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YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing platform. More than 1 billions hours are watched every single day all around the world. It’s no secret that YouTube has become a critical part of everyone’s lives. Anything you want to watch, you can find on YouTube. It’s become a central hub of every day entertainment in the lives of millions all around the world.

But YouTube is a strictly online video streaming service. YouTube doesn’t natively allow for video downloading to your Mac, which is a limitation most people wish didn’t exist.

So if you’re one of those many people looking to download your favourite content from YouTube to your Mac for free offline viewing, you’re going to need a third-party app.

Here are some of the best YouTube video downloaders for Mac that you can get in 2020.

What is the Best YouTube Downloader for Mac in 2020

1. Airy
Category: Downloaders
Requirements: 1. OS X 10.9+, 23.17MB free space. Version 3.20.310. (26 Oct, 2020). 4.9 Rank based on 811+ users, Reviews(885)

Airy kicks it off with the first spot. Airy is a full, feature-filled Mac YouTube downloader that allows you to download your favourite YouTube videos within minutes. Choose your preferred resolution and you’re on your way. Airy even allows you to download just the audio from videos for those times when you don’t need the video. Also, for more convenience, install the Airy extension on your browser so you can download videos even quicker. Airy can be arguably the best program to download YouTube videos for Mac.

Airy Pros and Cons:


  • Quick HD video downloads of full YouTube channels, private videos and playlists with just a click
  • Download multiple videos at a time
  • Pause and resume downloads
  • MP3 extraction from YouTube videos are a breeze


  • Downloads only from YouTube, not other video sharing sites

2. WinX YouTube Downloader

Here’s another popular third-party app for YouTube downloading. WinX YouTube Downloader - like many other apps, shares similar features like audio extraction and download capabilities of up to 4K HD. However, some standout features include an incredibly simple user interface, with an even better user experience. No constant ads and unwanted pop-ups disrupting your downloading and streaming experience. Another one of those standout features includes the ability to download not only from YouTube, but also other popular sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and many others.

WinX YouTube Downloader Pros and Cons:


  • Very user-friendly navigation and experience
  • Multiple downloads at once, save time
  • 4K HD quality downloads without any hiccups
  • Support for downloading from other apps like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and others
  • Download via proxy (very privacy-conscious)


  • Can’t download audio in MP3 format, need to use a converter once downloaded in MP4

3. Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 offers a long list of awesome features as well that might interest you. First off, you get to download 4K HD videos from many popular websites, not just YouTube, which is a big plus. If you’re looking for a quick and fast, solid performance YouTube downloader, then this is it. In less than two minutes, you can download full hour long videos. Now that’s fast! And if you’re someone who has a messy library, then you’re in luck. Because with Automatic Content Recognition technology, SYC 2 can automatically detect content so it inputs the appropriate metadata, genre and even the artwork for you. So your media library stays well organized without you having to do all the work.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 Pros and Cons:


  • Incredibly fast and impressive performance
  • Built-in ringtone creator (from any video that you choose)
  • Wifi Data Transfer to iPhone or iPad with a completely optimized final file, so no additional formatting needed


  • Ringtone limitations
  • Can experience some bugginess, especially when file transferring to other devices

4. Wondershare YouTube Downloader

Now, while this app offers a free and a paid version, most users find the free version more than enough for all their video downloading and converting needs. Wondershare YouTube Downloader is a known video converter solution that allows for quick and easy video and audio conversion to your Mac. It offers HD playback support, screen recording, and even a GIF maker, because, why not? A point to note, the biggest upgrade with the paid version is an extremely boosted performance speed, which is quite a noticeable difference. Also, the free version only lets you download videos from YouTube, while the paid version gives you access to over 10,000 sites. Another notable difference is the obvious ad-free experience that you get with the paid version.

Wondershare YouTube Downloader Pros and Cons:


  • Simple to use
  • Multiple formats supported and audio extraction as well


  • Paid version $29.99 has much better features

5. iTube Studio

iTube Studio is another high quality YouTube downloader for Mac. They offer a great solution that gives users ability to download from over 1000 websites and has over 100 formatting device presets. And if downloading isn’t enough, you also have access to record content from Netflix and BBC iPlayer Live. And if you come across a file that isn’t compatible with the player, you can easily use iTube Studio’s built-in video converter to convert to the exact format that you need. A solid option for sure.

iTube Studio Pros and Cons:


  • Solid all-around software that you can rely on for all your downloading and video sharing needs
  • Tons of supported websites to download from and optimized for viewing on other devices
  • Simple and clean design, so not too complicated to get started
  • Browser integration for Chrome, Firefox, Safari


  • Can’t data transfer over Wifi
  • Free version is limited; full version requires a yearly subscription of $24.95 or $34.95 for one-time life-time license. Another higher cost plan for additional Mac’s support

6. MacX YouTube Downloader

MacX YouTube Downloader is another great option. They allow for quick and easy YouTube downloading, as well as from other sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and more. You have the option to download in a range of different resolutions for your needs and even batch download when you’re short on time, which is always a great feature. You have the option to download content from over 1000 sites, which is more than enough for most people. However, there are limitations, like not being able to convert downloaded content if need be. Nonetheless, it’s still an app worth checking out.

