Find your Best HD YouTube Downloader for Mac

More and more videos in HD and ultra quality can be found on YouTube: 720p, 1080p, 4K and 8K. At the same time it became harder to find MKV files in high resolution.

And even though YouTube is very easy to use and is mostly accessible from anywhere, there are cases when you may need to download HD from YouTube on you Mac and watch it offline.

Examples are: the Internet connection at where you are at the moment is very slow, and YouTube won't let you watch an HD video with its real resolution with the slow Internet connection; you know that you are going to be offline at a remote location, but still want to share some video with your friends.

So to avoid not having the high quality content available to you when you most need it, you'll need to prepare in advance and get a YouTube HD downloader for Mac that will provide you with a good HD video even when you are offline. We'd like to offer Airy app for your consideration - a really awesome little app that makes a perfect HD YouTube downloader for Mac.

How to download HD video from YouTube
on Mac with Airy

If you don't have it yet, download free Airy from its official website. Free app allows you two downloads from YouTube, and in case you need unlimited downloading, you'll need to upgrade Airy to its licensed version. You can get the registration from official website you downloaded free app from.

Now find an HD video on YouTube (it is better to search for video name with an "HD" added to it already). Once you found your video, copy and paste the link to Airy. Choose MP4 format from the list in Airy and the resolution 1080p, 2160p and higher. Click Download and get the video on your hard drive. So easy!

How to Download HD from YouTube on Mac with Elmedia Player PRO

There is another app that is good for YouTube HD downloading - Elmedia Player PRO. Initially it is a free player, but when upgraded to PRO version, it can download pretty much any media from the web, YouTube HD videos included.

So once you copied YouTube link, go to Browser mode in Elmedia and paste the link there. Press Enter. Then choose a format with an HD resolution you need from the list below the video and click Download.

And another method that you can try is an online service Paste the YouTube link in this page and you'll be redirected to another page, where you can choose the resolution for video. This service works well and will do for a one-time download, but it has a lot of distracting links and stuff that may be quite confusing and frustrate you after some time.

Thank you for reading and if you want to share more info on how to download HD video from YouTube on Mac you are welcome to do so in comments.

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