Chromecast App for iPhone: Choosing the Best One (2023 Edition)


If you want to unlock the full functionality of your Chromecast, understanding the best Chromecast iOS app options can make all the difference. There are a number of different applications that allow you to cast video and other media to your screen using your Chromecast device. So which is best? We explore in this guide.

1. Google Home

It makes sense to use Google Home if you have a Chromecast. It is effectively the companion app for your device and allows you to stream video as well as photos and even presentations to your screen. On top of this, you can control the Chromecast device best with the Home app. It can communicate with the device and makes it simple to name the device, set up different Wi-Fi networks, and more.

As it is made and operated by Google, the Google Home app is also regularly updated and improved. There is a lot on the app, with a variety of different settings to control everything from your lights to your heater, which may be just what you want, or it may be overwhelming.

Google Home app interface


  • The Chromecast iPhone app is regularly updated with bug fixes
  • Easily cast photos and other media to your Chromecast
  • Free


  • Can be overwhelming with options to control many things in the home

💻 Compatibility: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

💰 Pricing: Free

⭐️ App Store Rating: 4.0

“Google Home is a way to manage all compatible devices from your smartphone.”

2. TV Cast Chromecast

The TV Cast Chromecast app is free, but it comes with paid upgrades to release the full functionality. The app is a good way to stream both your personal media such as photos and videos on your phone, as well as streaming from websites. This app will not show a full website (it is not a mirroring app) but it will allow you to cast the video itself. It also has support for an ad blocker, so on sites where there are annoying videos, you can get rid of them, but this does come with a cost.

There are also upsell costs if you want to be able to display subtitles, and to save and sync your bookmarks between iOS devices on the app. The upgraded version allows you to cast from cloud storage options like Dropbox, too. The app works with Chromecast 1, 2, and Ultra and on devices with Google Cast or Chromecast built-in.

TV Cast Chromecast app interface


  • Free to download and use basic functions
  • Ad-blocker support
  • Tips and tutorials included in the app
  • Add-ons can provide a remote control function


  • You have to pay to unlock the full functionality
  • The navigation is a little clunky

💻 Compatibility: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

💰 Pricing: Free ($6.99 for Premium)

⭐️ App Store Rating: 4.0

“Thought it was just “ok” until I realized you could buy an add on to fast forward, pause, rewind, now I think it’s great!”

3. Screen Mirroring on Chromecast

This is one of the top Google Chromecast iOS apps for mirroring the whole screen of your device, not just casting videos. Screen Mirroring on Chromecast allows you to quickly connect to the device and show what is on your screen, whether it is a presentation, a collection of photos, or a video playing on a browser.

The app does have DRM protection which means that you are not always going to be able to play from sources like Disney Plus or Netflix, even if you have paid for membership. It is free to download and use the basic functionality, but there is a paid subscription if you want to remove the watermark that will be cast on your screen.

Screen Mirroring on Chromecast app interface


  • Allows you to cast the whole screen of your device
  • Software is regularly updated


  • An annoying watermark is added to whatever you cast on the free plan
  • DRM protection on copyrighted content

💻 Compatibility: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

💰 Pricing: Free ($24.99 for Lifetime membership)

⭐️ App Store Rating: 3.7

“You do need to pay, it doesn’t make sense otherwise because then you get stuck with a banner. But I say it’s well worth it. I’ve been able to watch several shows I would have not been able to otherwise.”

4. iWebTV: Cast Web Videos to TV

iWebTV is one of the best Chromecast apps iOS users can enjoy, as it has some good features that are not available for free on other apps, though it does put a banner at the bottom of the screen. iWebTV is different from the other apps on this list as it focuses more on streaming videos from sources such as video websites, rather than your own media, photos, and videos. In fact, it comes with a list of video sources as bookmarks where you can start looking for films and other media you can stream.

As well as working as an iPhone Chromecast app, this also works on Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV (4th Gen), plus Samsung TVs if they are 2019 and later models. As well as streaming to all of these platforms, the app can block adverts too, meaning no annoying popups.

iWebTV: Cast Web Videos to TV app interface


  • Includes plenty of sources for videos
  • Can block ads on videos


  • Has a banner at the bottom of the screen if you don’t buy PRO
  • Not easy to play your own media

💻 Compatibility: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

💰 Pricing: Free ($6.99 for PRO)

⭐️ App Store Rating: 4.6

“I’ve had it for 3+ years now, I’ve never had to pay a dime for the services. It blocks every single pop-up ad for any and all websites the internet has to offer.”

