List of the best apps for syncing Mac with iPod touch in 2019

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iTunes and iCloud aren’t enough if you want to sync data on your iPod touch with various Macs or mount your iPod touch as a local disk in Mac. You can use them to do just the basic synchronization of media files, personal data like calendar and contacts. This article will look at the best apps you can use to sync your Mac OS X with iPod touch like a power user.

We played around with several tools that claim to sync macOS with iPod touch and came up with this list of the best to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Leading the pack is SyncMate. This tool is the most sophisticated of all the tools on our list. It is a powerful tool with a lot of sync options for your convenience syncing iPod touch with Mac. SyncMate has a wide range of options that covers syncing of personal data, media files, folders, reminders, bookmarks and etc. It not only handles your synchronization requirements, it as well mounts your iPod touch as a Mac OS X disk, allows you text directly from your Mac, you can check your call history directly from your Mac and even backup your iPod touch’s data on Mac.

The most interesting thing about SyncMate is that it syncs macOS and iPod touch applications directly without cloud storage. SyncMate can sync an iPod touch with as much Macs as you wish to synchronize and it will never ask you to reset your iPod touch. There is no doubt that SyncMate is leading the chart among synchronization tools in 2019, It's well deserved.

2. Syncios App

Syncios came in second on our list. It is a pretty good tool for synchronization of iPod touch with Mac. It is equipped with some user-friendly functionalities that include syncing of music, videos, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts, messages and more between Mac OS X and iPod touch. Basically, you can extract data from iTunes backup, use your iPod touch as a peripheral USB storage device. Syncios allows you manage notes, contacts, and bookmarks on your iPod touch from a Mac machine.

Syncios App

3. BusyMac sync tool

BusyMac was outstanding when compared with other sync tools with narrowed sync options. There are numerous apps in this category that sync only a specific data like contacts or iCal. We tested most of the popular ones but BusyMac stood out. It is more reliable and syncs data correctly as it supposed to be. BusyMac doesn’t promise to sync everything on your iPod touch with your macOS, it is specific with what it does. If you are considering syncing only your Address Book and iCal in your iPod touch with your Mac then BusyMac might work for you.

4.PhotoSync app

PhotoSync is in the same category as BusyMac. It's sync specific in the sense that it only syncs a particular type of data. During our testing, we figured out that photoSync’s specificity allows it to perfect the syncing job. It can transfer file, backup, share photos, and videos between iPod touch and Mac OS X even over Wi-Fi. PhotoSync logs activities like which media file was transferred and it doesn’t need a cloud to sync.


Cloud storages

iCloud service

What springs to mind when cloud storage is mentioned in connection with an Apple device is iCloud and iPod touch is no exception. iCloud is Apple’s own cloud storage system with the capacity to sync and store data across all your Mac and iOS devices. As an owner of iPod touch, you are entitled to a free iCloud account with which you can get the storage space you need to sync and access your data from anywhere around the global. However, not everyone likes the idea of keeping their data in the cloud.


Dropbox storage

Dropbox has become a household name among multiple device owners including iPod touch. The majority of people use Dropbox not just because it offers a free storage space for your data but because it is convenient to use across several devices. Dropbox can hold any file type and the stored file can be shared with other users with internet access. Dropbox is not a device or computer specific tool, it can work on an iPod touch just as it can work on a Mac or other portable device. The only thing you need is internet access.

Now you have all the info you need to make your choice of the tool that will best suit your use case.
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