Record Sound from YouTube on Mac
with Ease

YouTube these day is not just videos, it is lots of great music too. Even when there is no official music video yet, you can always find the music with a theme image or a fan video.

The official statistics info of YouTube service indicates that 4 billion hours of audio content are played every month. In 2014 YouTube claimed to have 1 trillion views. What it means is that more and more people prefer to use YouTube as
their music source.

There are many reasons why you'd want some music to be saved to your hard drive, in other words to record YouTube audio on Mac. So here are the solutions for that.

Airy is probably the best way to record music from YouTube.

Airy is an exceptionally friendly and easy to use app. This little app can save the videos from YouTube with the best possible resolution and quality. Airy supports MP4, FLV and 3GP media formats and can effortlessly download a complete YouTube playlist to your Mac. Also it will extract MP3 track from any YouTube video and right to your hard drive.

Follow these easy steps to record sound from YouTube to your Mac:

  1. Download Airy and install it. Free version offers two YouTube downloads. If you need unlimited downloading, activate full version of Airy.
  2. Open the YouTube video, playlist or channel you want to download and copy the link to clipboard. Then paste it in Airy.
  3. Select MP3 format option from the list. Keep in mind that the more files you are downloading simultaneously, the more time Airy will need to process them.
  4. Click the Download button

Another great option to record YouTube audio on Mac is Folx PRO.

Folx is a free download manager for Mac OS with a sleek interface very suitable for Mac users. It combines a general download manager and a torrent client. There is a free version and a PRO one with more advanced possibilities.

For example upgrading to Folx PRO allows downloading YouTube videos to
your computer.

To record sound from YouTube on Mac with Folx PRO follow the steps:

  1. Download Folx and upgrade it to PRO with the activation code that you can buy from the developers' website.
  2. Copy a YouTube link from the browser and paste it in Folx and press Enter.
  3. Set up everything in download settings:
    • ★ You can tag your downloads for easier location in the future (for example: YouTube).
    • ★ Set the download location or leave it Automatic to save the file according to the first tag assigned.
    • ★ Select MP3 format from the list to record YouTube audio on Mac.
    • ★ Create any custom description for the video.
  4. Click OK to finish download adjustment.

Another great option to record music from YouTube is Elmedia Player PRO. With this app you can even download the complete YouTube playlists.

The steps are easy:

  1. Download and install Elmedia.
  2. Open it and upgrade to PRO version with the activation code that you can buy from developer's website.
  3. Switch the player to browser mode. Go to Window → Browser in the main menu.
  4. Paste the link to YouTube video and click Enter.
  5. In the Audio tab select the audio format.
  6. Elmedia Player PRO will save to the Downloads folder by default, which is easy to change in Preferences of the player.

You can also use an online service to record sound from YouTube on Mac. For example

You'll need to paste the YouTube link in an empty box and click Convert video button. This service will do only this and doesn't offer any additional possibilities.

Thank you for reading and please don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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