MacX YouTube Downloader Pros and Cons:


  • Fast and easy multiple downloading
  • Downloaded content from over 1000 sites


  • No converter available if needed to convert downloaded videos
  • Video player is limited, runs with minimal controls and options

7. PullTube

PullTube offers a wide array of choices when it comes to downloading content from YouTube. Their clean and user-friendly design makes it easy to navigate and organize your video library. Download your regular 4K videos with relative ease. And something new which isn’t seen often is the ability to trim video and audio in real time. Make the most of your experience by using swipe gestures to get around and do more in less time. You’ll really enjoy this app.

PullTube Pros and Cons:


  • Download with a wide array of resolution formats
  • Trim video and audio on the fly
  • Keep a download history
  • Built-in video converter to MP3 and MP4A
  • Browser extension for more fluid experience


  • Free version very limited, paid version unlocks more advanced features for $19.99 one-time payment

8. 4K Video Downloader

This app is really something. A very popular choice for most, 4K Video Downloader app allows you to dive right into downloading your favourite online content right away. Not only restricted to YouTube, you get instant support to download from Facebook, Dailymotion, TikTok and many more sites. Another great feature lets you download YouTube annotations and subtitles in SRT format alongside your desired content. Along with a ton of other great features, this app is definitely one to try and see for yourself how easy downloading videos can be.

4K Video Downloader Pros and Cons:


  • Download YouTube annotations and subtitles in SRT format
  • Download easily through a proxy if certain access is blocked


  • Playlist download limitations

9. ClipGrab

ClipGrab is a powerful YouTube downloader app that lets you download tons of quality HD content by searching through YouTube easily and securely. They support video downloads from other sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, CollegeHumour and others. Quickly adjust resolution formats and extract audio if you want as well. Overall, you get similar features as other popular YouTube downloaders but with a few extra touches to make this app a worthy competitor.

ClipGrab Pros and Cons:


  • Integrated YouTube search feature for quick and seamless downloading


  • Cant take time to get used to the interface and controls
  • YouTube searches show limited results

10. Clip Converter

Clip Converter is another option that you can check out. Although it's not as popular as many of the other apps mentioned in this article, there is something to be said about it’s simplicity. You get the same quality video downloading features as other apps, MP3 downloading capabilities and supports browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Clip Converter Pros and Cons:


  • Simple to use


  • A bit outdated interface and feel

11. YTD Video Downloader

If you still haven’t found anything you like with the other apps, you might find YTD Video Downloader interesting. Although the name suggests it’s a YouTube downloader specifically, you can pretty much download from all kinds of different sites. So you get that benefit. Also, you can convert videos to MP4, MPEG and even AVI, which is a nice plus. This is a nice app to check out, but there may be others mentioned which can be better for your needs.

YTD Video Downloader Pros and Cons:


  • Video converter comes in very handy


  • Although minimal cost, PRO version is subscription-based

Online YouTube Downloaders vs Desktop Softwares

So you have a YouTube video you want to download, should you choose online sites or desktop softwares? This is a common dilemma many people face. You want something quick and simple but reliable and flexible as well.

We found desktop softwares to be the most ideal option to go with. Here’s why. Online sites are sort of a ‘cookie-cutter-like’ resource. You usually don’t have any flexibility with video resolution, multiple simultaneous downloading, editing options, and so on. A basic downloader may not meet your specific needs.

Not to mention, online sites are usually slower due to variables like server or data connection issues. Also, they’re not very SFW and can be plastered with inappropriate ads and images throughout.

Top parameters on choosing best YouTube downloader

  • ★ Ability to choose the format and video quality
  • ★ Extract music
  • ★ Pausing/resume downloading
  • ★ Bulk downloading
  • ★ Downloading Channels and playlists
  • ★ User-friendly interface
  • ★ Browser integration support
  • ★ Private YouTube videos download

This was a lineup of the best YouTube downloaders for Mac that you can read through, try out, and make your choice.

Comparing table of the best YouTube downloaders

Use this tool to compare and contrast the best way for you to download YouTube on Mac. These YouTube downloaders all have something to offer, so find the best one for you here!

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What is YouTube downloader?

YouTube downloader is an app performing the digital transfer of video and audio files from YouTube website to a device for further decoding and playback, such as a computer or a tablet. YouTube doesn't offer a native option to download videos from it, but there are online services and applications offering such possibility.

