Transferring Music to Your Sony Xperia

Olga Weis

Sony Xperia phones have been popular among music lovers ever since this range of phones was first introduced. Sony music app preloaded on these phones optimizes sound for better experience and minimizes the battery use, but not only that – the app was named after Sony Walkman, an iconic brand synonymous with portable music. This marketing trick worked really well initially, however as the brand’s value was slowly and inevitably diminishing and fewer and fewer buyers were attaching emotional value to the famous Sony music player, the company made another smart move. Last year the company renamed the app to generic ‘Music’, just the way Apple did – if you are old enough, you might remember that once upon the time the music app on iPhones was called ‘iPod’.

So, if you are a happy owner of Sony Xperia, you need to transfer music to Android. How to download music on Sony Xperia? How to put music on Android from Mac?

Of course, there is Xperia companion, a Sony Mobile tool that allows you to transfer files from Android to Mac and download software updates on your phone. It is a decent piece of software, although its functionality is pretty basic.

Check out Commander One – Android file transfer alternative

This tool is essentially a file management solution that enables Android file transfer for Mac. The application is really easy-to-use. The installation process is pretty straightforward. Now connect Android to Mac using a USB cable, make sure the device is in MTP mode. Commander One will automatically detect it and display as a mounted drive. Now you can move files from Mac to Android and vice versa – the app’s dual pane interface allows you to ‘drag-and-drop’ files from one location to another. Moreover, you can watch movies, browse pictures and listen to music stored on Sony Xperia without Android file transfer directly from Mac.

Apart from being an Android file manager app Commander One enables you to work with archives, find other computers in the network, view files, including hex and binary files, etc. Make sure to give the application a try, you’ll be surprised at how much it can do for you.

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Commander One

Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 13.1Mb free space
Version 1.7.4(2445) (21st Sep, 2017) Release notes
Category: System Utilities