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Since Apple successfully implemented a technology that allows placing virtual objects in the real world, augmented reality industry as well as apps gain more and more popularity day by day. Despite the fact that this technology was announced not so long time ago, there exist a wide range of augmented reality examples on the market that can be rather handy and interesting. However, it will take some time before AR functionality becomes a common phenomenon in the most popular mobile apps. But for now, we have gathered the list of cool augmented reality software. Enjoy!

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Here are top 10 best augmented reality apps presented on the market

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Requirements: This application is fully compatible with iOS 11+, iPhone 6s and newer. Requires 64.0 MB free space, latest version 1.3. Released 4th Jan, 2018.
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Despite being the first Eltima’s app made with ARKit, PinDrive is a great app that can be a cup of tea for a lot of drivers. The main function of it is to facilitate the search of the parked vehicle. So if you used to wander around the parking lot searching for your car, now you are able to locate your transport in a matter of minutes with just a few manipulations on your device thus saving such precious time for more important things. Once you found a parking space, pin your car, when coming back, navigate a camera of the device in the direction where you think you have left the car and the AR arrow will show you the exact spot.
IKEA Place is another useful app that can make furnishing a real fun. The app is made with the help of iOS ARKit and allows you to feel yourself like a professional designer of an interior placing the furniture around your flat or house. The app offers more than 2000 Ikea products and gives you the real image of the furniture size, design, and functionality. With IKEA Place you can choose from rugs, lamps, chairs, armchairs to sofas and beds and even more and check how the chosen pieces of furniture fit in your interior.
IKEA Place
MeasureKit is one more practical augmented reality software that a lot of people can find rather appealing. Just remember the situation when you suddenly needed to measure something, but all the measuring tools were out of your reach or even broken. There is no need to always carry measuring tape or any similar tools because with MeasureKit you can measure absolutely anything, all you need is just a camera of your iPhone or iPad.
Always wanted to get a tattoo, but were not sure where to put it? With InkHunter you can easily check whether you like the design or the place of the future tattoo, as this augmented reality app projects any design, no matter black or white or colored on any place of your body. Still have doubts? Download the app and let your wish come true.
Next interesting app is CARROT weather. Being a powerful weather app now it can boast about having augmented reality mode. Want to view weather forecast in the augmented reality in front of you? No problems. With CARROT weather everything can be possible.
CARROT weather
SpotCrime is another augmented reality app that can be rather useful if you are planning to move to another city and to know whether it is a safe place or not. The app collects all the information about criminal activity such as arson, theft, vandalism, arrests, shooting, burglary, etc. from the police stations, news, etc and presents it to the user on the Google Maps. If you want to know your neighbourhood and to feel safe, this is the right app for you.
If you had a wish to learn how to draw for a long time, but numerous tutorials did not help you, then try SketchAR. The application uses augmented reality technology as a mentor. Take a blank sheet of paper, select a picture or upload your own, and the program will project a virtual copy of the image onto the paper. It remains only to draw out what you see on the screen of the smartphone.
One more on the list of free augmented reality apps is WallaMe. The program is trying to prepare you for a future in which social networks have become a part of every aspect of life. WallaMe allows you to turn the whole world into one huge canvas and keep secret messages on it. Point the camera of the smartphone on the wall of a building and draw something. An occasional passer-by will never know that you have left your message, but those with whom you share it or who is nearby will be able to see it.
Google Translator is one of the best ARKit apps for travelers. Among all its possibilities, there is the one that deserves special attention, namely you can point the camera at a road sign, a menu in a cafe or some other text and immediately receive a translation. The following function works in 38 languages. You can download language packs to use the application without accessing the web. Isn’t it great?
Google Translator
ROAR Augmented Reality App is based on Apple ARKit and can be useful in your daily life, as the app works as your personal shopping advisor. With its help you can find out the everything that you need and want to know about products with the blink of an eye, namely: prices, ingredients, rewies, coupons or sales. The app makes it possible for you to buy what you need directly from its interface and to compare prices from different resellers. Even more, you can buy a ticket for a movie with a snap of the finger just by scanning its poster.
ROAR Augmented Reality App
So, if a thought that your life became a little bit boring has ever crossed your mind you can easily turn it into a real fun with just a simple tap on your device. Augmented reality apps overlay fantastic digital context on the top of real things hence allowing you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of great emotions and joy. Check it out and brings some colors to your life.


This application is fully compatible with iOS 11+, iPhone 6s and newer. Requires 64.0 MB free space, latest version 1.3. Released 4th Jan, 2018.

5 rank based on 152+ users, Reviews (12)