Best Solutions to Directly Download Video from URL on Mac

Usually when we find some video that we really want to share with others we'll just copy the URL and send it to people. URL is short for Universal Resource Locator just in case. However even though everyone seems to be connected to the web now, there still are times when you just need to download that video, not just copy and share the URL.

As an example you can be watching an embedded YouTube video on some website but for whatever reason the playback is crappy. It would be so much easier to download it and watch it in your favorite player offline. However it is not always obvious how to get the URL for this video in order to download it.

So let's see how to download YouTube videos with URL for Mac. You can get the URL in question by clicking "Watch on YouTube" option or by clicking "Share". After you clicked the "Watch on YouTube" the will open and you will be able to copy the link from the browser address bar.

Download YouTube video with URL on Mac

Method 1 - Elmedia Player PRO

This app can download YouTube videos with URL on Mac as well as from other online resources like, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

Follow the steps:

  1. Download the app and upgrade it to PRO version. You can do so with an activation code that you can buy on developer's website.
  2. Switch Elmedia Player the browser mode (Window → Browser).
  3. Enter the URL to the video and click Enter.
  4. You'll see the list of files available for download, choose the one you need.

Method 2 - Airy

When you only need to download from YouTube, then you'll find Airy app to be of great help. Airy offers many handy tools to make downloading of YouTube video with URL on Mac a perfect experience.

Follow the steps:

  1. Download free Airy for Mac that offers 2 first downloads for free. In case you need more than that you'll need an activation code to get unlimited downloading.
  2. Paste a YouTube URL into Airy window and choose one of the available video formats from the list or an MP3 one to only save an audio track from the video.
  3. Click Download and your video will be available for you offline.

Airy is capable of downloading the complete YouTube channel or playlist with a single URL. If you just want to download different YouTube videos at once you can paste all URLs to text editor and then copy and paste them in Airy all together to start downloading all of them at once.

Method 3 - Online service

You can also look for and probably find some download services. Let's take as an example. It is really easy to use: paste the URL in the blank box, click the arrow icon and choose the file format. Click Download now and you are done.

Method 4 - Browser extension

If you are a fan of add-ons try the FastestTube one. This extension works for the majority of popular Internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. Once you install extension you can follow the guide on how to download YouTube content with URL for Mac

Thanks for reading this article and we hope you could find your ultimate URL YouTube downloader for Mac with us.

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