Best uTorrent alternative apps for Mac

Olga Weis

At some point uTorrent was the top BitTorrent client you could get. With uTorrent one could download the desired torrent files without many limitations or annoying ads. But as the time passed high-quality alternative apps started to emerge giving users enough reasons not to use uTorrent.

If you look well there are a lot of torrent clients available online - open and closed source. Some clients are very similar to uTorrent and some may differ a lot with their unique features. Finding the best uTorrent alternative can be quite a challenge with all the variety out there. We have gathered the information for uTorrent alternative 2019 apps with the least suspicious activity. Some adware may still be present in some of the clients, so be careful to read and decline where needed.

1. Folx VS uTorrent

Folx is a BitTorrent client for Mac and at the same time an all-in-one download manager.

Folx is a perfect uTorrent alternative for Mac because it is very easy to use with the most optimal feature selection. One can download torrents and create and upload their own, schedule your downloads and prioritize them, limit the download and upload speed. Folx PRO is pretty versatile, it supports magnet links, can search through multiple torrent trackers at once directly from the app.

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  • iTunes integration.
  • Password manager.
  • Extended torrent search.
  • Schedule the downloads.
  • No ads.
  • Speed control.


  • Some features are not free.

2. Deluge BitTorrent client VS uTorrent

Deluge is another uTorrent alternative on Mac with a simple interface. This app is completely free and doesn’t push through any kind of adware, malware neither does it show ads in its main window.

Unlike uTorrent, Deluge doesn’t offer a variety features, but has a plugin support to make up for the lack of options. You can download the offered plugins from the Deluge website to add extra options. The good thing is you can only add those features you really need making this torrent client really light.


  • This app is open source.
  • Set up a speed limit.
  • Batch-rename the download tasks.
  • Expandable via plugins (incl. RSS).


  • Less equipped with features than some other clients.

3. qBittorrent VS uTorrent

qBittorrent is another alternative to uTorrent Mac that can be used without those frustrating ads. It is a great open-source app giving you the freedom of use without awful ads here and there. qBittorrent supports different operating systems. You don’t have to compromise features with this client.


  • Doesn't show any ads.
  • Has a built-in video player.
  • Offers remote control.
  • Subscribe to RSS feed.
  • Built-in search with many engines.


  • You can not make it follow a set schedule.

4. BitTorrent VS uTorrent

Yes, BitTorrent itself is available as an app to download the torrent files you want! It is also featured in our list as a great uTorrent alternative on Mac with more or less same appearance. It offers some unique perks like ultra speed delivery, built-in bandwidth booster, and great file download speed.


  • Automatic mapping of ports.
  • Works with official BitTorrent website.
  • Can stream torrents instantly.


  • Interface not on point.
  • Annual payments for PRO features.
  • Limited download statistics.

5. Transmission VS uTorrent

Transmission is fast and easy. It is also free. Transmission is not available for Windows machines, but is a cool alternative to uTorrent Mac or Linux. If you have a Mac or a Linux system, you can get a minimalistic and simple torrent downloading solution.

Transmission is also available for some other platforms, such as in Terminal and as a web client, which can be useful for its professional users.


  • No toolbars, pop-up ads, flash ads, twitter tools.
  • Simple interface.
  • Webseed support.


  • Developer's website is not user-friendly.
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Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 2GB free space
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