Top 4 Video-sharing Sites like YouTube

Olga Weis

YouTube is the most popular and probably the largest video sharing source. However it is not the only website to upload and watch online videos, there are other websites like YouTube that don't get as much public attention as the latter.

Youtube alternative

So let's take a good look at the websites similar to YouTube and that may become your new favorites. These other sites like YouTube are also great and will surely keep your attention. They let you upload or watch videos just like YouTube. Check them out.

1. Dailymotion


Dailymotion comes second in size after YouTube. It is large and feels very similar to YouTube with its homepage with top trending videos, various categories, and a convenient search bar. When you click a video to watch, you see a simple and neat player, even though YouTube player is more refined.

You can find an enormous amount of videos there, but still it is way less than YouTube has to offer. A lot of videos hosted on Dailymotion can be found on YouTube as well.



You'd be surprised to know that this video source has been around since times YouTube was founded, because Vimeo is not as popular. Which still doesn't mean it is any less great. Vimeo is not really a competitor to YouTube though.

Vimeo has a really strange main page with lots of weird stuff as if selling it to casual passers-by, but not promoting valuable content hidden right there. It has classy short films, experimental music videos, snapshots of people's lives, etc.

One can upload only high-quality content to Vimeo and everything is categorized neatly unlike on YouTube, where it can get quite messy. One can upload and keep the videos on a Vimeo channel or share them with others on social platforms.

3. Metacafe


Metacafe is similar to YouTube in so many ways. Maybe that's the reason why it is popular. This YouTube alternative is the source for exclusive and original content. Just like on YouTube it sucks you in and you keep clicking and clicking around to see the videos it offers. You can find lots of original shows on Metacafe, however YouTube is getting stronger and stronger in that department.

Metacafe looks too similar to YouTube and is hard to tell apart from the latter. Get the most out of this video site by looking for exclusive and original videos. Everything else is pretty much a version of YouTube Lite.

4. Flickr


You can actually upload videos to Flickr (use the Explore tab). This is not a wide-known fact, but the users of Basic accounts can upload two 90-second videos per month, while Pro users can upload an unlimited amount of videos. Not too many options, with lots of the same features available during image upload.

To upload a video to Flickr, create a free account and do everything the same way you would do with pictures. You can upload HD videos too.

All of the above websites may not be a match to YouTube almighty, but are very worth a shot. Thanks to a wonderful app Elmedia Player for Mac you can save videos from YouTube and websites similar to YouTube including Dailymotion, Vimeo, Flickr, etc. Also Elmedia offers video conversion to various formats.

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