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Top Choice – Elmedia VOB player Mac
  • Can open literally any format you provide
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  • The perfectly tuned settings will improve every single experience
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Elmedia Player Free
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Elmedia VOB player Mac

VOB Player Mac – List with Four of the Best Software

Given that there is such a huge array of media formats available, it comes as no surprise that there is no single player that could support all of them. When it comes to VOB, a format that contains audio, subs, video and all the other contents in the DVD format, it is even more understandable why its so complicated to find a good player. VOB is widely used and you would expect the default player included in macOS would support it. You are in for a surprise if someone decides to share their collection of movies on DVD because you will not be able to open them using the default macOS player.

If you are wondering how you should go about opening VOB files on Mac you will be pleased to find out that there are solutions available. The market is quite saturated with players that support VOB files, and for that very reason, we have taken the time to compile a list with 4 top VOB players for Mac. You can find them below.

VOB Player for Mac – Choose the Best

Elmedia Player not only allows you to play VOB videos on a Mac, but it also comes as a freeware that is highly intuitive even for first time users. As opposed to other players Elemedia does not force you to temper with the file extensions or drag you on a wild goose chase with overly complicated settings. However, the app does come highly customizable with a language setting, encoding variables and allowing you to easily adjust the subtitles by size, color, and even font. For a highly affordable fee you can get the PRO version that has vastly improved functionality.

With the PRO version you can stream the VOB files directly on your Apple TV while being able to modify the playback settings. Taking screen captures in formats like TIFF, PNG or GIF is also possible directly from the video playing.

VOB Player for Mac


  • Highly optimized to use up as few resources as possible
  • Crashes are few and far between


  • Some of the coolest features can only be accessed if you purchase the PRO version

VLC Media Player

A media player comes at no cost that is compatible with most operating systems, including the last version on macOS. If we were to list all the media formats it can support, we would need a few more pages on our article. The app is great at accommodating various subtitle files, easily adjustable playback settings, and vast playback controls.

Using it is a fairly easy task – you simply open the main VLC window, and you can drag-and-drop any media file you want opened. When it comes to the player interface on VLC, we believe that it is not as intuitive as the one on Elmedia.

If you want to play DVDs, CDs with audio files or even VCDs you can use VLC with great results. It can easily accommodate both files and discs or it can display the feed from a webcam or other video devices while also allowing you to watch streams. It’s not only free – it doesn’t even have malware or adware.

VLC Media Player for playing DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs


  • It can be used on almost any OS


  • Sometimes the interface may appear overly complicated
  • Some users have raised awareness regarding choppy playback


It does not take long for one to get familiar with KMPlayer because of how user-friendly the interface is. It is highly simplistic but still very easy to personalize by changing the skin and adding various visualizations. It comes with built-in codecs for both audio and video. If you want to improve the video playback quality you can adjust the properties, increase sharpening and much much more. Another brilliant feature is the fact that in the latest version it can support 3D formats. One on the few on the list capable of doing so.

Vob KMPlayer


  • Its free
  • Supports most media files


  • Its littered with ads and it might redirect you to various third-party content
  • Considerably slower than more reputable VOB players like Elmedia


MPlayer stands out from the crowd as being an alternative player. It might not be as popular as VLC but it can be used on both Windows and macOS. It supports a wide variety of video and audio formats. It can playback MPEG, VOBS, ASF, WMA, WMV, VIVO, QT, MP4 just to name a few.

Vob MPlayerX


  • No codecs need to be downloaded
  • Has no bags and the video display seldomly lags


  • Playback directory is not supported

How to choose the best application that can play VOBs on a Mac?

Just like with any other software – you do your research and browse the web for the apps with the best reviews. You will have a much easier choice if you bother to read what others have to say about various software. Pay close attention to what media files each player can support. It’s common that there is a considerable difference in what each player can display. You might also want to investigate the ease of use. Do not shy away from purchasing software with great support and features just because it is hidden behind a paywall. Its really your choice in the end. We can assure you that all the players have been reviewed and compiled in a list to ease your task. There are plenty of amazing choices out there that can even be downloaded for free.

What is VOB?

Have you asked yourself what is a VOB file? VOB short for Video Object is a file format commonly used to store videos on DVDs. Sometimes the files on VOB can be encrypted. This creates a plethora of issues when it comes to getting them to open and play. They are often incompatible with the software you currently have installed and sometimes the video quality is choppy at best. In order to solve these issues, you will be forced to download an application - especially if you use macOS.


If you still have not gathered all the information on your Mac’s functions and options, please continue reading the article and you will play VOB files on Mac in no time. If anything is unclear or simply have some questions do not hesitate to drop a comment and we will be more than happy to assist.

We have a strong feeling that you are here because you have noticed that Mac OS does not support VOB files. Do not worry, there are plenty of great software that you can use to play VOB on Mac. One of the best options would clearly be to download Elmedia Player because it is fully supported on macOS and can open any VOB file.

Just find the VOB file that you wish to play and move it to the Dock bar. Then simply click on the file and open it using Elmedia Player. We suggest you open it in the main menu to best enjoy the content.

All the operating system that can after OS X have players available hat can easily identify VOB files. However, if you are using an older version you will have to get an extra program. We strongly suggest Elmedia Player as one of the best VOB players.

If you do not want to use any software, we suggest you go here - You will be able to find an online software that will convert most files.

Select the WMV file that you wish to convert and select Apple for format. After you are done make sure you also select the resolution desired. You can use convert to .mov because it is a format native to Apple devices. Simply press on convert and enjoy your media file that will become playable immediately.

Elmedia Player Free
Requirements: macOS 10.12+ , 103.67MB free space
Version 8.1(2848) (29 Jul, 2021) Release notes
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