Multimedia Playback

Learn more about media formats, both video and audio, with our in-depth articles. In this section, we review each format, determine which formats are better to use, and find the best players to open them.

Multimedia Playback

How to loop a video on Mac: Full guide for Mac users

There are times when you find a video you can't stop watching, and you play it over and over again. But what’s ...
Feb 28, 2023
Multimedia Playback

RealPlayer for Mac: Top 5 Alternatives

RealPlayer was one of the popular media players for Mac and Windows in the past. However, RealPlayer discontinued support for the Mac ...
Feb 16, 2023
Multimedia Playback

Top 5 H.264 Players for Mac

H.264 is now the most widely used video compression standard. It is popular for providing good video quality at lower bitrates. Blu-ray ...
Feb 15, 2023
Multimedia Playback

MPEG4 vs MP4: Which Video Format Is Better

MPEG4 and MP4 are two terms most users are familiar with. MP4 in particular is one of the most common file formats ...
Feb 3, 2023
Multimedia Playback

Play TS File on Mac Using Best TS Players

The TS file format is mainly used on DVD and Blu-ray discs. When it comes to playing TS movie files on Mac ...
Feb 1, 2023
Multimedia Playback

How to Open ASF Files on Mac

If ASF file format doesn’t cause difficulties for Windows users the same can’t be told about Mac ones. Since QuickTime is not ...
Jan 30, 2023