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YouTube to MP4 - High-quality Conversion Apps

Many apps can convert YouTube to MP4, but few can be called "the best". This is the list of the greatest apps we could find, whether desktop or online. They have some things in common: playlist capabilities, quality options and ease of use. Check out the list and choose the app to help you with MP4 YouTube downloads.

Best YouTube downloader Mac Application

Best YouTube to MP4 Converter - Airy

When we say ‘best YouTube to MP4 converter’, Airy is the very first name that pops into our head. It’s packed with all the most important features you may wish for. From high speed and HD quality, through playlist and batch downloads, to browser integration, it will get the job done quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the Airy app is so clean and intuitive, making sure nothing gets in your way. Just the right balance to make it the only Youtube to MP4 converter Mac users need.

How to download MP4 video on mac with Airy

icon pros Pros

  • Accessible interface
  • Converts to MP4 with configurable quality
  • Can download many videos automatically

icon cons Cons

  • Limited trial version
  • No conversion features outside of downloads

Price: free trial version and full version for $19.95

How to convert YouTube to MP4 high-quality videos

1. Download the Airy app and install it. Launch Airy.

2. Copy the URL link of your desired YouTube video from the address bar.

Get YT videos with the best free YouTube downloader for Mac

3. Switch over to Airy and paste the link. Select your preferred quality from the drop-down menu.

Download YouTube videos with Mac free App

4. Start the download. Download times vary depending on video length and quality.

Best YouTube video downloader for Mac

And that’s all it takes to convert YouTube to MP4 for Mac with Airy.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader needs to be installed before use, as it is a piece of desktop YouTube to MP4 software. Its capabilities allow it to grab videos, playlists and channels. Audio formats can be chosen instead, if you’re interested in that.

4KVD downloads from a range of websites, including Facebook and Vimeo. It’s easy to work with - just paste a link. And it supports subtitles, too.

4K MP4 Downloader

icon pros Pros

  • Has a small built-in player
  • Configurable resolution and format

icon cons Cons

  • Playlist video limit
  • No parallel downloads

Price: The free version is limited, and there are two paid plans, Personal ($13) and Pro ($36).

aTube Catcher

Popular and convenient, aTube Catcher goes way back. And yet, it still updates frequently and supports many different formats - MP4 included. This YouTube to MP4 converter app has the hallmarks of a high-quality downloader, but it also has a range of secondary features, such as screen recorder and CD creator. The downloads are unlimited, too, so that’s a plus.

MacX - a YouTube to MP4 converter app

icon pros Pros

  • Can do batch downloads
  • Includes many utilities
  • Can save streams (except for Twitch)

icon cons Cons

  • Outdated UI
  • Installer may trick you into installing adware

Price: Free.

iTube Studio

iTube Studio by Aimersoft is a very good YouTube to MP4 software to try out. It allows users to download, convert, record, etc. with URL and an extension plugin. What it lacks, however, is complete automation and integration. The trial version has quite a few limitations (e.g. it limits the conversion to 1/3 of the file length). The paid version may prove quite costly for some users.

The best YouTube to MP4 converters for you

icon pros Pros

  • You can convert local files
  • Choose between numerous formats
  • Record streams and screencasts

icon cons Cons

  • Doesn’t convert downloads automatically
  • Browser plugin updates infrequently
  • Costs a lot

Price: It comes at $24.95 per Mac per year or $34.95 for a lifetime license (vs. $19 or $29 respectively for PC).

Wondershare UniConverter

With UniConverter, you get a truly impressive arsenal of tools. This app is not primarily a YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac, but it does the job just fine. You can paste multiple URLs at once (some semblance of a batch file), switch between download speeds (a good alternative to pausing) and send downloaded files to be converted immediately. Though, this will not be necessary with YouTube - it hosts video files in the MP4 format already.

 Wondershare - The best YouTube to MP4 converter

icon pros Pros

  • Massive variety of available formats
  • Can edit video on the go
  • Usable offline (except for the downloading components)
  • Try for free

icon cons Cons

  • High price point
  • Free version isn’t very useful

Price: Monthly plan - $19.95/month, Quarterly plan - $13.32/month, Annual plan - $4.99/month.

