7 Best apps to synchronize Mac OS X in 2019

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How do I sync my Mac with other mobile devices like an iPad or my online accounts? This is a frequently asked question by most Mac users especially newbies. Synchronization of Mac OS X iCal, iTunes, Address Book, and so on has been made easy by some applications developed by third-party software companies. We tested most of them and came up with a list of top 7 apps that can handle your Mac synchronization pretty well.

Let's dive straight into the list.

Best apps to synchronize Mac

1.SyncMate App

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Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+. 50.74MB free space. Version 7.3.434. (28th Jan, 2019). 4.9 Rank based on 358+ users, Reviews(956)
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On top of the list is SyncMate. This is a multi-optional tool that can synchronize Mac OS X with portable devices, tablets, mobile phones, and online accounts.

What can you synchronize Mac with? iOS and Android devices, Mac OS X computers, MTP and mounted devices, online accounts like iCloud, Dropbox, Google. Windows services like Outlook, Office 365 Home and Business accounts (sync with OneDrive).

Sync Options: Apart from the regular personal data, media files, and folders synchronization options, SyncMate offers non-sync options likes SMS management, device mounting and so on.

Our opinion: It is the only app on the list that can synchronize Mac OS X apps like iCal, iTunes Address Book, etc. with data on various devices and accounts directly without the involvement of cloud sync. This is a distinguishing feature of SyncMate from other tools on the list.

2. GoodSync App

GoodSync is one of the top apps for synchronization of macOS. It not only Synchronize Mac, it can backup/restore data.

What can you synchronize Mac with? Any computer, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, FTP, SFTP, and Mobiles devices. It as well offers data backup to the above-mentioned accounts and devices.

Sync options: Here you can only sync folders with files. There is no option to sync a folder with macOS apps like iTunes or Photos.

Our Opinion: GoodSync supports a long list of devices but allows only folder to folder synchronization. Its lack of interaction with built-in Mac OS X apps relegated it to second place.


3. ChronoSync App

Third on the list is ChronoSync. It can sync, backup, and even restore like GoodSync.

What can you synchronize Mac with? iOS devices only. Yes, ChronoSync only syncs macOS computers with iOS devices without support for non-Apple related devices and accounts.

Sync options: ChronoSync's narrow support spectrum was compensated with a wide range of sync options. This tool with the exception of contacts, calendars can sync any file type between Apple devices. It also handles local, remote, bootable, and remote bootable backup.

Our Opinion: If you use only Apple devices and Mac OS X you might want to consider ChronoSync ( Although you don't need a third-party app to Synchronize Mac and Apple devices). However, the downside of this tool is the inability to sync personal data.


4. Synchronize! PRO App

We had to include this tool on the list to clarify a point. Synchronize! PRO doesn't synchronize Mac, it is actually a backup/restore utility. The name caught our attention and we decided to test it.

What can you synchronize Mac with? Nothing! However, you can backup Mac OS X data to a file server with the option of a bootable backup to a disk image over a network.

Sync options: I'd rather say Backup options. Synchronize! PRO has a very slim backup option, the most notable option is the backup of folders with files and personal data. There is also an OS X startup disk backup to a hard disk option. This makes the backup hard disk bootable. The backups can run automatically or scheduled.

Our Opinion: Synchronize! PRO doesn't synchronize macOS but it's a great tool for backup and restoration.

Synchronize! PRO

Online services that can synchronize Mac and store data

iCloud, Dropbox, and SugarSync all have one thing in common, they Sync and store data. On the plus side of using this services is that data stored are accessible from any device with internet connectivity. Moreover not all 3 interact with Mac apps or permit personal data synchronization or Storage.

Dropbox. Presently this service is considered the trending tool for cloud storage. You can store any file in the free space that it offers. The files stored in Dropbox can be shared with another person.

Supports Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices.


SugarSync. This tool and Dropbox share some similarities like provision of storage space where you can store files and folders. SugarSync also permits sharing contents, removal of synced files from Mac in the event of theft or loss. It supports Mac OS X, PC, iOS, and Android devices.


iCloud. This Apple's own cloud storage system. Once you open an iCloud account, you can manage personal data viz: Address Book, iCal, Reminders etc directly
from it.

This was the list of the best apps to synchronize Mac. Thanks for reading!
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