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It is safe to say that YouTube is the most popular video hosting service that keeps on getting updates and innovations. There is always something new in design, security, and functionality. But no matter how popular it is to watch videos on YouTube, it is still convenient to download the videos sometimes.

To download a video from YouTube one needs a special plugin, app or web service. But with ever updating YouTube sometimes the tools you used before with no problems suddenly stop working. So what to do when a YouTube downloader does not work? Read the answer below.

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+, 23.17MB free space. Version 3.20.310. (26 Oct, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 811+ users, Reviews(885)

Whenever you have a problem downloading a video from YouTube, don't hurry to blame the software developers. Sometimes the problem is not in the software. However it is important how the software developer will react when you report a problem. Will they do their best to fix the issue and provide you with the solution? The team behind Airy app is exactly like that!

Airy is a great little app for downloading of YouTube videos with other handy features for a perfect downloading experience.

So with Airy you can:

  • Download HD and Full HD videos from YouTube
  • Extract MP3 from videos on YouTube
  • Download YouTube playlists and channels in a couple of clicks
  • Download multiple videos at a time
  • Offer regular updates and improvements according to its users feedback

How to easy download YouTube with Airy

1. Download the app and activate the licensed version for unlimited downloading. First two downloads are free.

2. Copy the link to YouTube video, channel or playlist and paste it into the Airy window.

3. Choose your preferred file format to download the video in. By choosing MP3 you will be able to extract the soundtrack from the video.

4. Click on the Download button. Keep in mind that the more videos you are downloading at once the more time it may take.

By default all your files will be saved in Downloads folder.This setting can be changed in Airy Preferences.

What to do when Airy YouTube downloader is not working?

First off, don't despair. The developers of a good YouTube downloader will surely update their software to fix the issue. The team behind Airy is always reactive and efficient. Go to the tech support team of Eltima Software and report whatever problem you are having with Airy downloader and they will do their best to provide you with a solution. Some issues cannot be fixed in the blink of an eye and probably you'll have to wait for the fix. However that is true for any software, especially when the issue is caused by some changes on the website you are downloading from.

The Main Reasons Why YouTube Downloading Is Not Working Anymore

Since many people report issues in the lines of YouTube downloader not working, failed, or crashes, we’ve started looking for answers. To do so, we needed to look at the main reasons why these issues appear. We’ve reduced the list to 5 things that can lead to the answer to the “Why YouTube is not Working?” question.

  1. YouTube recently changed the site layout or the coding behind it and that prevents you from downloading videos.
  2. The YouTube URL you’re using for downloads isn’t recognized by your downloader.
  3. The YouTube downloader is not up to date to reflect the recent changes in YouTube ( or even your browser may be out of date).
  4. You may be trying to download a private video or one that is proceeded by copyright laws.
  5. The firewall built into your antivirus may prevent the YouTube downloader from working.

Since we’re determined to giving you full solutions for not working YouTube downloaders, we’re going to take each one of these potential issues and explore them in depth. However, if you encounter the first three issues, the first recommendation is to change the app you’re using. The 3D YouTube downloader you’re using may not give you the best experience. As for the answers to the other potential issues, keep reading.

Sometimes YouTube Downloaders do not get Coding Updates

In case your downloader isn’t up to date you will most likely get a 404 Error message. In this case, you can try to upgrade the YouTube downloader you’re using or simply explore other alternatives.

Copyright Issues Prevent Certain YouTube Videos from Being Downloaded

Sometimes, no matter how good the YouTube downloader is, you’ll just not be able to get some videos. The usual message for this error is “Video Not Found” and, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about them. Several downloaders were reported having issues with copyrighted videos. There are lots of users that report YTD not working for these kind of videos and it looks like Y2Mate not working reports are also often.

The YouTube Video You’re Downloading Can’t be Located due to an IP Address Issue

When you can’t download YouTube videos anymore, it can happen that the issue lays in the IP restrictions this website sometimes applies. There are some geographical restrictions applied to videos and you’ve probably seen the “This video is not available in your country” message before. To go around these, you can use a VPN software together with an online YouTube downloader and bypass the Geo restrictions.

McAfee or other Antivirus Programs May Cause Bugs for YouTube Downloaders

The firewall added to some antivirus programs can see the operation of a YouTube downloader as a potential threat. This leads to the download process being stopped for no apparent reason. You should try to add your YouTube downloader on the exceptions list of the firewall or even uninstall McAfee to get the job done.

Your Browser May be Outdated

Sometimes even the best YouTube downloaders may come with issues when the browser you are using is out of date. For example, if you’re using a downloader with anything lower than Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or the earlier versions of Chrome, don’t hope for miracles. Always make sure you keep your browser up to date for the best results.

Video Tool Compatibility Issues

Sometimes, what’s identified as a YouTube downloader issue has more to do with the video software you’re using to play the video that downloaded properly. If you save the video in a less-popular format or the video player is just not good, you’ll be facing issues playing the video. We recommend Elmedia Player or VLC if you want to play every video.

Choosing the Wrong Format can Lead to Issues

One of the most often issues for YouTube downloader not working 2017 was related to the format of the videos. You’ll notice that the download bar will get stuck at 0% because there’s a compatibility issue between the format of the video on YouTube and the one you want for your final file. That’s why you need to go with YouTube downloaders that also offer format conversion, not just downloading.

Out of Date Flash Players

Most users may not know about this, however, the Flash Players on your computer has a role when it comes to downloading YouTube videos. It’s not a very common issue for YouTube downloader not working 2018, however, you should know about it. Always make sure your Flash Player is up to date and also check the version you installed. If you are using a 32-bit Flash player, you won’t be able to download videos running on 65-bit.

Java Script Disabled

If you’re downloading YouTube videos on your mobile and you encounter any issues, the first thing to check is the Java Script settings. You should always enable Java Script to make sure you can download videos with ease.

There are the most common issues that users come across when trying to download YouTube videos using various programs. Of course, other situations may occur and we will always update this list with others that we discover.


What is 3D YouTube Downloader?

Delivering a simple but very powerful download for YouTube, 3D YouTube downloader is one of the download tools that you know you can rely on. It works on more websites, not just YouTube, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Liveleak. Also, it comes with support for YouTube Adaptive Strams and multiple options for formats and quality. Not just that, but 3D YouTube downloader also comes with support for downloading 3D video from YouTube and Dailymotion while offering a multi-language interface.

What is Xetoware Free YouTube Downloader?

XetoWare is a software developing company that gave the world lots of useful tools. Quick YouTube Downloader is the one focusing on YouTube downloads and it does a decent job at that. However, according to user feedback, the app just ends up being uninstalled after a couple of days because it’s not that versatile. On top of that, it’s possible that your anti-virus will pick up possible malware in the software.

What is Greentree YouTube Downloader?

GreenTree Applications is a group of developers offering numerous free software. Among their many creations, YTD is one of the most popular products. During our research, we found quite a few users wondering “Why is my YTD not downloading” so if you too encounter any issues, go through the possible reasons we explained in this article.


If you check online forums and FAQ websites it won’t take long to notice there are a lot of users with topics like “ Why can’t I download YouTube videos anymore?”, “ Why is my YouTube downloader not working?”, or “I’m unable to download YouTube videos using my YouTube downloader”. Seeing that many people are encountering similar problems, our team of software professionals decided to do extensive research on the matter and come with the best answers for the most common problems. So, without further ado, let’s check out what are the most frequent issues that appear related to a YouTube downloader not working and how you can solve them.

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 23.17MB size
Version 3.20.310 (26 Oct, 2020) Release notes
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