Online YouTube to MP4 converters for Mac

There are many desktop converters, but it’s even easier to find a YouTube to MP4 converter online. Strangely enough, these can still handle 4k 1080p resolution; the only downside you’ll encounter is their comparatively slow speed.


FLVTO is a good online option to consider. It’s a Youtube MP4 converter Mac users can resort to if they need a quick fix without any special functionalities. It will get the job done, but all the ads and pop-ups will give you anything but a pleasant user experience.

Youtube MP4 converter Mac

icon pros Pros

  • Simplistic, not hard to learn
  • Send the converted file to Dropbox
  • Instructions included
  • Multilingual UI

icon cons Cons

  • Converts slowly
  • Only one video at a time

Price: Free.

SaveFrom is an online service that serves to advertise a downloadable app. Unexpectedly, most of the MP4 options it offers can only be downloaded without sound. If you want audio in your clips, you’re limited to 720p and 360p. Still, that’s sufficient most of the time, especially for mobile playback.

good YouTube to MP4 converter Mac

icon pros Pros

  • Fast downloads and conversion
  • Very few ads

icon cons Cons

  • Limited format selection
  • Most options don’t have audio

Price: Free.

Rather unique for an online converter, can recognize playlists and prompt you to choose from the list. Other than that, you can expect the usual - conversions for MP3 and MP4 and a choice of resolution. It’s somewhat weird in the way that you download files - instead of clicking the "Download" buttons, you need to right-click and "Save As". MP4 Converter

icon pros Pros

  • Converts Youtube to MP4 or MP3
  • Recognizes playlists
  • Various options

icon cons Cons

  • Can’t click to download
  • Need to right-click and "Save As"

Price: Free.


ClipConverter isn’t just for YouTube; it can grab videos from Facebook and Vimeo, too. It’s got a lot of good features, plenty of formats to choose from, video/audio trimming, but there’s a downside: the conversion is painfully slow. Easy to use, but not for the impatient - that’s how we’d describe

ClipConverter MP4

icon pros Pros

  • Choose from many formats
  • Works on different websites
  • Upload files to convert

icon cons Cons

  • Very slow
  • Limited format options

Price: Free.

Converto is a basic option, useful if you don’t need any formats other than MP4 or MP3. Even so, there’s a sufficient amount of qualities to choose, and you can cut audio files. Ad-wise, it’s not the best, opening new tabs every time you download. A downside that is easily bypassed with an ad blocker. All in all, a good service.

Convert MP4 with

icon pros Pros

  • Music cutting available
  • No need to install
  • Fast when converting

icon cons Cons

  • Too many ads
  • Quite few format options

Price: Free.


It’s not easy to choose the best YouTube to MP4 converter. There are many apps and services to choose from, both for your desktop and your browser. If quality matters to you, you should generally prefer desktop apps, as they are faster, more secure, reliable, and the updates are more frequent.

Better yet, desktop downloading software often has features that a website lacks - for example, most desktop apps can work with playlists, as opposed to most web converters. Airy is a good starting point for desktop converters, as it includes all of the positives stated above.


We hope our articles helped you find the best YouTube to MP4 converter to suit your needs. In case you have additional questions, feel free to take a look below. We’ve added concise answers to some frequently asked questions.

In the sea of apps out there, finding the best YouTube to MP4 converter is difficult, but after having tried many options, we can confidently say that Airy performs exceptionally well. When it comes to YouTube downloads, it offers exactly what you need. No delays, no dozens of non-essential options to choose from. If you need a practical YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac, Airy will deliver.

Use Airy to download MP4 videos in no time flat.

  1. Download Airy or get it from the Mac App Store.
  2. In your browser, go to any YouTube video page. Copy the video address from the text box at the top.
  3. Open Airy. Notice the input box; this is where you should paste the video URL.
  4. Choose "MP4" from the format drop-down menu and press "Download".
Online downloaders tend to be free. Some are described in the article above. Airy is a preferable choice due to its quality. It offers 2 downloads as a free trial.
Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 22.59MB size
Version 3.24.336 (2 Nov, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication

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