How to Identify the Best YouTube Downloader Mac?

Obviously, the first function of a YouTube downloader is to allow you to download videos from YouTube directly on your computer. However, there are many different types of software and online services that are all competing for the best app to download YouTube videos title. To make things easier for you, we have ruled out the online services and focused only on the downloadable software. And if you want to find out how to identify the best YouTube video downloader, here are the conditions we have applied to the over 20 apps we analysed:

  1. The software should allow you to convert, download and save videos on your computer in one click.
  2. Availability of pre-defined profiles to make it easier for you to convert videos.
  3. It has to provide high-speed functionality.
  4. Is it compatible with iTunes and any other Mac applications?
  5. Does the app come with suggestions on what the best quality is or allows you to choose between multiple resolutions?
  6. The user-interface is friendly and beautifully designed?
  7. Does the app get constant updates to keep it up-to-date with new operating system releases?

YouTube Premium? Should you use the official service or not?

It seems that YouTube does offer a download option, however, it is only available for those that are ready to pay for the services of YouTube Premium. If you are wondering how much is YouTube Premium, learn that it will cost you $11.99 per month. This monthly fee gives you the ability to download videos for 30 days on your phone, watch your favorite videos without ads and play YouTube in the background. However, with a total of $144 spent per year and no possibility for a YouTube Premium free trial, you are forced to pay the YouTube Premium cost in order to see if all these features are worth it.


Still confused? Have questions about the best YouTube downloader for the Mac?

We compiled a list of FAQs below. Chances are, your answer is there.

How Do I Download YouTube Videos to My Mac for Free?

There are tons of great options for downloading YouTube videos to your Mac for free. Some are more easier to use than others and some have advantages over others. You can either ‘hack’ QuickTime Player and use its screen-record feature to save YouTube videos. Or you can get free Mac YouTube downloader apps and get a whole slew of incredible features and tools to download all your favourite online content. Apps like Airy YouTube Downloader is a great place to start.

How Do I Download Music Directly from YouTube?

There’s nothing worse than being caught in a traffic jam without data or a public place with unpredictable Wifi connection. That’s why it’s such a blessing to be able to have your favourite music or videos offline and ready to watch, whenever you need them.

There are many ways to download music from YouTube. You can use their official app, Music Premium. This way you pay a monthly fee to get access to all your favourites - offline and downloaded right on your devices.

However, if you’re not interested in paying for this service, you can choose one of the many apps mentioned in this article that lets you download YouTube videos for free.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Your Android Device

Downloading YouTube videos on Android is just as simple as downloading videos to your Mac or any other device. You can either choose to go with YouTube Premium for a quick solution, but there are also free YouTube downloaders which are also worth considering - especially if you’re a heavy user:

  • YouTube Go
  • Videoder
  • TubeMet
  • KeepVid
  • Snaptube
  • Instube
  • VidMate
  • YT3 YouTube Downloader
  • NewPipe
  • YMusic

How Can I Save YouTube Videos to Watch Offline on PC?

You’d have to look towards third-party apps and software for that. Fortunately though, there are a wide range of options in this space.

As a side note, downloading YouTube videos to your PC violates YouTube’s terms of service. So keep that in mind before downloading.

Here are some options:

  • Keepvid
  • TubeSock
  • VideoGet
  • DownloadHelper
  • Any Video Converter
  • ClipGrab

How Do I Download a YouTube Video to My Desktop?

Using any of the above mentioned apps, you can easily download any video you want from YouTube and save them directly to your desktop. Please refer to the above article for more info!

Is it possible to save YouTube Premium videos to a computer?

The answer is no. You can only save the videos to Android or iOS. And you don’t have the option to transfer them to a computer afterwards either as they come encrypted.

The worst part of them all comes from the fact that after 30 days all your saved videos are automatically deleted. The quality options you have when saving videos are not that many compared to the best YouTube downloader for Mac we presented above. And when to all these you add the fact that you need to pay around $144, it becomes clear that it is not the best way to go for saving YouTube videos offline. Using a dedicated YouTube downloader like Airy makes far more sense when you put them one against each other.

So, are you ready to use the best YouTube video downloaders and convert all your favourite content? As you have noticed, there are a lot of free options out there, however, the best way to download from YouTube remains Airy downloader for the multitude of options and features it offers. If you want a dedicated software for downloading YouTube videos this is the best option for you since it offers the best possible experience.


We’ve featured our top 11 best YouTube video downloaders for Mac in 2020, of both the paid and free varieties. Now — give us your feedback. What do you think of this list? Did we miss a fast and high-quality tool that you prefer? What’s your secret solution? Leave a comment below to let us know!