5. Screen Mirror・Smart View Cast

Screen Mirror・Smart View Cast is a Chromecast app iOS users tend to enjoy due to the fact that it is particularly fast. This means that as well as mirroring media such as videos from your phone, you may also be able to use it for games from your phone.

As a screen mirroring app, it also has some other uses such as showcasing presentations on a big screen or even taking your video calls on a television. The app works with a variety of different Smart TVs and streaming devices, meaning modern Chromecasts can be used with the Screen Mirror app.

There are some downsides, and while you can stream media from your own device with ease if you want to stream videos from the web then you will need to pay for the premium version of this software, and it is more expensive than some of the other options.

Screen Mirror・Smart View Cast app interface


  • Reliably works with a variety of different devices and smart TVs
  • Can cast presentations and media from your device quickly


  • Doesn’t allow you to cast from web sources without paying for premium
  • Not the cheapest upgrades and in-app purchases

💻 Compatibility: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

💰 Pricing: Free (Paid upgrades up to $39.99)

⭐️ App Store Rating: 4.7

“This app is the first that allowed me to connect to Roku! Looking forward to using it!”

6. Replica​

Replica is a great app that allows you to stream video, presentations, photographs, and more from your iPhone to a Smart TV, or Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or other smart devices.

Replica allows you to choose how you wish to stream. A lot of the Chromecast iPhone app options on the market either allow you to stream videos or your whole screen, but with Replica, you can do either with ease.

While the app itself gives great results, some content from the likes of Apple TV, Apple Music, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video might be blocked due to copyright protection.

Replica app interface


  • Works with Smart TVs and Chromecasts
  • Stream individual videos or your whole iPhone
  • One of the fastest streaming apps


  • You need to pay for premium to unlock all features

💻 Compatibility: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

💰 Pricing: Free ($49.99 for Lifetime Premium)

⭐️ App Store Rating: 4.3

“I’ve tested a lot of these apps, and this one is by far the best I’ve found. Not only does it play very smoothly, but it also maximizes the display the right way.”

7. Web Video Cast | Browser to TV​

The Web Video Cast | Browser to TV app is another that grabs videos from a variety of different sources, and can then stream them straight to your Chromecast or another device. This is a solution for both finding the videos you wish to watch, and playing them with no annoying ads or popups. It is even capable of streaming videos with subtitles.

As this is not a screen mirroring app it is not suitable for things like showing off your messages or streaming presentations straight from your phone. Instead, it is all about the video content. There are even a variety of bookmarked sites set up within the app so you can find content to stream within seconds of opening it.

Web Video Cast | Browser to TV​ app interface


  • Easy to find a lot of visual content
  • Works with IPTV playlists and live streaming
  • Affordable premium upgrade


  • No screen mirroring function

💻 Compatibility: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

💰 Pricing: Free ($4.99 for Lifetime Premium)

⭐️ App Store Rating: 4.8

“I’ve tested a lot of these apps, and this one is by far the best I’ve found. Not only does it play very smoothly, but it also maximizes the display the right way.”

How to Choose the Ideal Chromecast App for iPhone

If you are looking for the ideal app that can take video from your iPhone and cast it onto the big screen, you should consider a few of the most important factors. First and foremost, think about compatibility, and whether this will work with the Chromecast you have at home. All of the apps on this list are compatible.

You should also consider whether you wish to stream videos from websites, or whether you want an app that can do screen mirroring. Some of the apps out there don’t allow you to do both.

Whether the app forces a watermark is another big consideration. Nobody wants an annoying mark across the screen when they are trying to watch their favorite movies. Also consider the price of the upgrade to premium, which is usually how you remove this watermark.


Though the best Chromecast app for your iPhone depends on your specific needs, options including Replica and Web Video Cast are very reliable and fast, and particularly good for those who want to stream video content from the web or apps. Both have a modern interface and always connect to the device in question without dropouts or annoying glitches. Google Home is also brilliant, but it is packed with features you might not need if you are just dealing with video.

Frequently Asked Questions

The AirPlay function isn’t directly compatible with Chromecast, so there are a lot of different third-party apps that enable casting from iPhone and iOS devices.

To cast to your Chromecast from an iPhone, you need to use a third-party app like those on this list. They will act as a bridge and connect your devices.

Though there isn’t one specific Chromecast app for iPhone, you can either use Google Home or you can use one of the many other options such as Replica.

If you want to mirror your screen, ensure that you are using a Chromecast app like Screen Mirror・Smart View Cast, that enables you to cast your whole screen and not just videos.