest in your account. Here you do not even need to buy Instagram likes or buy Instagram followers, you can do it yourself. Although “showing interest” in what others do for the sake of increasing your number is still cheating.

  • Zombie account following.

    Third parties who make money on increasing the number of your followers in Instagram typically rely on databases with fake accounts. They never post anything, never comment and often they have random names consisting of jumbled up letters and numbers. If anyone sees who your followers are and their activity, they can easily figure out that you buy Instagram accounts.
Whether it is ok to buy Instagram followers

You see that quantity is unlikely to transform into quality here. Moreover, there is a (high) risk your real followers will find out that there are zombies among them, and it will certainly affect your reputation and image. If you provide access to your account to a third party you’ve employed, most probably they’ll spam your followers with ads and you’ll lose a few of them. Real users in exchange for fakes? We doubt it’s worth it.

In our opinion, the only way to buy real followers is to provide high quality services and content. Do not pay for followers, Instagram will not take it well.

Hope you have abandoned the idea to buy Instagram likes fast and are now determined to invest into growing your real audience – users who want to connect to you and your business, support you and provide you with feedback. If you are, there is a tool that can actually help you to increase the number of Instagram followers fast.

Uplet is the fastest way to get real Instagram followers

Uplet is a compact piece of software that allows you to upload pictures to Instagram in bulk. This saves you a lot of time, if you, for example, have a whole set of pictures to share with others. The app allows you to post them all in one go. Another good thing about this software is that it allows posting pictures and videos directly from Mac. Say, if you have your catalogue pictures on your Mac, you won’t have to transfer them first to your mobile and then post it on Instagram, besides you retain the original quality of your images when posting from Mac. Uplet posts pictures in bulk, but allows you to edit them one by one, it also supports emojis and hashtags in captions.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 21.74MB size
Version 1.7.384 (17 May, 2020) Release notes
Category: Other solutions
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