Batch YouTube Downloader for Mac

Well, there are a lot of YouTube videos out there that can be downloaded and of course you don't want to download each one separately, as it will surely take a lot of time and is just plain boring. You will greatly appreciate a bulk YouTube downloader for Mac to save all the videos at once.

A good batch YouTube downloader for Mac has to be easy to understand and use and do its job well.

A Great Bulk YouTube Downloader - Airy

Airy batch Youtube downloader

How to download YouTube videos in batch with Airy:

Step 1. Download Airy and open it. It is recommended to upgrade to full version of Airy as it offers multiple benefits and will download as many YouTube videos as you want in just a click.

Step 2. Open your web browser and open those YouTube videos you want to download.

Step 3. To start a simultaneous download, copy the video links to a text editor and then select them all to copy and paste into Airy.

Note: If you want to download the complete playlist or channel at once it will only take one click. Just paste the link to channel or playlist in Airy and wait while Airy processes the videos.

Step 4. Choose the format to save video in.

Step 5. Click Download.

Download YouTube videos in batch

Step 4. The downloaded content will be saved in default location that you can change in Airy's preferences.

Batch YouTube downloading is not all Airy can offer its users. It can also download the complete channel or playlist from YouTube in a click, meaning that you want to download multiple videos within one playlist or channel, you'll only need to enter one link, isn't that awesome?

Additionally Airy can download private videos if you login to your YouTube account with Airy.

Why Airy batch YouTube downloader

  • Airy supports HD and full HD videos
  • Extract MP3 sounds from YouTube videos
  • Save YouTube playlists
  • Save YouTube channels
  • Save private videos

Alternative methods for batch download YouTube videos on Mac

Youtube Multi Downloader Online

As an alternative there is an online web service Youtube Multi Downloader Online. This service can download videos from YouTube, as well as Youtube channels and playlists.

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 20.09MB size
Version 3.12.252 (23rd Jan, 2020) Release notes
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Olga Weis 18 May, 2016
Olga Weis 14 Oct, 2016