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The Best YouTube to MP3 Converter - Online Services

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Olga Weis Olga Weis Jul 2, 2021

Websites may not be the best YouTube to MP3 converters, but they're more lightweight - no need to install, and the interface is simpler. An online downloader is useful if you're in a hurry and don't need to download long videos or playlists. They are also easier to access, since the downloads occur completely in your browser. However, some desktop apps include the functionality of online downloaders.

Y2Mate online YouTube to MP3 Converter

The format doesn’t really matter with Y2Mate. Whatever you choose, you’ll get great speed free of charge. This ranges from audio - MP3, OGG, WMA and FLAC - to video, such as AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MOV, and FLV. Naturally, it’s great for MP3 downloads. Using it is a breeze - copy, paste and push the "Start" button.

Check Y2Mate - best online MP3 converter

icon pros Pros

  • Many popular formats available
  • Works in any web browser
  • Does not require an account

icon cons Cons

  • Tries to send notifications
  • Broken on Android

Airy - a Desktop Alternative

All the aforementioned online services have serious downsides. Video length limits, low speeds, ads, limited format options. An offline app is better than the best online YouTube to MP3 converter. Desktop apps have none of these restrictions - they download videos directly to your PC and convert them using your own desktop CPU, which is usually faster.

These advantages put Airy - a Mac and Windows YouTube downloader - far above any online service, just from a sheer technical standpoint. It downloads playlists, video, audio, private and age-restricted footage, even entire channels.

Airy - Best MP3 converter

icon pros Pros

  • Fast operation
  • Simple interface
  • Handles large downloads and batches well
  • Downloads can be paused at any time

icon cons Cons

  • Only works with YouTube

How to Download a YouTube Video with Airy

1. Download Airy and set it up. Open Airy.

2. In your browser, copy a YouTube video URL. This can be done from the text bar at the top.

Convert YouTube video to MP3 using Airy app

3. In Airy, paste the video address and select the format/quality that you need.

Airy - Best MP3 converter

4. Press the "Download" button and wait until it’s done.

Best way to convert YouTube to MP3 with Airy

It’s that simple. Airy’s great!

The Best Free Online YouTube to MP3 Converters We’ve Found


Totally free to use, this tool can convert YouTube to MP3 and MP4. It consistently produces high-quality converted files without having to pay up. A quick solution, even though it’s not too complex.

YtMp3 - best free converter online

icon pros Pros

  • Speedy downloads and conversions
  • Light on ads and pop-ups
  • No treacherous links, such as toolbar downloads

icon cons Cons

  • Video duration limit
  • No playlists or mass conversions allowed
  • Limited quality options
  • Can’t convert inaccessible videos


No software downloads are necessary with Converto. Just visit the web page, and you can begin. Copy your link, go to Converto, paste it, press Enter - what could be easier? But tolerating all the ads on the page might prove difficult.

Converto MP3 online downloader

icon pros Pros

  • Does the job - downloads MP3
  • Non-intrusive ads
  • Well-designed with the user in mind
  • Loads and converts with great speed

icon cons Cons

  • Overly simple functionality
  • Links expire after 24 hours
  • Lacks playlist downloading
  • Brimming with ads

MP3 Download

One of the top YouTube converter sites, this one is heavily specialized towards audio. Therefore, it’s one of the better services out there. There’s volume control and format adjustment - all in service to your overall YouTube experience.

Download MP3 files online with MP3 Download. to converter

icon pros Pros

  • All features can be found on the main page
  • Can search for videos instead of URLs
  • Great and sophisticated UI
  • Can be operated in a single click

icon cons Cons

  • Only produces audio files


This site has been around for a while, and even went through a lawsuit once. It records media very slowly - a 10 MB audio file might take forever to download, let alone a 100 MB video. The interface is also not as simplistic as you’d find on other sites. Still, it can convert and download, both audio and video, and even cut them.

ClipConverter - best free online MP3 converter

icon pros Pros

  • Large selection of formats
  • Free to use
  • Easy-to-use interface

icon cons Cons

  • Lots of ads
  • Can’t process playlists

In Summary

Despite there being a large amount of different solutions, we recommend that you consider our list first and foremost, as we’ve chosen some of the best apps internet has to offer. Personally, we recommend desktop apps like Airy, as they provide the safest and the most feature-rich experience you’ll find. Not to mention, no ads.


Looking to download songs and playlists? Wondering how to convert YouTube videos to MP3? You need a downloader app. Airy has an option that allows you to download YouTube audio separately from the video and convert it to MP3.

  1. Install and launch Airy.
  2. In your browser, go to a YouTube video.
  3. Copy the URL.
  4. Paste the address in Airy.
  5. Set the format option to MP3.
  6. Click "Download".

Any of the ones we’ve mentioned on this page are good, but none of them are perfect. If you want top performance, you should look for a desktop app - for example, Airy. Like any fully-fledged app, it offers playlist downloads and conversions, and works quickly.

Downloader websites always pose a certain risk, since the ads found on these services may be unsafe. This is not the case with Airy - a completely ad-free downloader that doesn’t gather your data.

YTMP3 doesn’t offer download options for higher-quality YouTube audio formats, such as 48 kHz WebM Opus. It downloads lower-frequency M4A. On the other hand, the difference is negligible.

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 25.23MB size
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